What sort of name is Lort Bizniz?

Another entry delayed by legal moronics.

Facebook have to do a better check of fake accounts. The name here is a pretty blatant fake name. It makes no sense, even in Croatian, which is where this dummy claims to live!This one showed up on the Del Bigtree review at the same time as Blakley in the previous entry, but unlike her I can’t do a background report. No surprise in that – like I said Lort Bizniz is not a real name.

Bizniz started with name calling calling me Philmore and uttered this rot;

Delfim Moutinho got him stating rightly that such a study would be unethical, and all Bizniz could say was;

Delfim identified people as decent humans, and disowned members of the “AV death cult” as part of that group. He backed that by pointing out that anti vaxxers like to expose everyone to serious disease and there are thousands of safety studies. Bizniz went the following route;

The proof Bizniz wants is commercially confidential, and it’s up to idiots like this to prove they haven’t been done and report same. The reference to The View was totally irrelevant, and Delfim hadn’t even heard of it! He also said the double blind placebo would be as unethical as Joseph Mengele’s disgusting work. Bizniz answered with a leading question;

Delfim threw the curve back, going back to the double blind placebo study and calling Bizniz out for moving the goal posts. Bizniz’s rejoinder?

We’re not losing the battle! If we were vaccines would be banned! It was Bizniz making excuses and delivering insults and Delfim rightly wanted to know where the insults were! Bizniz tried this in reply;

What a hypocrite! Vax-quacks is an insult without a doubt, and then Bizniz tried again;

Delfim used that to confirm Bizniz was a fan of Mengele and unethical studies, and Bizniz repeated the comment the idiot made again in reply. Delfim pointed out the obvious choice – either Bizniz didn’t know what a double blind placebo study was or he was looking for the ethics of a Nazi researcher (Mengele), and if it was the first Bizniz was simply an idiot. Bizniz reacted like a child accordingly;

Delfim in reply demanded to know which option fitted and Bizniz ran from it;

Delfim again repeated the demand, and this time Bizniz was more detailed;

Deflection? Delfim knew it wasn’t and confirmed by himself that Bizniz didn’t what the study was that was being asked for and called him an idiot. Bizniz didn’t like that and repeated his comment again. We then had Fiona Trullman come in and point out what I said that vax-quack is an insult before adding a GIF image about moving goal posts.

That was when I came in and pointed out that the double blind placebo study was impossible due to the infinite number of variables involved, and that was why it was unethical. Such a study has no scientific value. I then answered his question about the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, answering that it was passed in 1986 and detailed it’s purpose and how it was funding by taxation on vaccines and it’s method of payouts including probability. I linked to the article on the Facebook page Autism is not caused by vaccines for back up.

Bizniz firstly referred to Delfim’s last remark;

He then went to me;

He then childishly threw off Fiona;

I told him off for demanding I try again, pointing out that the link had all the information needed to prove the Vaccine Court was a joke. I also told him that I answered his query. Charlie Morris added that anti vaxxers didn’t know how to use Google Scholar. Bizniz shot back at Charlie;

That’s mortality rates, not prevalence rates! Typical anti vaxxer! I pointed out that I gave proof and demanded that he open his eyes or admit that he didn’t know his stuff. Bizniz’s response?

Charlie was the one with the meme, not me! This was goal post moving again, and lying as I called the study the idiot wanted unethical, not providing proof! I pointed out that I was talking about the Vaccine Court and gave the instruction to stay on topic. At first, Bizniz was confused;

But then realisation hit;

I told Bizniz in reply that the placebo study was impossible again, and to stop demanding it. I then erred talking about the wrong link on the Autism is not caused by Vaccines page, before repeating that I was telling the truth about the Vaccine Court and Bizniz was too scared to learn and needed help. I added that the Vaccine Court also protected reckless doctors who used vaccines wrong and for that reason needed to be shut down. I could not believe this reply;

In reply I admitted my error over Autism, before pointing out that doctors ARE trained in vaccines and that the stuff he was talking about wasn’t included as it was irrelevant. I pointed out that the BS in the Vaccine Court was the payout process (probability only instead of proof), and Bizniz continued the idiotics;

He totally ignored what I said and I told the fool off for not paying attention and read it again, and the reply?

He didn’t read it because I addressed the nonsense, and I had to repeat myself in more detail stating that what was wanted was NOT training vaccines. Training incorporated administration of injections of any sort including vaccines. Bizniz responded with this tripe;

In reply I told him to prove that his list was essential to vaccine usage. I already knew the right answer – it’s not. The car comparison was goal post movement, and I’ll add now that drivers of cars don’t need to be mechanics in order to drive a car. Doctors and nurses don’t need the material Bizniz wants them to learn for the same reason. They don’t need it. Bizniz’s reply beggared belief;

It’s the credibility of Bizniz that is under question here – what with a fake name for a start. I said that such studies were impossible, and I added that the experts in vaccines were immunologists and doctors and nurses relied on them. I told Bizniz to support vaccines because there was nothing to contraindicate it’s use. Bizniz though persisted like a brat;

I agreed that the issue won’t go away, and that was because Bizniz was (and is) an idiot and avoiding the point by in effect putting the fingers in the ears and going “lalalalala”. And Bizniz persisted in exactly that with this;

Total ignorance. Repeat – I spoke of medical doctors administering vaccines and understanding them from that perspective. Bizniz wants doctors to be immunologists on top of that! That’s what he wanted proof of – that doctors are immunologists etc and if they aren’t they shouldn’t have anything to do with vaccines. It’s BS! I don’t need to prove anything. As usual, it’s Bizniz and idiots like IT – I say it because I don’t know if this twit is male or female, and that this fool is a monster like all anti vaxxers who thrive on fear on not understanding and not wanting to understand – who need to give on proof. Proof that vaccines are dangerous. They have nothing and I put this meme there at the time and I’ll repeat it now, especially as I am updating the AV Name Check at the same time as this entry.



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