Carpet staining Diego Figeuroa

In August last year Victoria Health Minister Jenny Mikakos announced that front line nurses had to be vaccinated against the flu. No excuses. That of course attracted the anti vaxxers with their usual nonsense about rights and spouting dangerous lies about vaccines.

One of them was Diego Figueroa, a carpet installer who claimed 14 years experience (probably claiming 15 now) who is self employed. Funny thing – I was unable to locate him as he isn’t on the electoral roll (he might only be a resident and not a citizen but I have no way of confirming that either way). But he lied about 14 years. His business began in 2008 – Dee’s Carpet Service. Not only that, he’s a high school drop out – Year 9.

No experience let alone qualifications in anything remotely related to this subject.
(Source: )

He started with this comment.

I pointed out in response that such a decision needs to be made by the elderly person’s doctor, and criticised his imputed assertion that this happens to all senior citizens.

Of course. He denies he said it – ignoring the fact that he imputed it. And I pointed that fact out. I also stated that it didn’t need to be all – and the reason I said that is because of the need for herd immunity.

That’s easy. He never specified “some” – therefore it was “all” by default. I pointed out that he was guessing and not only that the fact that he didn’t know what actually caused the deaths.

I told him in reply to stop making misleading statements. I added that respiratory issues have a long list of causes of which the flu was only one, and I told him off about his view of herd immunity and the BS about immune system over stimulation. I pointed out that immune system issues were there before the vaccination and that was on the doctor or nurse who administered it, as well as such an issue not being common – criticising Figueroa in the process over his scaremongering.

Deaths. A typical anti-vaxxer bailing to the fact that improvements in health through sanitation and so forth means the diseases are no longer a threat. Illness threatens the child because it increases the risk of complications for which there is no cure, even when the complication doesn’t result in death either. It can do damage to our children. The playing down of disease in this way is nonsense along with his assertion that herd immunity doesn’t exist. It does and has been proven to exist. Read this link for one example;

Click to access herdhis.pdf

Why should the body counter a vaccine? If there is an antibody that can counter a vaccine that’s a threat to the person that would need to be countered! That’s a garbage claim by this Cynthia Cournoyer who has no qualifications and is nothing more than a freelance writer. If a vaccine is taking vitamins away that’s an indication of another issue that needs to be identified. Normally a vaccine would never do that. There is NO evidence of over stilumation caused by vaccines in a regular healthy person. The idea of a body in an “ideal state of harmony” can only be achieved with a vaccine to protect it from preventable disease. Otherwise the disease WILL be caught and boom goes the harmony. The assertion of a “provocation disease” is a myth. There has to be another trigger to which the vaccine may react (hence that warning) but it says at the same time that it is rare, and this is the reason why it is rare. A lie is told about live vaccines on top of this, as is the case with toxins because vaccnes are a compound that contain NONE of the toxins that are associated with the make up of the compound. There is also no such thing as a vaccine virus. The Sunday Express reported an assertion that was false and unproven as was the assertion that antibodies to brain tissue had been found is Autistic children’s blood test.

The Pulse article is rubbish and also unproven. The situation with the Canadian girl was totally unrelated to her boyfriend’s vaccine. Chronic disease has no relationship with vaccines – that’s a lifestyle issue in a lot of those cases mentioned. The idea of TH1/TH2 issues is unproven bunk as well. The reference to the British Medical Journal has clearly been misinterpreted as for instance if there was an excessive pro inflammatory response, that indicates an issue that until treated contraindicates vaccination. That again has nothing to do with the vaccine. Figueroa claims incorrectly that vaccines cause an imbalance, upon the assumption that the body has a natural balance that will protect from disease. If that was true we wouldn’t need vaccines, but we do as disease continues. It has nothing to do cancer, asthma, eczema, hay fever or food allergies. Figueroa even quoted a link between increased TH2 and inflammatory disease, but conveniently didn’t admit that the report said NOTHING about vaccines!

I don’t need to provide any evidence because he hasn’t provided anything valid to debate!

He persists with the TH imbalance, this time quoting a quack called Yehuda Shoenfeld – whose work has never been reproduced because it couldn’t. See this link;
I don’t like using PubMed but just this once. And then he quoted proven quack Russell Blaylock. I don’t need to say anything else to that!

Still more rubbish about TH imbalance, and this time from someone worse than Blaylock! Diagnosed nutcase Rebecca Carley!

Aluminium is safe (we wouldn’t have aluminium soft drink cans, foil or cookware if it wasn’t), polysorbate 80 was removed in the early 1960’s, thiomersal was removed early this century and squalene means nothing. The so called researchers are talking nonsense. Vaccines are not toxic. No evidence presented has been verified. Science Daily has a bad tendency to be inconsistent so I am ignoring that without back up. Antibodies that can’t fight disease even with a vaccination is an auto immune deficiency issue, which is already recognised and why the only way to protect that person is with herd immunity. Vesicular Stomatitus Virus hardly qualifies as a smoking gun as it is not a virus that affects humans (usually it’s horses). It’s only of interest in relation to that condition alone. In fact – there is a theory that VSV may have a use in vaccines for HIV and Ebola (unconfirmed by the way – testing is in progress). To add to that assertion, when names were given for diseases that attack the nervous system there was no mention of Parkinson’s disease or Motor Neuron Disease – both conditions that attack the nervous system. That again goes to the credbility (or lack thereof) of Figueroa’s research.

Here he tries to spit on the Tetanus vaccine. The example he gives here is clearly a case of an undiagnosed issue preventing the Tetanus immunisation from holding. It can happen. I remember a fellow student at school who had to do a follow up TB vaccination because the first didn’t hold as an example. The British Medical Journal’s caution was based on that. The Lancet article was a perfect example of vaccines being needed for crying out loud – and note that the article (from 1968) was from around the time the measles vaccine was starting to become available in the first place! The reference to the European Court of Human Rights has to be suspect at best because it is recorded only in unreliable sources like! Where’s the link to the court report itself, Figueroa? Huh? Memory cells do need reminders – Whooping cough and Tetanus spring to mind in an instant! The titer idea loses it’s credibility when Figueroa quoted known quack Tetyana Obukhanych, and stop referencing toxins! And stop making claims about vaccinated people when herd immunity is the explanation!

In reply to all that I simply stated that he was yet to provide reliable information. I then edited the comment in response to Figueroa laughing at me.

I have just disproved it now above (and below) and yes I can read. And I know that those I have named above do NOT have higher credentials than either of us. Quacks never do. I don’t give original health advice. I pass on the advice of real experts.

The government source gave information that you interpreted wrong (deaths as distinct from prevalence).

At this point I told him his sources had already been bunked by others and I didn’t see the need to add to that. Of course he bails to product information which I told him was a legal statement and it had no medical value. I also accused him of making excuses in order to attack community health, and demanded reliable sources again.

I told him it was up to him to provide reliable sources and I also demanded his credentials. He made the original claims so he has to back them up. The fact that he is unvaccinated means he is a danger to the community as he is capable of compromising herd immunity. I’ll bet there has been a death because of him that simply hasn’t been traced to him.

That proved he had no qualifications and I said so. I told him he didn’t understand what he was reading (as I proved above), and moreover I told him the fact that he was nothing more than a carpet cleaner (which was of course wrong and I own that one). I’ll add here that he said “But since you claim there are not, its on you to prove that claim”. No – that’s a demand to prove a negative and that is an instant debating fail. It was on him to prove his claims, and up until that point he hadn’t. Also, Ashley Everly does not have a master’s degree and has had nothing formally published. All her talk is not as a toxicologist but as a Mum who believes the nonsense about vaccines causing Autism.

It was at this point that I gave him the words of Chris Jericho re the AV Name Check (I couldn’t post the picture). I also gave him the heads up for a blast on my podcast, which came on the September 2019 edition in brief. As well as the heads up for this blog entry.

So I made one mistake as admitted. Big deal! Figueroa made multiple mistakes and far more serious ones. I wasn’t going to debunk him there because I knew that not only would I not have the time as I said previous to the above comment, it also needed the sort of detail that I was not going to put on Facebook as it couldn’t due to the need for pictures. It deserved to be here anyway. I am not claiming to be an authority on the subject. My point is that Figueroa is not an authority on it. No empty threats. Here’s the blog entry as promised – and he has been added to the AV Name Check even without his location.

My reply – the last to this part – told him that he quoted Blaylock and Carley and that said plenty about him. He didn’t know about anything outside of carpets and he had to leave vaccines to the experts, and listen to them as I did (and do). I also had a go at him for the mortality rates against the prevalence rates, and I again told him I would bunk him on my blog entry, and there would be no debate because I would “slaughter” him.

Here I will add this about the poster he is talking about. Paul Offit never specified over what time period by the way – and I say that is a lifetime. Obviously I don’t have any children, but 10,000 vaccines at once (which is the anti vaccine community’s preferred interpretation) is a load of twaddle. Re the debate as well, Figueroa is not an adult – no doubt. Anti vaxxers never are because they chuck tantrums like children when people don’t listen to them. If Edward Jenner’s techniques were used now, our population would be smaller for a start! Neither of us can talk with any original authority about any vaccine related subject. That is the domain of reliable experts. The ones I rely on are real experts. The ones Figueroa relies on are quacks, or as I said he didn’t understand what he was reading. Finally, he even tried to add SIDS and auto immune diseases as caused by vaccines – as well as Autism! That is hate speech, Figueroa, and I’ll stand by that for life!

Elsewhere on the same Facebook entry I was arguing with Kathy Austin about safety data and prevalence figures over the flu and I made mention of my July 2014 experience with the flu (I spent most of the month in hospital because I wasn’t vaccinated for it) and Figueroa stuck his nose in thus;

In reply on Facebook, I asked him if he umpired footy just to shut him up on me not having a healthy lifestyle! I added that the ABS data wasn’t safety data. It was insulting for him to have a go at my lifestyle, just because I caught the flu in 2014. The flu can get even the healthiest people which is why I brought it up to begin with. He’ll cop it. He has no protection by his own admission. A healthy lifestyle ATTRACTS the flu because it thrives on it! I don’t laugh in people’s faces because of their lifestyle re not vaccinating. I get angry – especially when children are about!

Elsewhere Kylie Horton spoke of the amount of time a child is contagious with the flu when symptoms first appear, and gave an example of a child coming back to school way too soon trying to put it over as the solution being keeping children at home until they are over it. Another argument ensued including the dreaded misinterpretation of “unavoidably unsafe” re vaccines when I said herd immunity would make the issue a moot point. Figueroa barged in with this;

I called him a liar in reply and again told him I had more idea than he had. Fact – he lied about herd immunity (see the link I already gave above). Fact – I have no invested interest (read – no money involved). My interest lies in stopping anti vaxxers from lying about vaccines – in particular about the junk that vaccines cause Autism. I am Autistic myself so I take that very personally. We are NOT at 90 to 95 percent vaccination rates yet, and we will get there because we have to in order to eliminate disease. What’s hard about it (and I suspect this is what he meant) is the pockets where the rate is too low. A general rate of 95 percent isn’t the end of the battle. I can accuse people when they provide junk and won’t back it up. The undeniable proof of herd immunity as I said has already been provided. That’s the answer to his one question. Herd immunity. I hope we don’t cross paths, because people like this make me very angry – and angry people don’t make good debaters. We make good insult throwers.

Finally Miriam Baxt called No Job No Pay unconstitutional and I told her it wasn’t medical conscription. Others claimed it was blackmail and so on and I told them as long as a choice exists (and it does) none of that applied.

I laughed at this one and called it in reply. He proved me right! Here’s how. The quote Figeuroa used was correct as to it’s interpretation. But here’s the line he missed; “the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others”. Back we go to herd immunity again! No herd immunity means harm is done! He quoted something that as I said proved me right! I’ll just add to that by pointing out that government regulations on vaccines does not provide illegal control of private practices. Anyway, in Australia strictly speaking there is no such thing – because of Medicare and the register of all medical practitioners in the nation. That’s all government.

Bottom line – I have provided here the reason why Diego Figueroa deserves to be on the AV Name Check and is a threat to the health of the community. No one should be using his business, especially if the home he is working on has a child or an adult who is not vaccinated for medically verified reasons.


1 thought on “Carpet staining Diego Figeuroa

  1. Timelord Phil Post author

    I can’t upload pictures to comments and the original entry is already too long, so here was the full responding confrontation;

    Me: This took a long time because I do have a life off FB as it happens, but here is my full reply to you. Consider yourself owned. And laughing at this shows you are not playing with a full deck. Got something to say? Reply there.
    (Followed by the link to this blog entry)

    Figueroa: Philip Gluyas thanks for the free press. 😉

    How does it feel knowing I spent all that time rent free in your head ..

    Lol owned. Sit down Santa..

    I’m gonna out live you in better health. .. .

    Owned. Bahahaha

    Figueroa will die before me most likely from the flu. Fact.

    Figueroa: Philip Gluyas make sure to share the page around. I know I will. .. hope this went the way you planned.

    30 weeks rent free. . Hilarious.

    I took screenshots and then left it while I did other things. Only on my brain for maybe 24 hours total.

    Me: LMAO! You think this is going to help you? I destroyed you and you can’t even see it! When your free press gets around no one will want to know you. You wanted sources for my claims. I gave them. Now it’s your turn – on the blog and not here. Let’s see you defend yourself.

    Figueroa: wtf are you on little man??
    Good luck “destroying” me..
    I dont debate on blogs?, I feel facebook has a wider audience than a blog 99% of Australians have never heard of..

    Good luck with your fixation issues.

    Me: I thought as much. You have no courage. And the All About Anti Vaxxers blog has a strong audience. 70,000 hits plus. You’re fixated. You’ve been challenged and refuse to defend yourself. You refuse to be corrected. Come on – lets see you defend yourself outside of your precious comfort zone. Or we will truly know who the “little man” is. Last chance.

    Figueroa: keep telling yourself that… last chance . 30 weeks mate. You lost. Move on. Lmfaoo..

    Me: I won. You refuse to respond to the challenge. You’re done. Bye Bye.

    And I blocked him, and then took screenshots of the above comments not logged in.

    Figueroa has proven that he is a coward, and his business will be dead because of the free press he so gleefully allows (Remember, I named his business) will show him to be someone to avoid at all costs. That’s whole idea of my work here. Exposing the lies and naming and shaming the people who do it. Now that I have blocked him if he has a response to me he has no choice but to do it here.




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