Diane Doucet – Canadian Douche

It’s truly dangerous when someone goes the extra step in their quest to destroy the vaccine industry, and lie to a Legislative Committee. That is what Diane Douchet did before the Law Amendment Committee in the Canadian province of New Brunswick in late August last year.

This came to my attention when I came across a poll on Facebook on a page called the Vaccination Station in early October last year, asking if one supported vaccine mandates. The Yes vote won for the record and rightly so. But there were idiots complaining about vaccines and I was just going to comment and leave it at that because I was already behind with this blog, and I wasn’t going to take screenshots. This con artist forced my hand.

I took the transcript of the day’s proceedings and I was able to trim it back to Doucet’s contribution which covered nine of the 115 pages. Here are the lowlights;

1. Near the very beginning, Doucet accused the media of not practising “legitimate, balanced journalism” in not allowing criticism of the Bill before the Committee. This was wrong. The media won’t report lies. They can get into trouble for doing so, and criticism like that of Doucet’s were lies and you’ll soon see.
2. In the very next paragraph, Doucet asserted that studies had been done by qualified professionals that proved the idea of mandatory vaccinations was bad. Medically, no one has done that – except for quacks who have no clue and have their own agenda.
3. Doucet engaged in scaremongering by claiming the move to homeschool would cost the family home. How? That is total BS and has no foundation whatsoever.
4. Medical experimentation does not exist in mandatory vaccinations. The experimentation period was over long ago.
5. No one should be scared of his or her government – that’s true….unless you do something that threatens the health of the community. Then you should be afraid because you will be punished for that as you should be.
6. Comparing this effort to chasing people out of New Brunswick for political reasons as the redcoats apparently did is alarmist to say the least. You have the option to do the right thing. There was no option back then.
7. Doucet claimed the right to question vaccines. Sure. But what if you refuse to listen to the answers? Anti vaxxers like Doucet do that all the time. You lose the right to question when you don’t listen to the answers given.
8. She lied when she said the vaccine science doesn’t evolve. It most certainly does! Scientists are always looking to improve vaccines. The MMR for example was an improvement on the separate measles, mumps and rubella vaccines. It was the same with the DTaP vaccine, and it continues on. Research into a vaccine for HIV/AIDS continues. Research into a cure for cancer continues and may provide a vaccine further into the future. That’s evolution – the evolution Doucet claims doesn’t exist.
9. There are no proven conflicts of interest. Anti vaxxers like Doucet never prove any of those claims. They merely speculate.
10. She also went the route of mistakes elsewhere in medicine and claimed that vaccines were immune to this. They aren’t. No one has proven a vaccine is dangerous on it’s own. No one. That is distinct from Thalidomide or Vioxx.
11. Doucet accuses the pharmaceutical industry of a campaign of fear. Anti vaxxers are just as guilty whether Big Pharma is guilty or not. The difference is anything that is said to have people scared of disease is correct. Disease kills. Vaccines do not and that is where the campaign of fear by anti vaxxers falls foul of the situation.
12. Oh boy, and I quote “the potential health effects of GMOs, glyphosate, water fluoridation, the nuclear industry, the Fukushima nuclear disaster, smart meters, and the rolling out of 5G…” unquote. Totally false and right out of fantasy land! That’s this nutcase in a nutshell. No pun intended.

We then went to the questions and Doucet was asked who she was, and it was quickly established that she had no qualifications. Doucet knew where the question went and added that she should still be heard. Another member made a comment that caused Doucet to lie when she said and I quote again, “I did not mean to offend anybody or attack anybody with my statements, but…” unquote. BUT! BUT! You meant to offend, Doucet! You set out to offend AND attack – and for no real reason other than to advance your own twisted agenda! Another member picked her up on the mention of slavery (I didn’t bother with that in my dot points above) and disagreed with the analogy. Doucet tried to claim a philosophical comparison – which is totally invalid because as long as there is a choice, there is no issue.

On the Vaccination Station Facebook page, Doucet linked the video of her presentation.

After a couple of glad handlers congratulated her, the admin came in with a meme that said “Bring science and evidence. Nothing else matters”. As indicated in my review, there was none. Just a pack of lies and conspiracy junk. Known Australian anti vaxxer (and she’s on the AV Name Check as well) Sumukhi Dasi barged in with something I couldn’t see because she blocked me but it had to be junk as one of glad handlers to Doucet agreed with Dasi as well, before Doucet responded to the admin.

I roared in at that point, stating that she was already a slave – to the con artists. I pointed out that science made no profit using vaccines as an example adding that if it was profit driven they’d dump it as too expensive. I also slammed her ridiculous claim that the Nazi regime was driven by science, and also told her that if pox parties became the norm children would die. The admin simply accused her of peddling conspiracy BS. The glad handler claimed the Vaccine Court required huge amounts of evidence, causing me to point out that the evidence the Vaccine Court would accept wouldn’t stand up in a proper court. It took a few more exchanges before Doucet came back.

I laid into her for that telling her the pharmaceutical companies were indeed accountable, and I repeated that she was a slave to the con artists. I told her that those who willingly spread disease had to be segregated for the sake of community and I accused her of not caring about that.

I told her the truth about who funds the Vaccine Court (the pharmaceutical companies through a tax on vaccines) and also called on the Vaccine Court to be closed because it paid out on probability only. I promoted vaccines as safe and effective when they are used correctly and the only protection children and the elderly have from preventable disease. I also pointed out that other pharma products had generic options which added a factor that vaccines didn’t have, and was therefore not relevant.

I told her off for that, pointing out that it was a choice between life and death and choosing death when life was an option was just plain wrong. And a parent being given that choice for a child was even worse! I stated that mandates were required for the stupid, and that anti vaxxers were stupid. I then added the option of making it a criminal act which I have said on this blog before I would love to see happen.

She then added a photo album of supposedly vaccine injured children – without proof that they were injured by vaccines. The album itself even admitted that the claim had been denied in each case. I fired back calling her dangerous and paranoid to an unhealthy level, meaning she couldn’t possibly be reliable. I told her that no vaccine had ever caused a death by itself whereas disease had. I also used her own words against her, telling her that deaths were the result of neglect. Neglect of children and protecting them from disease. I called on her to provide the real source of the suffering produced in the album if she wanted me to acknowledge it, and pointed out that if anything it was an injury caused by misuse of a vaccine. I finished by pointing out that she didn’t known was fascism was.

All I needed to say there was that her views had been proven wrong multiple times, and mine had been proven right just as many times. I called her ignorant as well.

I repeated what I said about proof, and told her that stating facts wasn’t chucking a tantrum. I accused her of not caring about children’s lives and that’s why I was angry. I added again that people like her should be in prison for inciting child neglect as well as telling her that she as the one telling dangerous lies and she didn’t know it either.

Again with the lie about Nazi Germany! I told her that there is informed consent and her not listening to correct information was the issue here. I told her mandates weren’t fascist and called that claim paranoid, and that pro vaxxers were all in favour of it because we knew the reason they were needed was because of idiots like her not listening to correct information. The Nuremberg Code wasn’t applicable as there was no experimentation going on. I called her a criminal for opposing vaccines which were safe and effective when used correctly and that was scientific fact. And I pointed out that if she had her way pharma would make heaps more money due to the pills needed. That backed my right to be angry and that it wasn’t me being foolish – it was her. She was clearly too far gone to be educated, but I gave her one more chance. If she didn’t she would be a proven supporter of child neglect and that was a criminal act.

And Doucet threw a pathetic “loser” GIF back at me. Real mature that.

A fellow admin beat me to this one with the Chris Jericho meme announcing that she was on her way to the AV Name Check, and she gave it the laughing emoticon. I told her not to laugh. It was the first step to legal action being taken per my legal redress. I told her she wouldn’t know the truth if it hit her in the mouth and that made her the loser. I told her that her submission would be ignored and not even court action against it by her or the other idiot there could do about it.

Unfortunately as an update too many idiots in the New Brunswick Legislature baulked, and the Parliament was prorogued for new business killing the Bill. An absolute disgrace.

I told her my words had meaning and ignoring them was a mistake. I repeated that she was a crook inciting child neglect by lying about vaccines and that she was lying and I added that the political system wasn’t rigged. She just didn’t know how to use it. The abuse was coming from her and other anti vaxxers who wanted disease back, and that was why the law was just. It punished the real criminals – the people I just spoke of. I called her a disgrace and a bully and added that my statements were in her terms and on her level and I wasn’t stopping until she did. I told her she existed to lie and scare and prevent real informed consent and to give it up.

My fellow admin at Triple AV came in and told Doucet that she wasn’t a good person and that people who oppose vaccines never are as they lacked compassion and understanding of the great history of vaccines. Mandates were needed to “rehabilitate” the difference between right and wrong (I like that!) and that supported my view about child neglect. It was stated that it is a parent’s responsibility to protect their children from preventable disease and vaccines were the only way – as well as the fact that even being nice about it doesn’t change the fact that it’s insulting.

Carl Davis came in at this point and told her vaccine injury wasn’t common, there was no cover up and saying otherwise was insulting. He said that claimed vaccine injuries were faked and people who feel for that lie didn’t have the best interests of their children at heart. Carl stated he’d never seen a bad reaction to any vaccine he’d administered in his time as a doctor (he is retired although I heard recently he is considering going back into practice to help with COVID19) and he called the claim of a tyrannical government warranting a psychiatric intervention. Another admin of Triple AV agreed with all that and added that any vaccine injury was caused by poor use, something Carl never did explaining why he never saw one. The admin IDed tyranny in China and maybe Syria.

The other admin at Triple AV told her agreeing to disagree was not an option, because this was about children’s lives. It was stated that Doucet’s views were demonstrably wrong and that I founded Triple AV to expose people like this as threat’s to community health. Wishing me and the other admins “all the best” was bad for her given her then pending entry to the AV Name Check. The other admin added that what was really not brave was not admitting to her mistakes when they were pointed out to her. History would show that prison time would be served for inciters of child neglect and it was just a matter of time.

I roared in and told Doucet that she’d crossed the wrong person. I told her I’d taken screenshots and that there was a queue for entries on this blog, but she would be exposed as a scaremongerer. I admitted that when I said she had been conned, I was wrong. She was one of the con artists, and I gave notice that if I had anything to do with it she would be in prison for the reasons already given. Slavery and tyranny was a myth and I told her that I hated liars, especially those who told lies that threatened children’s lives. I made reference to her home town, Bathurst, sharing it’s name with a city that was about to host a big race in Australia at the time I posted (I was of course talking about the Bathurst 1000), telling her that the number of her supporters would be dwarfed by the crowd at the event when I was finished with her.

And with that I blocked her – and I later saw that the Vaccination Station had banned her from the page.

So there it is, Doucet. The expose of the truth about you. Read it and weep. Hopefully the Bill makes a return and this time it gets through because it is needed. Of course as I upload this it isn’t the priority thanks to the Corona virus, and rightly so. But anti vaxxers like this douchebag will get theirs.


4 thoughts on “Diane Doucet – Canadian Douche

  1. dianedoucet

    Good evening. It’s Diane. I won’t linger here but I just wanted to say hi. We had a good laugh at how our little internet exchange inspired you to type a whole hate filled rage article. I had forgotten about you, until I stumbled on this. 😊

    Update: After bill 39 died they introduced an even more draconian bill.
    Bill 11…and guess what? We killed that bill too.
    Yay for freedom. ✌ I hope your heart heals one day from the hatred. Humanity wins.❤🌎❤



    1. Timelord Phil Post author

      You’ll be laughing on the other side of your face when you end up in prison for inciting child neglect, Doucet, you uncaring little bitch. You don’t understand what you are causing and you don’t want to understand. You are putting children’s lives at risk from preventable disease. Humanity doesn’t win when you “win”. Humanity loses, and that’s why your imputation that I have no love in my heart is rubbish. You have a black heart, because you don’t fear preventable diseases that kill children. I’ll wager you don’t fear COVID-19 either (and don’t use the low numbers in New Brunswick as an excuse for that). You’re a sorry excuse for a human being and this blog entry proves it. The next death in New Brunswick from a preventable disease is your fault – you killed them when you killed the second bill. That is despicable; ESPECIALLY if the death is an unvaccinated child.




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