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Donna Blakley: Crying in her Vitamins

Legal moronics stopped me from getting this up to date.

Back in August 2018 I uploaded a review of Del Bigtree’s maniacal streaming show “The High Wire” calling him out on his bull about vaccines targeting that filthy piece of celluloid, Vaxxed, in particular. And the crazies roared in. This entry is about Donna Blakley, who posts on Facebook under Blakely Donna but does a bad job hiding her real name including spelling. A quick search has her in Salem, Oregon (distinct from Salem, Massachussetts where the witch trials were) and she appears to be an office co-ordinator for the Oregon Youth Authority who’s job is to “protect the public and reduce crime by holding youth accountable for their behavior”. What is of interest is that she claims to have a Bachelor degree in Psychology and MMHT (Mobile Mental Health Treatment?): Trauma and Crisis specialising in counselling, psychological assessment, personality assessment and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). And yet her level of education and her conduct as well contradicts any and all of that!

To prove that first and foremost, check out her delusional Change dot org petition;

Bottom line the science and safety regarding vaccinations are just not perfected or settled and never have been. Too many “coincidental” vaccination injuries and deaths have happened immediately after vaccinations and are happening here in America daily along with many known factual “non-coincidental” injuries and deaths occuring proving this is a problem. There is much more research needed! Where there is so much risk and controversy they can not be made mandatory that goes against America’s constitution and personal medical choices and freedoms! There is a lot of research proving herd immunity to be false considering the FACT that live virus vaccinations do indeed shed and spread diseases per the vaccine manufacture’s inserts data sheets and research studies that are readily available for your review. Additionally, it is a known fact throughout history of every disease outbreak ever the two biggest contributing factors are indeed nutrition and hygiene so lets focus more on that to CONTROL diseases and START quarantining (make them stay away from the general public) RECENTLY vaccinated to STOP the spread of shedding diseases by vaccinations and STOP mandatory vaccinations in the United States of America while we continue to research and perfect them UNTIL NOT ONE MORE PERSON IS HARMED BY VACCINES!!!

I’ve bolded the parts I want to address here;

1. There have been NO such injuries proven, certainly not daily!
2. There is very little risk and the only controversy comes from idiots who have no idea what they are talking about!
3. Not one so called research study has proven herd immunity to be false, except rubbish ones without peer review!
4. They do NOT shed and the vaccine inserts are LEGAL statements and not medically usable!
5. Nutrition and hygiene have only reduced mortality rates. Prevention of disease can ONLY be achieved with vaccines. Nutrition and hygiene does nothing in this regard.

And for reference – how about aiming a zero road toll as well? Hmmmm?

But her real idiocy was on my Del Big Tree review. I’ll start with her direct reply to my review;

I shot back at her calling her a liar, and pointed out that my vitamin levels were fine and yet I was in hospital with swine flu. And she didn’t have a reply for that there!

She stuck her nose in when I called Erika del Campo out on her believing Robert F Kennedy Junior’s claim over safety studies;

I challenged her for proof that the studies haven’t been done, and again didn’t get a reply!

She also took a childish cheap shot at me when Scotti Michelle Martinez called me an idiot and I called her out with the old pot calling kettle line;

As if she’d know!

But it was when she stuck her nose in when Marlene Newell had a random crack at me and Lort Bizniz argued with me (more on that in another entry) that she made the biggest fool of herself;

Totally ignored my previous comment above! And then this;

I told her to go back and redo her research, and to stop being lazy and paranoid. Her response?;

I shot back accusing her of being the threat to children’s lives and added that perfect vitamin levels don’t protect from disease. I also called her a cult follower. She reacted thus;

She then added;

I let her have it, telling her that she will be pro vaccine and she’ll like it! Or she would end up in prison for inciting child neglect. I also demanded proof that vitamin deficiencies are at the bottom of all illnesses. All she could say was;

I promptly repeated my demand for proof.

I told her off for demanding I prove a negative, and told her the onus was on her to give.

She refused to listen! And I repeated my claim adding that until she did, what I said stood.

She still didn’t get it! I has one more crack at her repeating that until she proved her claim, I was right. And like clockwork;

It does make me right! She couldn’t prove her claim – or rather wouldn’t. She had nothing. The only disease that I’m aware of that can be prevented by a vitamin is scurvy. Scurvy is caused by the lack of vitamin C and that’s easily fixed. Nothing else. So it was at that point that I blocked her while advising;