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Marsha Belko/Tbe is not informed

Some people just can not be educated. They think that they are informed when they are not. Marsha Belko (AKA Marsha Tbe) is an example of this. This entry comes in two parts. The first comes from back in June on the Facebook page of the Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos where she shared a late May status from Premier Daniel Andrews about the flu, the measles and the fact that he wasn’t going to shut up about vaccines. And quite right as well.

Marsha Belko though wasn’t taking it. I didn’t have any information on her at this point because her Facebook account was locked down at the time. So I could only go with this bunch of screenshots;

I responded telling her the measles wasn’t the flu and that the MMR covered all strains. I also called her out on the lie that vaccinated people passing diseases on – with the caveat of the lack of immunity. I told her that there were no vaccine injuries caused by the vaccine itself. I told her what the real definition of informed choice is, vaccinating unless there’s a proven medical issue preventing vaccination, and that the decision can only be made by a doctor.

I told her that lack of herd immunity was causing the issue with measles in vaccinated people. I told her it was the same with the flu situation, along with the issue of different strains not preventing but reducing the severity which qualifies as working. I identified her as an anti vaxxer and a threat to the community and I added the reporting system only advised of system errors using Saba Button as an example. I told her to stop using Doctor Google and start listening to the real experts.

I told her again that herd immunity was the issue, as well as again telling her that there was no verified proof of vaccine alone injury. I pointed out that Big Pharma makes no profits from vaccines undermining any “best interests” re monetary gain. I called her dangerous and told her she didn’t have a clue.

As you can see I laughed at all three of these comments. I responded firstly in point form, stating that SIDS had no relationship with vaccines and that Big Pharma made their profits from pills. I also yet again told her herd immunity was the problem. In the rest of my reply I pointed out that she had no proof and she was listening to con artists. I also pointed out that smoking always caused cancer, vaccines have been tested and that obesity was caused by lifestyle such as electronic babysitting. She didn’t know and she didn’t want to know (I said that too).

That second comment clearly showed she didn’t understand herd immunity. So I repeated it again – herd immunity. I added that the Go Fund Me she linked pointed out that vaccines were not the cause. I also told her I would be reporting said GFM for false information.

I called her out as evil for putting children’s lives at risk and not providing the appropriate empathy and humanity. I gave her the skinny on my own experience with the flu in July 2014 – unvaccinated – and the fact that I have been getting the vaccine every year since then. I told her that unless she had a legit exemption she should get the flu vaccine as well. Re the previous link, I told her official autopsies can be challenged with new evidence and that one hadn’t been. It was clearly something else. I finished by telling her to stop lying about vaccines.

I called this in reply – what a over reaction! She didn’t understand what she was reading and I pointed out that good doctors know their patients. If they don’t that is not the vaccine’s fault.

A good doctor would know! I said that to her as well, and I repeated the fact that the tests have been done. Also I pointed out that there was no proof vaccines cause cancer as well as repeating again that vaccines are safe when used right. I called her paranoia level unhealthy.

I told her any smart person will sweep wrong information under the carpet. In fact I’ll correct myself. I wouldn’t – I would throw it in the bin.

I told her she’d be waiting forever for vindication – and I added that she had just made the AV Name Check on the next update at the time. She is of course now on the list. I blocked her at that point so I got the last word at that stage. I subsequently found out that she wasn’t on the electoral roll so she was added to the list under “Illegally hiding”.

Fast forward to the last week or so. I get the message that a fool called Marsha Tbe was on Minister Mikakos’ page on three different threads. I couldn’t see this on my political account but when I looked on my personal account I saw her. I thought she’d blocked me and didn’t make the connection – until Barbara Vernon PMed me and the other AAAV Facebook page admins that this was Marsha Belko. I did two things at that point. First, I checked my block list – and lo and behold there was no Marsha Belko blocked. But there was a Marsha Tbe! To confirm it, I went back to find the June nonsense in it’s current form and that confirmed it (that as it turned out is how Barb worked it out – she didn’t know about my block proof). See for yourself; Below are an original comment from June and the same comment now. On this one I have included the first part of my reply and you can see I call her “Marsha Belko” because I clicked on reply when putting my response at the time.

That’s your proof right there.

The three entries on the Minister’s page were the research grant for seeking a cure for AIDS, seeking applications to cemetery trusts and a note about the government’s commitment to all of the Mental Health Royal Commission’s recommendations.

The last one was first.

Carl Davis stated there was no evidence of that. I’ll go further than that because Belko was claiming that vaccines cause all mental health issues. That’s total bunk! How for instance can vaccines cause schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anorexia, depression et al? In a way she’s also including homosexuality in that list – as well as Autism as usual! It’s a very good example of the stigma that has already been recognised by the Royal Commission in it’s interim report. It’s not just rubbish, it is actually (in my opinion) borderline hate speech!

That’s insulting with the variation of sheep to lamb. Belko’s the ignorant one because she doesn’t have all the facts. The vaccine insert (which is what she is referring to) is a legal statement. As another AAAV admin said in reply it has no content that is medically verifiable. It was added that she didn’t understand the purpose of it, and that’s why I called it a legal statement. A legal statement that has included information from the totally compromised VAERS database in the US where anything can be reported as being related to vaccines. Carl also told her to learn some manners. I’ve seen worse than “ignorant lamb”, Carl.

On the second entry (the cemetery application one) we had another moronic line used.

Now this irritates me something chronic! Child protection services have every right to remove children who are in danger of harm and refusing to vaccinate said child places them in danger! There have been NO proven adverse reactions to vaccines by the vaccine itself! But there ARE adverse reactions to preventable disease including death! She should go visit the graves of those who died from polio as an example!

Catherine Roberts pointed out that children needed to be vaccinated and adverse reactions were minor, and she’s right. She also added the point I made about death, and also added disfigurement (see what I just said about polio).

This whistleblower stuff is so fake it’s unreal. Remembering that the website belongs to Robert F Kennedy Junior, the idiot who not only believes all versions of mercury are poison (including the one in fish) but also believes that government always lies – completely misinterpreting something his father allegedly told him!

First off, Jenny Mikakos has nothing to do with No Jab No Pay. That’s Greg Hunt’s wheelhouse in Canberra! Second, not a single learning difficulty is the result of vaccines! Now I do agree that childcare should be more affordable, but no access for unvaccinated kids because of the threat they pose to herd immunity!

My fellow AAAV admins were onto this, one looking at Belko’s timeline as it is as Marsha Tbe and picking up her fundraiser in support of Peter Little/Graeme Little/Peter Pope. Belko was told to apologise for supporting him, adding the fact that he’s before the courts for hindering police. It was also added that she would be held to a count for lying about the source of learning difficulties as would RFKJr. At this point we didn’t know it was Belko so my fellow admin wanted a real name.

Oh look at that over reaction over two comments. Capital letters as though that will make any difference. She is scared – I don’t doubt it for a second. People Power right now is on the side of vaccines and as far as proving that website is wrong is concerned – it would take way too long to take it apart. The evil pieces of dust (is there such a thing?) are the anti vaxxers. My fellow admin made the one point – the CDC has nothing to do with Australia. I did like the comment that there would be no reply because of the use of capital letters.

The TGA holds sway when it comes to the essential and compulsory part of the process. Approval for use. Profits mean nothing when vaccines by themselves don’t play a role in that. My fellow admin got her a beauty calling on her to reveal her real name if she wanted any more information. The demand was made for proof of the claim that Big Pharma pays to influence government and doctors. And the query was made about her attendance to Little’s court hearing! I loved that one!

Back came the capital letters and even invoking that non existent deity. My fellow admin reacted in a manner I wouldn’t have myself, but nevertheless it was amusing to see the comment that Belko’s fate was sealed (and Little’s as well) and the lack of courage is a sin. Just not by a non existent deity like I said.

This time in reply my fellow AAAV admin covered everything. Confirming Little as her friend taking note of the fundraiser, the tests being done by the TGA and they being commercially confidential, the inserts being legal statements, children being sicker because of lazy parents and lack of exercise and the judicial system not being corrupt making reference to Little’s reaction (my fellow admins had heard my podcast review of that). It was also stated that she wanted to be allowed to step outside community expectations (good one!) and she wasn’t because of the threat to kid’s lives. Samoa was referenced in that. Finally – no proven claims and a repeat on the provision of proof and her real name.

Oh no you don’t, Belko! Vaccines have NOTHING to do with Autism. I’m the living proof of it! Specialist schools are increasing because we actually care better now than we once did even if we still have a long way to go. I could not believe that idiocy about failing academics – that’s been caused by Canberra cutting funding to public schools for goodness sakes! Apart from that my fellow admin again covered it neatly telling her to report any evidence of testing not being done to the Ombudsman. That’s our standard rebuttal. Ditto the true origin of Autism. I can confirm that Little is not on any register as a lawyer – it would have been recognised in court if he was and I should know as I was there on October 23. I did like the rejoinder about the capital letters demonstrating instability and how Belko needed help.

It was at that point that Barbara Vernon made the truth public that Marsha Tbe was Marsha Belko.

The third entry (the AIDS research grant) was the busiest as she put two original comments.

And of course she doesn’t provide a link to prove that total junk! My understanding is that the origin of AIDS came from some disgusting bestiality conduct with monkeys. Yes I know that’s stomach churning, but that’s my understanding of it. If I’m wrong and it was something else by all means let me know in the comments with a reliable source. Carl Davis called the claim fabricated meanwhile.

Oh bravo! Calling on Carl to prove a negative. Typical fool! And Carl told her she had to prove it was true.

Research? Belko couldn’t research her way out her front door! She should try real research! Vaccines do not make a profit (said again for emphasis) and I laughed at her comment about the next election. Anti vaxxers have stiffed and big time already and will continue to do so! There is no discrimination! There is prevention of what I call criminal activity called child neglect and/or incitement of child neglect! There were no links again and Carl called it opinion only and called it false and lacking proof. He called her research based in poor sources judging by her comments.

Contaminated? Rubbish! Belko failed homework at school I think so she wouldn’t know how to do it! That was when a fellow AAAV admin came in and pointed out that Carl is a retired doctor and that he understands the subject. All good doctors do (my addition). I liked the comment by my fellow admin that Belko did not have a “tenable view”.

It’s doesn’t matter if they are or not! They listen to scientists! And my fellow AAAV admin asked if she was a scientist….

She avoided the question of course and ran to a demand that everyone who supports vaccines should be vaccinated against all diseases that have them, calling it hypocritical if one doesn’t. In adults the only vaccines that are needed are the flu vaccine and maybe whooping cough if one is around newborn babies. Of course it depends on the environment – in Samoa for instance adults should get the MMR vaccine should they be travelling there. The demand is ridiculous. My fellow admin pointed out that anyone’s vaccination record is not for public consumption, and even referencing (without naming her) Jill Hennessy and how Little wanted her vaccination record! The query about whether or not Belko was a scientist was repeated.

Take her to court for what? For being an idiot? That’s not what the courts are for. As far as taxpayer’s money is concerned, when one has a case one can use taxpayer’s money by waiving fees. I know – I’ve done it in all of the defamation lawsuits I’ve prosecuted. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was defending himself in a criminal matter, I’d call Little out on doing exactly what Belko says NOT to do! My fellow AAAV admin pointed out that she made her views on vaccines public. Quite right – and it was additionally and correctly noted that as we didn’t have her real name (at that point) there couldn’t be any court action anyway – and it was suspected she knew it as well. I wouldn’t give her that sort of credit. The question was asked again as to whether or not she was a scientist.

These two comments totally lack credibility. When one puts themselves over in the way Belko has in public, questions can and will be asked. She can’t avoid it. She has to provide her credentials if she wants to be taken seriously and she refuses to. That’s the penalty for going public in the manner she has. There is no need for any authorisation! This pro safety line is a smokescreen, because she believes vaccines aren’t safe and they are. The comment re private information had to be about the AV Name Check, and that was when Carl Davis returned and pointed out that she was not pro safety because she was putting children’s lives at risk. He added to the AAAV admin that she wasn’t a scientist as a real one wouldn’t treat children in that same way – and he’s right. My fellow admin pointed out – knowing that Belko was talking about the AV Name Check – that there was no private information contained on the public list as well as the information that is there being publicly available. It was also pointed out that the query about her being a scientist was simply to get a response. I’ll add that the lack of it goes to her lack of credibility.

Oh please! The ingredient argument? So stop drinking water or using salt then because on the ingredients they are toxic as well! Carl pointed out that it was indeed safe in a compound and called on her to effectively go back to high school and relearn her science.

Pro choice does not apply to choosing based on wrong information! Especially when said wrong info threatens children’s lives! I know for a fact that all my fellow AAAV admins and Carl get the flu jab every year, as do I. So we have those compounds injected and we’re all fine! Carl made the point about children’s lives and added the analogy of the choice of punching someone in the head. He called such people criminals and added that such a thing wasn’t a dictatorship.

More paranoid nonsense based in conspiracy BS! The mention of fluoride for example. Do you brush your teeth, Belko? I know that Carl wasn’t the sort of doctor to write scripts out willy nilly. Some do, but that’s only because the appointments are too short because of the Medicare freeze. Rushing is bad medicine. And where’s the arsenic for crying out loud? The GMO comment has no back up. Cleaner air is about the only thing she got right (that’s pro climate change which is actually contradictory because most anti vaxxers are climate change deniers). Pesticides are needed to stop insects from poisoning produce. Carl pointed out that she was the one who need to prove her claims and the lack of sources reflected on her character which had already been proven foul due to her attitude to children as previously mentioned.

Back came the capital letters again, and my fellow AAAV admin answered this very well. This was the first post after Barbara Vernon’s comment and we now knew it was Belko. My fellow admin pointed out that she wanted a repeat of Samoa in Australia, that vaccines are checked for quality (by the TGA), no vaccine reactions unless they are used wrong, the schedule is safe under the same circumstances, no vaccines have changed any brain function, thiomersal and aluminium are both fine and parents are not able to make the decision without proper guidance like when to vaccinate and when not to. It was also pointed out that Belko was self centred rejecting the truth as well as the possibility of her being classified as a criminal in the same way (without naming him) as Samoan anti vaxxer Edwin Tamasese had upon his rightful arrest. Finally, the point was wonderfully made that if she responded with more capital letters she would show herself to be as nuts as Little and it was noted that hopefully he will be jailed on April 3 next year.

Who wants to read a bunch of lies? That’s what that would be for certain!

My fellow AAAV admin correctly pointed out that this was fake news. It was added that the vaccine injury stories were also incomplete as well as lies. Good point! I’ll add that the response Kennedy Junior got was actually the one he wanted. The trouble was he didn’t understand that the tests he wanted weren’t responsive to the request because of their commercial confidentiality. Such classified documents are exempt from FOI. So he lost. He didn’t win at all. My fellow admin wanted a direct link.

As my fellow admin pointed out in reply – it was a loss and not a win for the reasons I gave and was repeated here.

Let’s go to the second original comment;

This is the Australian version of VAERS in the US, and unlike that it hasn’t been compromised by BS as far as I know. My fellow AAAV admin pointed out rightly that all injuries noted there were system errors, crediting the founder of AAAV (me) with the term. Yes, vaccines not being used correctly.

Oh now all she can do is laugh? These two comments reflect on her character again, totally showing contempt for poor Saba Button as an example. The Health Australia Party has already stiffed, and the Involuntary Medication Objectors Party went the same way at the last federal election with just 17,000 first preference votes nationwide – or about 0.12 percent of the vote (even worse than Health Australia who got 0.27 percent). And they only ran in three states (New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia) with established anti vaxxers Allona Lahn running in Queensland and Judy Wilyman running in WA. I loved my fellow admin’s reply comparing blaming the car for a accident when it was the driver’s fault. It was pointed out rightly that there were no confirmed claims on the vaccine alone – only anecdotal nonsense that qualified as unproven and unreliable.

Oh we aren’t important now? Why the responses then? You’re important to us because you are a public health threat. My fellow admin called her a disgrace to humanity lying about vaccines and called her out as hiding using her correct name. There was a repeat on the database content, and the remark was make that she totally lacked credibility. Notice was also given that I was preparing this blog entry.

You already know me, Belko! And I have already proven it’s you above! Consider yourself owned! More capital letters meanwhile showing her desperation. I have her and everyone else by the short and curlys once I get the legal documents I have planned up and running. They can’t do anything about that because the facts back me up. I wouldn’t be planning what I’m planning if they didn’t. Distribute all you want, Belko. All it will do is give me more evidence of the health threat you lot pose. My fellow admin told her she would stop fighting because she was a threat to children’s lives and added that we know it was her. The legal documents are what was meant when it was said that I would be dealing with you lot “in due course”.

I did prove it above as I said. Carl Davis came back at this point and referenced my defamation victories (it would have been four actually if the fourth hadn’t been settled by mediation) and how people who get on my wrong side pay a price for it. He rightly added that maybe I do have a poor rep in the eyes of anti vaxxers and yes I am proud of that. He rightly added that anti vaccine propaganda will one day be a criminal act – certainly if I have any say in it! To add to my rep, I also have friends in high places.

Consent comes with correct information, Belko! Consent can not be valid with wrong information and that is what you are relying on! This isn’t the first time she’s tried to use that link (she did it back in June as well). My fellow AAAV admin quoted part of the handbook and rightly added that as the benefits outweigh the risks “by light years” the refusal to listen renders any claim to consent invalid. That is indeed why No Jab No Play is legal as pointed out. Likewise – for what it’s worth – the Samoan government mandates there. Properly informed consent says vaccinate. That’s a fact.

Ohhhh that hurt her and back came the capital letters again in desperation. And I loved what Christine McKewen did – the GIF of Will Smith sneezing because he was allergic to BS! And it was BS! Carl pointed out that a health department directive can usurp the “law of consent” and quarantine is also an option. He rightly added – topically as it happens – that human services can act to remove a child if a doctor makes a report of neglect based in a failure to allow a vaccine to be administered. I say topically because there is a matter in the courts in Melbourne on this very subject. I’ll just add that there is a basic human right that Belko opposes – the right for a child to live free of preventable disease. Comprende? Oh and People Power Victoria wasn’t my party and they ended up being cranks anyway. That was a mistake on my part that I will own.

No, Belko, a child that is not protected from preventable disease is already facing a destroyed life so it is right to do what is required to protect that child if the parent won’t do their bloody job! A fellow admin of AAAV made the point that I made about PPV (No Smart Meters) and also that a legal battle would be won by the authorities.

At this point I responded for the first time in this recent lot, using the AAAV page and I said; “The precedent will be set in favour of the authorities. There are no wrong people to be targeted. Anyone who lies about vaccines is a threat to the community. There is no other way to describe it. There are no guinea pigs. The tests have been done and vaccines are safe and effective when used correctly. To say otherwise is demonstrably incorrect and laughing at this demonstrates mental health issues.” The laughing comment was an edit. I own this comment myself.

When I upload this entry I will be putting it on the Facebook comment – and this time using my political account and not the AAAV page. I will be adding when linking it that she should comment on the entry here and not on the Minister’s page. In addition, I also took a look again at her timeline noting the fundraiser that my fellow AAAV admin referenced earlier. She also advertises the IMOP. But that’s all. She remains anonymous like the coward she is. The fundraiser by the way is about “medical kidnap” which does not exist, and has had zero support. No money at all and rightly so. Any removal of a child for the reasons already given is right.

There are vials of the last remaining examples of smallpox in Russia and in Atlanta, Georgia although the latter may have been destroyed since (2014 is the last known information of the US holding). Belko should go along to either of them and take an injection of it unvaccinated and see if she survives!

EDIT (December 16 @ 8:10am)

Or what? Freedom of speech, Belko! You put yourself out there in public and it’s free for anyone to scrutinise and criticise. You can’t touch this as a result. Not only will this entry be here beyond 48 hours, it will still be here when your buddy Little goes to court on April 3, 2020! If you can’t take the public scrutiny – get off social media.

EDIT (December 16 @ 10:43pm)

It got right out of hand again today, but I’ve shut it off now making my last comment albeit on my personal account as she blocked my political account. I blocked her to prevent a reprisal.

After the edit this morning we had the following nonsense.

You Tube now? I didn’t even bother with it. We all know the truth – lack of herd immunity. Meanwhile in response to her junk that I added this morning I told her I’d added it and told her to respond there. She didn’t.

I told her the answer was no because the information in this article is true and correct. I told her if I had anything she had to prove it here. Also – what I am doing here is not against the law.

That last remark looked familiar and I called it out as such. I told her she couldn’t remove anything and if she tried she’d have to give out her full details and that it would be passed on to me. That’s Word Press procedure for the record. That I assumed would be enough to talk her out of it. Meanwhile I spread the word to my inner circle as this was my last comment before the one I mentioned at the top of this edit and will speak off at the end of this edit.

Barbara Vernon was first in from my inner circle pointing out that I had the right to review and criticise her comments and she had no right to complain. The admin of Autism is not caused by vaccines (AINCBV) pointed out that there were 121 studies that proved vaccines don’t cause Autism, and also that her first comment could be regarded as hate speech should the petition I have in the chute come to something. Kevin French added to Barb’s comment stating that I have freedom of speech rights and I was holding Belko to a count for her comments. For the record I would not donate a cent to a study that would be a total waste of money.

Oh here we go – the mother[beep!]er mutation junk! Pardon my language there. The admin of AINCBV pointed to the notes on their page with the 121 studies. For myself, either members of her family and friends are part of the curebie lot or her so called “love” is faked. Either way her attitude is harming them. Lying about Autism always does – no exceptions.

Delightfully, Carl Davis linked my article on my Autism blog in reply to that junk.

Oh really? This from a moron who listens to quacks? I’m more reliable than any quack you care to name, Belko, because I actually pay attention! All they want is your attention and in some cases your money. Kevin French went back to the claim about this article and pretty much repeated what I said about proving her claims here.

That was a generic reply and Barb was onto that asking if she meant my statement that she was and is Marsha Belko and if it was she confirmed what she saw (and I said earlier) as well as referencing my additional information about the block. Kevin French rightly pointed out that no proper doctor follows the mutation theory and he told her to stay away from unreliable sources. One of my fellow AAAV admins then linked her to the Science Based Medicine article putting down the mutation theory.

Vaccine inserts DO lie, Belko! They contain rubbish from VAERS that is not proven and/or not linked! Carl Davis pointed out that they were legal statements (why do so many of us have to point that out again and again and again?) as well as pointing out that the Australian website she was relying on was run by naturopaths. What she quoted from the Science Based Medicine link was from an insurer as well, and he delightfully asked Belko if she was an insurance agent! LMAO!

I’ll just cover my fellow AAAV admin’s comment first, where it was noted that the list of studies was Ginger Taylor’s reckless list – which includes studies from proven quacks like the Geiers, Richard Deth, Boyd Haley et al. The fact was also noted that many of the studies are not about vaccines where they are about Autism and not about Autism where they are about vaccines. Not only that, Pub Med hosts anything and has no peer review (that second bit is my comment alone here).

You haven’t published anything either, Belko, so don’t go there! For the record, the Hep B study goes to Wiley which is unreliable, while the two who did the other study are researchers and not scientists so that’s unreliable as well! What I have said is supported 100 percent by a factor you can’t counter, Belko. The truth! You wouldn’t know the truth if you fell over it! My closing comment were words to this effect plus a couple of other things I see no need to repeat here. Now if you want my attention, Belko – reply here! I know you’ve visited this entry and it gives your location as South Australia – maybe suburban Adelaide but that’s unconfirmed. The AV Name Check will be updated accordingly on the next full update (whenever that will be).

I may also take some other action but whether or not it comes to anything is out of my hands.

(There was some more on the other comment but I’ll just keep those screenshots maybe for the future if needed)

EDIT (December 17 @ 6:26pm)

I am delighted to advise that I did take that other action, and as a direct result Belko has been banned from the Minister’s page. Serves her right for not using her real name (and defaming me).


Wendy Simpson: Mint Condition Vintage Hater

If there’s anything that burns me up more than anything else in the Vaccine War (as I call it), it’s these constant claims of vaccine injury and no medically verified proof.

On the Australian National Review Facebook page on the Suzanne Humphries entry previously mentioned in the entry about Jamie McIntyre, we had someone calling herself Wendy Simpson. This person may also be known as Wendy Doughty (to be confirmed – one could be a maiden name and the other a married name), and she runs a business called the Mint Condition Vintage Fashion Boutique. It used to have it’s own shop in Victoria Road in Rozelle but when I last checked it operated at the Rozelle Collectors Market, in the grounds of Rozelle Public School. An anti vaccine proponent with a presence at a market held on school premises. A disgrace to say the least.

I want to focus on her nonsense that I wasn’t involved in, until I nailed her appropriately as I’ll mention shortly. This is how it started.

Brett Fraser answered this one very well, although I didn’t agree with his imputation that the measles isn’t deadly unless there’s another ailment. The measles alone can cause encephalitis for example. Simpson responded with this series of rubbish comments.

Laurie Fraser dropped the F bomb on her which wasn’t bright. Carl Davis though was a whole lot better calling Simpson the victim of a con as there are no victims and there is no proof of their claims. He also added that Humphries was identified as a quack, although I’m not sure if she is banned from Australia.

I am astonished – or maybe not – that Simpson figures Carl made no sense. He made perfect sense! Carl told her in reply that he was up to date and added that he wasn’t ignorant and pretty much repeated what I just said about perfect sense.

This is Simpson’s whole problem. She thinks everyone is believing mainstream media about vaccines, when in fact that’s certainly not my source of vaccine information. I listen to science. Real science that I learning in school about compounds. That says vaccines are fine. Christine McKewen roared in and told her that her son wasn’t vaccine injured, and she knew because Simpson hadn’t proven it.

Christine shot back that he wasn’t and demanded proof again as well as calling her an inciter of child neglect as well as a scarmongerer – and rightly so!

Way to avoid the point, Simpson! No one believes you! Least of all me, Chrissie and anyone else who knows better! Therefore the onus is on you to prove it! Christine told her she had done the research and Simpson hadn’t. She added that Simpson had to own her words and prove what she said or leave.

I think Christine was entitled given Simpson was refusing to back up her words, and Christine yelled at her to prove her claim yet again calling her a coward in the process.

Barbara Vernon covered this brilliantly, agreeing with me about Chrissie being entitled as Simpson was flat out refusing to defend herself properly with responsibility. Barb reminded her that the onus was on her now to provide the proof and would patiently wait for it.

How on earth would a blood test prove vaccine injury? Notice that she didn’t provide it. Chrissie called that out as a lie and thanked Barb for the assist, not that it got either of them anywhere;

How could Barb look up anything about Simpson when she had given nothing? Carl came back at this point and pointed to her lack of “demonstrable proof”. He asked for Simpson’s son’s diagnosis and added that it wasn’t vaccine injury because there wasn’t a vaccine injury. He added that he looked her up on Google combined with vaccine injury and found nothing.

What a coward! No motivation to answer some simple questions? Barbara was superb here stating that it proved Simpson was a liar and will be forever known as one if she didn’t give. Have a look at this for a reply;

There aren’t any because no one has proven it any more than you, Simpson! Many have said that time and time again – and when push comes to shove the medical verification is absent!

Jamie McIntyre (previous mentioned here on this blog of course) came in and tried to accuse (in general) Carl, Christine and Barbara of bullying those “smart enough” to research the “fraud” and figured all were ignorant of vaccines, repeating his nonsense about no testing. I’m not going to go over his lies again in this entry.

I’ll repeat what Carl said. What is your son’s diagnosis? That doesn’t answer the question. A web search says nothing. And she calls us cold? She doesn’t have a heart because she doesn’t care about those who have died from any preventable disease one cares to name. She has to have a reason to believe the nonsense, and that has to be from her son’s diagnosis that she refuses to name. Simpson also thanked McIntyre (of course) and McIntyre responded with more lies that I will again ignore in this entry as I already covered it in the entry on him.

What a suck up! The “bleeding obvious” is a bleeding lie and she has fallen for it and hasn’t got the courage to back it up. McIntyre figured that execs were on their way to jail. Actually, if I have my way anti vaxxers like McIntyre and Simpson (and everyone else on the AV Name Check in Australia at least) will be the jailbirds for inciting child neglect.

That was of course in reply to McIntyre as seen, but it applies to what I just said in reality. A good day indeed!

I’ll cover this in point form.

1. Where is your proof that it does? You can’t prove a negative!
2. Because the inserts are legal statements that have not been proven medically!
3. Russian Roulette? That’s paranoia at it’s finest!
4. The makers DO test what they put out! Why would they just throw out concoctions willy nilly? It makes no business sense!
5. They have not murdered anyone.
6. There is no manipulation or deceit, except by the anti vaccine morons.
7. They know vaccines have been proven safe by independent testing by governments.
8. Vaccines make no profit so dollars play no role in it.

The rest of that shows Simpson is totally paranoid as said and doesn’t trust anyone. She should just go crawl in a hole and stay there.

Christine made the point that life is a risk, stating that driving a car and crossing the street were both more dangerous – while telling McIntyre the same thing I said about them being the jailbirds. McIntyre continued his tirade which I won’t touch here and there was an exchange between him and Chrissie before this;

As if that’s relevant! McIntyre uttered more rubbish causing Matty Wright to demand peer reviewed research to support him. Brett Fraser repeated the demand.

Those three comments again showed her cowardice and her lack of respect for others privacy which makes her a hypocrite. She basically admits here that she won’t stop lying. That’s what she’s doing – lying. She hasn’t found any accurate studies. She’s only found rubbish and she isn’t smart enough to tell the difference. One of the other admins of the AAAV Facebook page jumped on McIntyre causing this from Simpson;

Is that all she’s got? And my fellow admin repeated Carl’s demand for a diagnosis for her son and also repeated Barbara’s statement about her being forever a liar if she didn’t.

Those three comments are Simpson in a nutshell. A total refusal to be responsible for her words and her community obligation for information that is required in the whole argument over vaccine safety. A rightful demand under the circumstances and my fellow AAAV admin confirmed that her son’s diagnosis was nowhere to be seen online. She was stupid to make all the claims without specific proof.

No, Simpson, you don’t know the truth! That’s why you have to prove it! My fellow admin said exactly that and;

My fellow admin called her a nutter for that tripe. I’ll go further. She demands we do our research on her son’s diagnosis. How can we do that when we don’t know his name? Not that I’m asking, or anyone else. There’s no need. All that we need is the diagnosis and she refuses to give it. I suspect her son is Autistic, but until we get her to admit what it is I can’t call her out on that lie. Simpson is dumb, not just because she won’t provide proof but also because she won’t believe correct information that is consistent with science.

And that was when I nailed her appropriately as indicated at the beginning of this entry – informing her with my usual meme (we know the one by now) that she was on her way to the AV Name Check, and I added that she’ll care about that.

She blocked my political account which is the one I used for my advisory, but I could still see her on my personal account as it was that which I collected these screenshots on. McIntyre belched more tripe and Matty Wright called him out on “good research” causing this from Simpson;

The TGA tests the vaccines you liar! A government authority that is obliged to do so under their own regulations! That last sentence shows that Simpson is a lost cause, and it’s why she should have the book thrown at her for inciting child neglect. My fellow AAAV admin went at her with the point about vaccine testing as well as her research being incomplete as she doesn’t understand the subject matter in effect. And that she is blind to the real truth hence why she’s a “proven liar” (my fellow admin’s words). He also informed her of my intent as insinuated at the beginning of this entry about getting her removed from the Rozelle Market.

It doesn’t matter who employs her. A 25 year con by this woman would be a serious community error. Or rather however long she’s been living the lie. I think for myself as does every other AAAV admin as well as Carl, Chrissie, Barb, Matty and Brett – and Veronique Denyer who provided the title of a good book; Viruses, Plagues and History by Michael Oldstone. And we all agree that vaccines are safe and effective when used correctly. The person promoting injury and death in this lot of screenshots is Wendy Simpson, Mint Condition Vintage Hater. There is more but this will do for now. One day I will do what was promised – and I will have back up when I do it. It’s just a question of getting that back up. You, Simpson, are the disgrace. A coward who refuses to properly argue your points hiding the full information required for a credible point.

Avoid the stall at the Rozelle Market, people. Put her out of business. That’s all this cowardly lying fool deserves – aside from a jail cell. She can’t ask people to have a heart, when hers (if she has one) is black.