Jamie McIntyre needs re-educating

What is in the water in northern New South Wales? It can’t be everywhere because the McCaffreys live up there and they are smart, as is my namesake up there in Jessica Gluyas – unlike this goof who lives in a place called Moggs Swamp! It’s 30 kilometres south west of Glen Innes.

Jamie McIntyre published a rubbish book titled “The Great Vaccine Con”, and in the product description it says “This book pulls no punches and shares why many have a hard time accepting the lie of vaccines. Well researched and easy to read. This book will make many Pro Vaxxers change their position instantly. It’s hard to argue against the Vaccine Con after reading this book. Perhaps a game changer.” I doubt it is well researched, certainly scientifically – and there is a very good example of poor research later in this blog entry. A game changer? The book appears to be available only as an e-book, and it’s the first I’ve heard of it when it was first available in 2017.

McIntyre was part of the Melbourne Cup field that contested the New England by election in 2017, and he did the worst getting only 222 votes. It wasn’t the first time as he ran in 2013 and did a lot better with 6,059 in fourth place. He was also banned from holding a corporate directorship for 10 years for property spruiking in 2016 as a result of a Federal Court consent order, with the ABC labelling him a “controversial spruiker”. As this entry shows, the term “controversial” is putting it mildly to say the least!

McIntyre showed up on the Facebook page of the fake news site Australian National Review – a site he launched himself by the way – on an entry asking a lot of ridiculous vaccine related questions. One reply was from Richard Kowalczyk who claimed he’d done his research and would not get himself vaccinated. I rounded on him, telling him to redo his research because he got it wrong. McIntyre barged in with this;

I responded to that through the All About Anti Vaxxers page calling him a child neglector for that crack (and I stand by that as do the other AAAV admins). McIntyre shot back with this garbage;

I told him in reply that vaccines make no profit, and they don’t. I’ll add here that the bullies are the anti vaxxers. Bullies lie all the time. I’m not touching that reference to Hitler. My retort caused the following rant that had more holes than Swiss cheese.

I didn’t get at this one myself – FT (another admin of AAAV) got in first making the point that expenditure cancels revenue out. He identified the rest as “alternative medicine propaganda” and told him that he should not attend any hospital no matter what. I’ll add that he lied when he said there was no regulatory oversight. What’s the Therapeutic Goods Administration, idiot? The bloody regulator who does the testing! If it was a con there would be vaccine injuries everywhere – and there aren’t! It’ll be idiots like McIntyre who will be in jail if I have a say in it for inciting child abuse/neglect! And how can Big Pharma buy the government when it’s government money that makes childhood vaccines free? That payout amount is based on probability only and not proven injury. His assertion that there will be massive issues in five to ten years is bunk, because the issue (according to anti vaxxers) is already there. Autism. Bull.

McIntyre had this for FT;

It was Chrissie McKewen who came in at this point, followed by Barbara Vernon and Carl Davis. Chrissie called McIntyre dangerous and not vaccines, and added that pharma profits from pills (and mis-identified McIntyre as female calling him a witch). Barb demanded sources for his claims, while Carl identified him as a lost cause coming from the “Cult of Meryl” as I indicated in the opening remark of this article. For myself, all the marketing is done for pills! Where do we see advertising for vaccines? Nowhere! That profit margin is for the pills as Chrissie pointed out. Vaccines ARE tested as I said above and ARE needed!

McIntyre responded to all that thus;

The admin of the page Autism is not caused by vaccines was in first pointing to a note on that page titled “There are studies” (the very same one I shot at Lort Bizniz by direct link on the last entry). The link couldn’t be put there as the ANR page spams out links it doesn’t like. Barb suggested McIntyre use Google (not advice I would give) while making the point that government testing is commercially confidential. McIntyre totally ignored AINCBV and addressed Barb only;

He then added a link to another Australian National Review article (which wasn’t spammed out of course). I used the AAAV page to point out that Chrissie had linked 166 studies on her page and told McIntyre he owed her a million dollars. In addition here, the insert on vaccines is not medically viable as it is a legal statement only that should be removed as it admits to unproven things being linked to vaccines. McIntyre promptly moved the goal posts on the payout thus;

Chrissie promptly called him a welcher, telling him the studies she had listed were indeed independent. She threatened to send debt collectors after him (I have no idea how she could do that). It was at that point that I pronounced McIntyre as being added to the AV Name Check for lying about vaccines – as well as welching on Chrissie. He never said that Chrissie had to match the million until then. That wasn’t the original deal and deep down he knew it and bailed to a safe haven. My news had McIntyre reacting this way;

As I had hit him with the Chris Jericho meme I wasn’t responding to him there. I posted under AAAV on this occasion because I felt like it. His attack on my intelligence level was bullying at it’s most scintillating. He followed up with this;

This is delusional. Big Pharma isn’t worried at all, because they know the truth as do the truly intelligent in this world – people like myself. Those who are afraid of being exposed are the anti vaxxers as they are the ones looking at a jail term – again as I have said if I have any say in it.

This is beyond delusional. Let’s take this all down piece by piece.

1. A vaccine for stupidity would be applied to people like anti vaxxers. There is one. It’s called an education. But it doesn’t always work, as this idiot is admirable proof of.
2. A proper education does actually need to be tested and it costs as well so there would be no profit any more than any actual vaccine. But also like vaccines if it’s not used correctly there are issues.
3. The assertion that “saying that Autism is genetic is confusing” is insulting to say the least. Anyone with an education will know that it’s genetic!
4. Boosters are only needed because bodies change and grow so it’s needed to cover that factor. Education also needs a boost.
5. The scaremongerer here is McIntyre. He is dealing in fear that is irrational as this blurb clearly proves.
6. I can’t be bought.

This story is rubbish to say the least. For a start, crib death was common going back centuries! Mortality rates for many different reasons were through the roof for crying out loud! What a blatant fabrication! No good funeral director would make such statements! Flu deaths in the elderly are not caused by vaccines, but by a lack of herd immunity. The giveaway lie was that the assertion that this funeral director’s father had never seen a polio, measles or chicken pox death. Death from polio in particular was rife!! McIntyre made this up – or it was made up by someone else and he copied it. This is the example of poor research I was talking about at the beginning of this entry.

Additionally, there are NOT millions of parents speaking out! That’s a blatant exaggeration! Any “professional” who is speaking out is not a professional. Not at all. Any so called professional who is lying about vaccines is to be avoided at all costs.

Consequent to this I was banned from the Australian National Review page so I didn’t get the chance to bunk this at the time.

It’s McIntyre encouraging Russian Roulette using the next generation. Disease is a threat. Vaccines are not – unless they are used incorrectly and that is not the vaccine’s fault. McIntyre should stay in Moggs Swamp where he belongs because he is a poisonous individual who should be isolated for the good of the community in Glen Innes.


6 thoughts on “Jamie McIntyre needs re-educating

  1. Jennifer Cannon

    You are just as much of a [beep!] as they are..having a blog that calls other people crazy when YOU are spending all your time attacking others? isnt that the definition of crazy itself? Ya pretty much…what a douche bag. You are probably a narcissist. Only a narcissist would put this much work into destroying other human beings…it’s true. That’s actually what defines a narcissist. Incredible. Proud to comment on this bull[beep!] blog

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Timelord Phil Post author

      Oh dear what a mess of a comment. No idea. When one presents reality and truth about vaccines, that’s not narcissistic. That’s human. When one wants to see preventable disease banished for good, that’s not narcissistic. That’s human. Everyone on the AV Name Check wants preventable disease to run wild. That’s not human. That’s narcissistic, and it’s deadly. I’m not crazy. I’m sane. So what does that say about you? Plenty. Proud to comment? Aside from censoring your language, your pride is blatantly narcissistic and I am happy to allow it through so I can watch you fall all by yourself in the eyes of others. Others that I care about. Not me, others. Especially the children – and right now the families of the children who died in Samoa. You’re like the anti vaxxers – you just don’t care about human life. You might think that you do, but you don’t live in reality. Well done. Simple exposure complete.


    1. Timelord Phil Post author

      Bignell is banned for promoting what is NOT in the best interests of the human race. He doesn’t know what’s in the best interests of the human race because he doesn’t understand it all and doesn’t want to. He doesn’t understand in particular that COVID-19 is way more dangerous than any flu variant (they all have vaccines), AIDS (transmission has been shut down as it was easy to do) or SARS which was clamped down on quickly as it wasn’t as virulent as COVID. There is no agenda – that is deluded talk with no foundation whatsoever that deserves to be censored as it is a threat to human life. The death numbers are accurate and the lawsuit against Trudeau will be thrown out as frivolous and vexatious. The majority say YES to vaccines. It’s a shame that majority isn’t high enough to provide herd immunity. Thank you and goodbye, accessory to attempted manslaughter.


  2. Roz Wright

    THIS IS A LONG RESPONSE and I thank you for taking the time to read it

    Dolores Cahill PhD
    Molecular Biologist/Immunologist
    Dr Cahill seems to have right credentials and a clear handle on Covid and Vaccines. As a mum who had 4 children raised without vaccinations the youngest being 31, (as was I, now in my 60’s) – I personally do not agree with mud slinging, or name calling but believe conversations can be had and agreement can be arrived at. I have no issue with parents choosing to vaccinate or not. I believe that as a Mum I have been gifted the care of my children until such times as they are able to take care of themselves. They are well into that, and now parents themselves. I have done and continue to do my research, with regard to health and wellbeing. My health, my responsibility. But for now may I ask what AAAV stand for? I note “All About Anti Vaxxers” page, is mentioned in the commentary above – surely this is not the acronym’s meaning? I haven’t read Jamie McIntyres book, and I haven’t read all that he wrote, but I did read the responses.

    I’m certain, if you are parents, you have a choice to vaccinate, it is not my role to judge that. I continue to remind myself, that our lives have been gifted from God/ source / allah whatever your perceive him/her to be. But as a parent, I have also became extremely curious about early childhood disorders such as ADHD, and Autism and their rise over the past few decades, as research states. Incidentally so have childhood vaccinations. I believe in my day 4 were given (which I did not get) and now there are 29 administered to a perfectly healthy baby in the first 6 months. Take a fully grown adult and stick that amount of toxicity into your bloodstream and watch your immune kick in to protect you, or watch it crumble and circum to illness. A tender little baby subjected to that just makes my heart ache.

    And when it comes to the big pharma, they will tell you that Vaccines are the most powerful and cost-effective way to protect billions of populations around the world. There are 7.6 billion people on Mother Earth and the cost of one vaccines is? Go to this site and then multiply it out by the costs listed … https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/programs/vfc/awardees/vaccine-management/price-list/index.html

    The powers that be will tell you, indoctrinate you, “Vaccine development has the potential to transform health by eliminating the burden of life-threatening infectious diseases among the population of the AFFLUENT.” (they have money) And the “World Health Organization (WHO) states that immunization awareness and government initiatives have helped in preventing 2-3 million deaths annually. Greater investments coupled with merging partnerships with companies (mostly owned and funded by Bill Gates) are BOOSTING the production and SALES of products all over the world. (Purpose of sales is apparently to make money.)

    THE PROBLEM IS : It is also said that the increasing prevalence of infectious diseases and endemic is anticipated to propel the growth of the ‘vaccine’ market during the forecast period. For instance, the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2019-2020 recorded more than 80 million cases worldwide. (cases not deaths)

    The COVID-19 plandemic has currently affected more than 200 countries worldwide and exerted pressure on the vaccine manufacturers to increase production and escalate supplies of products and commodities. “According to UNICEF in May 2020, 99 countries reported the termination of the immunization campaigns for measles/rubella, polio, meningococcal, DTP, and many other antigens.” Interesting don’t you think that 99 countries terminated immunizations programs? And it has brought a halt to “the regular immunisation programs conducted by UNICEF, WHO, PAHO, and other organizations”. Ummm I wonder, where are the deaths from those regular immunisations that haven’t been had? I have not seen any of those recorded on the world health meter? (They say this is a real problem for the healthcare system. Right?)

    But don’t worry! The Hegelian dialectic has been applied. Reduced to its simplest form could be summed up as problem, reaction, solution. The “agent of change” employing the strategy creates the problem or crisis (pandemic or vaccination needs), foments the reaction (tension – the public and human beings through MSM), then attempt to control the outcome by providing the solution (resolution). The Hegelian strategy requires an alchemical process of tension and resolution in order to reach its desired outcomes.

    “Hegelian dialectical theory is simply a philosophy, when taken to its extreme, and applied by unscrupulous characters, it is dangerous and lethal. It takes many forms. and often difficult to expose, because the agenda underpinning it is hidden, and the predetermined ends are kept secret by those employing the strategy.” (Ref: Hegelian dialectic for Dummies)

    Sadly not everything as it is appears to be. Often things are hidden in plain site.

    But don’t worry about the pending deaths and mortality rates of those susceptible to disease;
    Because the Gates Foundation masquerading as a DO GOOD operation, along with GAVI (mostly funded by Gates), and the WHO (also mostly funded by Gates) and UNICEF (again Gates contributes hundreds of millions to their coffers pointed out on numerous occasions the consequences resulting from this would far outweigh the plandemic itself. (WE NOW HAVE A BIGGER PROBLEM) “According to GAVI, the ceasing of immunisations will result in a lack of vaccination of about 13.5 million people from the least developed countries.’ (least developed!!!)

    To sum-up, the COVID-19 outbreak has significantly lowered the adoption of vaccines. But, according to the investment market it is likely to witness a positive growth in the year 2020 OWING TO a rise in INVESTMENTS for R&D against the diseases. Moreover, the launch of potential products is also anticipated to contribute to the GROWTH. For example, there are many manufactured by pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, and other prominent players. in the pipeline.

    One of the crucial and significant drivers for the vaccines market growth is the increasing supply of products across the globe to meet the unmet needs and follow Govt. immunization policies. Countries are apparently now active in ensuring that every individual is vaccinated (not by consent) and immunisations being surveillanced with the roll out of the Universal Immunization Programme (UPI).

    Fortune Business Insights says that the global vaccines market was USD 46.88 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 104.87 billion by 2027. That’s an increase of $9.665 billion a year … remember there are only 7.6 billion on Mother Earth.

    So having shared with you some of my research, my knowledge, my experience, I haven’t written a book, although you might think this is one. I am not a professional medical person, I haven’t been paid to write this, but rather I have done this because I truly care. As I said as parents you are gifted your children, to love, nourish, guide, strengthen, and encourage them to be all they can be. If you choose to take the path of vaccinations, please don’t accept it as a given, please make informed decisions. I don’t believe that the majority want vaccines, or say YES to them. I believe people have been shamed, coerced and deluded into taking them and or giving them and it’s all been done in plain site, by the Hegelian Dialectic narrative that this world is now fraught with. Please do you research, make informed decisions, live with love, and move peacefully among your fellow man. You are welcome to disagree with me, on vaccines, and the money making mechanism behind them, but you cannot disagree with the fact that I care. Most of what I have written has been a rehash and extracted from other sites. I wish you all peace and I wish you well despite us having differing ideas.

    Good night oh and by the way I am not an antivaxxer, I am pro choice.


    1. Timelord Phil Post author

      You are an anti vaxxer. You don’t care. You listen to videos shared by a deluded knucklehead (Pete Evans). Vaccines do not make a profit. What you listed there is revenue, not profit. Add expenses and they make nothing – research and development costs and a lot. The WHO is funded by member governments, not Gates (remember, that idiot Trump withdrew American funding and that bothered them for that reason).

      Cahill is a quack. She’s a far right wacko (the Irish Freedom Party is their version of the likes of Corey Bernardi and Fraser Anning – and Andrew Bolt) who was asked to resign from the EU scientific committee back in June. I don’t blame them since she supports the use of hydroxychloroquine which is for a blood disease (malaria) and has zero effect anywhere else. She also lied about people being immune after one contact.


      There is no such thing as pro choice in vaccines. If you are truly serious about disease prevention, you’ll vaccinate because there is no other way to achieve that. If you don’t – you are risking the lives of those around you, either yourself or through your children or your grand children. All About Anti Vaxxers is AAAV. There is no other meaning (you thinking that it does proves you are paranoid and not thinking clearly – and using a VPN to hide your location proves that you gutless wonder).

      Take you BS somewhere else. You need help to truly understand and at your age clearly you have unlearned much of what you learning in science at school.




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