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Millin’s Demented Followers

When I posted the first of the two entries here on Solihin Millin I posted the link on his timeline under the thread started by his publication of his April 5 appeal. Not surprisingly there was no reaction here on the blog. But there was plenty on the comment I put. Usually I put only the comments of others here but to save time typing I’ll put the lot instead including my own comments. Millin himself responded first before the others.

Two days after posting the first entry here I posted the second link on his timeline under the same publication. And no reaction at all. What a pack of cowards.

Consequent to this, Millin blocked my political account.

It was pretty clear that these were all anti vaxxers. Suck ups to Millin’s demented mantra simply because of his claimed intelligence. Intelligence is only as good as how you use it and that’s why education levels are ultimately irrelevant.

Take Russell Craig – an associate administrator with Diamond Russell Lawyers in Thailand. Not an actual lawyer and yet mocks me for my three wins in the most complicated area of law there is – defamation. He claims to have studied law at the University of Sydney so he should know that! Maybe that’s why he’s nothing more than an administrator. Or he didn’t bother looking at the cases. He blocked me as you saw in the comments above but I got him back anyway thanks to one of my other accounts. Subsequently I checked in without logging in as I was able to once I had the direct link. And elsewhere on Millin’s page he said the following about me.

Re Rule 1 – It’s Millin who is wasting the Court’s time. Also, the idiot claims I’m not a “sincere person of honour, purpose and balanced mind” but rather one of a number of “blatant trolls, shills and agent provocateurs with dishonest intentions fueled by ignorance, hatred, lies and often pecuniary interests” (as I took the screenshot this was highlighted). Let’s make this clear – Russell Craig has no honour. He wouldn’t have blocked me if he did. He doesn’t have a balanced mind either. He is the troll and the agent provocateur, and definitely has dishonest intentions laced with ignorance, hatred and lies. I don’t have any money at stake in this at all. Of course he won’t believe that like a typical anti vaxxer. Millin is getting nowhere and is not being heard and Craig can’t see it. There will be no arguments in the courts because he won’t get there. Craig talks about the due process of law. The due process of law right now is ignoring Millin and it will continue to do so. Progress? There is none.

Greg Hall’s on the Gold Coast and has been self employed since late 2017, and that’s all. Pretty much locked down otherwise and nothing useful on his timeline.

Lee Rainbow’s profile is locked down as well, but there’s a lot of BS on his timeline – eg Bill Gates makes money from vaccines (rubbish), claiming that there is already a COVID-19 vaccine that killed seven children in Senegal (rubbish – there is no vaccine yet) and an archived load of crap about Judy Mikovits (look her up on Wikipedia and read the sources for what really happened). Not to mention sharing paranoid BS from a group called RESET Parliament (Australia) and I saw a blatant case of hate speech against Autism claiming that 1.2 million diagnoses is an “epidemic”! Says plenty about this one on top of what I said above in the comments on Millin’s timeline!

They were the three main issues, and guess what all of you?


Demented Solihin Millin – Part 2

This is a continuation of the previous entry. This concerns the preamble to the summons I covered in said previous entry first of all.

(1) This is one of the most important Cases in the History of the Commonwealth of Australia.

This is a total over statement.

(2) If nothing is done to halt this criminal assault on our Australian Nation by the Commonwealth of Australia (Australian Government) itself, it is estimated by Experts that by between 2025 and 2032 one in two Australian children will be Autistic.

That is hate speech as mentioned in the previous entry and has no foundation whatsoever.

(3) Not only this, but our children are now sicker than they have every been. A significant proportion of our Australian babies and children are suffering from totally unnecessary poisoning, shocking neurotoxic and immunotoxic reactions and, what used to be unheard of childhood diseases, including cancer, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, ADHD, anaphylaxis, autism and other and associated conditions easily traceable to injection of poisonous untested Vaccines.

As mentioned in the previous entry as well, this is a lifestyle issue and even then it’s also being overstated.

(4) This will quite possibly spell the end of our Australian Nation.

Another total over statement. A bigger threat to the Nation right now is COVID-19, and the right wing BS leading to serious vilification across several streams.

(5) It would be a sad day indeed for the Commonwealth of Australia when Legal and Factual Truth is considered an abuse of the process of the Court, to be frivolous or vexatious or to fall outside the jurisdiction of the Court.

None of it is factual or legal, so it will be considered an abuse of process, frivolous and vexatious. I already explained why it was outside the High Court’s jurisdiction in the previous entry.

(6) Corruption in all it’s forms will always be with us.

This coming from a person who’s thinking has been corrupted and badly.

(7) When Corruption appears amongst the Rich, the Elite, the Corporations, the Professions, the Australian Parliament and the Law Makers the Truth may very well be considered by these Parties as Inconvenient.

Except that Millin himself lied in his presentation, so the only inconvenience is the time it takes to eliminate this lie.

(8) There can be strong motivation and action by such Parties to quash Truth in order for the Status Quo of Corruption to continue, ie. ‘Business as usual’.

Millin wouldn’t know the truth if he fell over it. The lie must be quashed and Millin is the liar.

(9) When Truth exposes shocking, completely unnecessary criminal killing of thousands of innocent Australian babies, children and adults and maiming of hundreds of thousands of innocent Australian babies, children, and adults through ignorance, incompetence, self interest, arrogance, corruption, malfeasance and misfeasance of the Commonwealth of Australia (Australian Government) on a scale never before experienced we need to use the full force of the Law to redress this atrocity.

Correction. We need the full force of the Law to redress a different atrocity. The atrocity of parents neglecting their children refusing to protect them from preventable disease in the only way that is possible, and the atrocity of hate speech against the Autistic community.

(10) To sweep these atrocities ‘under the carpet’ for the sake of maintaining ‘Status Quo’ and saving face for high level Officials in the Commonwealth of Australia (Australian Government), Corporations, Professional Boards, Agencies and Associations and other guilty Parties can only add to this Abomination.

Complete, utter and demonstrable lies.

(11) Strong Legal Evidence from Expert Witnesses, in particular, Dr. Judy Wilyman is included in the Writ of Summons of this Case.

Wilyman is not an expert witness for the purposes of the Evidence Act.

(12) Strong Legal Evidence from many other Expert Witnesses is included in the Writ of Summons of this Case.

Millin named no other credible witnesses.

(13) Further Strong Legal Evidence will be produced during the Hearing of this Case in the High Court of Australia.

He has none.

(14) A great many aggrieved Australians who have lost babies and children and loved ones and have shockingly maimed children and loved ones caused by this criminal atrocity which continues and is still being allowed by the Commonwealth of Australia (Australian Government) are ready to come forward as Witnesses in this Case.

Anecdotal evidence is not permissible in a Court of Law. These claims must be backed by proven medical verification – none have been produced anywhere.

(15) During 2019 I contacted my Federal Representative Member of Parliament for Mcnamara MP Josh Burns about this atrocity with his following response:

Poor Josh.

(16) Subject ‘4000 innocent Australian babies children and adults, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, have been killed by the administration of vaccines in Australia since 1989.’ From Burns, Josh (MP) ,[redacted]> Tuesday, August 20, 2019 at 9.52am
To Solihin Millin <[redacted]>
Dear Solihin, Feel free to continue messaging. However, please be advised your mail will be automatically put in a junk mail folder. If you turn up or call our office, I have instructed my staff to call the police straight away. Have a nice day. Josh

This is absolutely the correct response. The Member for Macnamara knows that Millin is a crazed lunatic with nothing credible to contribute, so of course he wants nothing to do with him.

(17) The Writ of Summons (below) in this Case speaks for Itself.

Yes it does speak for itself – as I explained in the previous entry it is a crock of crap.

(18) In my life I have been blessed with an excellent intellect. I am Dux of one of the greatest schools in Africa, Hilton College. I was top of my year gaining a 1st Class B.Sc. in Physics and Applied Mathematics at the University of Natal, Durban, South Africa. I was offered a scholarship to continue with a Masters in Physics but declined for personal reasons. I have enjoyed an excellent career in Information Technology, being able to care well for myself and my family. And all of these opportunities and many more are being ruthlessly and criminally and shockingly erased from innocent healthy Australian babies and children through coercive injection of untested poisonous vaccines by the Commonwealth of Australia (Australian Government).

What happened in 1960 (or thereabouts) is irrelevant. Millin right now is insulting the name of Hilton. He has no qualifications in medicine or biology. Whatever intellect he may or may not have had has been eroded by an inability to cope with the real truth about vaccines. There is no coercion as I said in the previous entry as the choice still exists. Also as I said in the previous entry vaccines have been tested.

(19) I ask the High Court of Australia to read the Writ of Summons in detail and allow the Case to be Filed so as to be heard in the High Court of Australia in the Name of Truth and the future of our Australian Nation and in the name of Humanity and Almighty God our Creator.

In the name of the real truth, the summons was refused. Millin has nothing.

Now we go to the sworn document I mentioned in the last entry. It is a notice of liability that is so poorly formulated it is unreal. I will say this though. What he is doing here is similar to what I have planned for the legal redress associated with the AV Name Check. The difference is with my paperwork I’ll be including the full evidence and not just links. Links are not in keeping with legal procedure.

The first page opens with the following in capital letters; “Notice of liability regarding apparent murder and maiming of innocent Australian babies and children and adults by the Australian government through criminally fraudulent actions of attempted vaccine coercion of innocent Australian newborn babies and children and adults. Silence is acquiescence, agreement and dishonour. This is a self executing contract.

Millin then names the Australian government as a whole, then the current Prime Minister, the current federal Health Minister, the current Minister of Home Affairs, the current Deputy Prime Minister, the current Attorney General, the current Minister of Industry, Science and Technology, the current Indigenous Australians Minister, the current Environment Minister and the current Families and Social Services Minister. Millin redacts what may be his signature – which I don’t have a problem with.

The second page starts a list but first there is the first example of perjury. “It is not the intention of the claimant/libellant to harass, intimidate, offend, conspire, blackmail, coerce or cause anxiety, alarm or distress. This document and any attachments are presented with honorable and peaceful intentions, and are expressly for your benefit to provide you with due process and a good faith opportunity to state a verified claim.” This document absolutely seeks to harass, intimidate, conspire and coerce – not that it worked of course. There are no honourable (that’s the correct spelling by the way!) of peaceful intentions with it, and the claim is not verified at all.

The list is a preamble, claiming the following;
* The government “appears” to be creating a system to coerce vaccination by citizens of Australia
* Said system “appears” to be criminally fraudulent
* Said system “appears” to be killing and maiming children and adults
* Said system “appears” to be based in fictional herd immunity and vaccine safety
* Herd immunity “appears” to be used to increase profits and sales of vaccines, ignoring “proven” poisons, carcinogens, neurotoxicity and ineffectiveness and causing harm natural immunity, neurology and physiology
* The government “appears” to not have a system in place that requires mandatory reporting, management and compensation for vaccine injury
* The government “appears” to not have a mandatory law that requires full disclosure of all potential harm by vaccines
* The government “appears” to not have a mandatory system that publishes all scientific safety testing before approval
* Vaccines have never been “appropriately” tested through scientific double blind placebo studies and no results have been published
* Vaccines have been pronounced as “unavoidably unsafe” by the Supreme Court of the United States (the “highest legal authorities” there)
* Vaccines have been “illegally and unscientifically” presented as safe
* The government has powers under Section 51 xxxiiA
* No one is above the law

Millin then repeats the top of the first page.

The use of the term “appears” protects Millin from a number of acts of perjury here, but there are claims that he specifies. For a start he states poisons, carcinogens and neurotoxicity is proven. Likewise any ineffectiveness. That is a lie and perjury. Also when he stops using the term “appears” he commits perjury again claiming the double blind placebo study is appropriate when it’s not. He also commits perjury when he calls the claims of safety illegal and unscientific.

The rest of it is wrong full stop. The claim relating to the SCOTUS has been misinterpreted. Life is unavoidably unsafe in the correct context. Full disclosure of harm is there. The proven harm that is, not the anecdotal bull.

I won’t cover the next bit as it relies on the mythical history book called the bible. But we then go to the so called statement of facts.

1. It’s true that the Common Law holds a high jurisdiction. But remember that when Criminal Law is broken the Common Law fits in with it and has responsibilities. It’s the same with Civil Law, which specifically recognises the Common Law. So it’s not the highest jurisdiction. It’s on the same level as the others.

2. This paragraph simply specifies Australia and specifies commerce and associated material.

3. Millin then claims that commercial codes are used in the US by corporations including governments.

4. Then he makes the ridiculous claim that Australia is a corporation owned by the US and gives a registration number. Reality check – that number is for tax purposes. Australia has to pay taxes in America when doing business there through it’s embassy (the address associated with said registration number) and also has to be recognised in the same way in order to do general business like essential services (telephone, internet, electricity, water etc). It means absolutely nothing.

5. The claim that the core of the Common Law is that history book I mentioned earlier is nonsense. The verification is out of date, and the proof lies in the fact that of all of the Ten Commandments, only two are against the law. Murder and theft. The others are not.

6. This side swipe at the Royal Family is insulting, and irrelevant as all powers were transferred to the Governor General in 1988.

7. The quote from the Constitution Act is correct, but time has moved on as the Australia Act of 1988 proves.

8. The oath of office (or affirmation as the case may be) is loyalty to the Commonwealth of Nations, which Australia is a current member.

9. This is merely an attempt to make those named on the first page liable for the statements of fact.

After another useless reference to that history book, Millin then sets the table for the conditions of acceptance, denial or no response. He then offers immunity from the terms of this Notice, but the terms were to lie. No one will accept that. The rest was just fluff, and it was sworn on the last page (with a lot redacted and again I have no problem with this). Bottom line – the contract is a sham and as stated contains perjury. If I can deal with it I will.

Finally, there was the appeal mentioned in the last entry that was filed on April 5. It pretty much repeated a lot of the material I already covered in the previous entry. There were a few additions to note though.

First – obviously he had to refer to the March 20 decision where Judge Gordon identified the issues, calling it in paragraph 9 a perceived lack of causation, a perceived lack of intelligence of relief, and perceived scandalous content. Millin in paragraph 10 mistakenly assumed that His Honour’s decision was based in an assumption that Millin himself wasn’t vaccine damaged. That was never the issue. Millin’s summons was about No Jab No Pay, so claiming that he is vaccine damaged himself changes nothing. In fact, he is now trying to introduce a new claim that he never made even in the original summons. This detail in paragraph 12 is then followed by paragraph 13 claiming he had established a cause of action. He hasn’t, especially as he provided no proof to that claim. Also, as an adult, Millin has no claim to this as a cause of action as No Jab No Pay is wholly and solely about the children. He is making a total meal of this.

In paragraph 33 Millin tries to invoke the Declaration of Commonwealth Principles, when it’s yet another example of trying to over ride the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child to live free of preventable disease. In paragraph 35, he also tries to invoke the Racial Discrimination Act which is totally irrelevant.

One general point. In paragraph 42 Millin claims there is copious legal and scientific evidence. So where is it? He has to provide it NOW. He can’t hold it for the hearing. I made that mistake in a case I lost in the early 2000’s. Everything has to be out there in detail straight away, and briefed properly in the Summons. Millin hasn’t done this.

The next point made me laugh. The Court rightly demanded “A list of the authorities on which the applicant relies, identifying the paragraphs at which the relevant passages appear.” This is known otherwise as legal precedents. Millin’s comment in paragraph 81 that he was unaware of such a precedent by itself invites both a declining of leave to appeal AND a vexatious litigation order if the Court decides to issue it. It was stupid! He needs legal authorities/precedents and the stuff he provided doesn’t fulfill that criteria.

In paragraphs 172 to 175 Millin invokes other parts of the Constitution – Sections 52, 75, 76 and 116. Invoking section 52 is an extension of the section 51 complaint and is equally incorrect. Section 75 is about the High Court’s original jurisdiction, and Millin’s claim doesn’t fulfill any of these. He’s not suing the Commonwealth because he is not making a monetary claim of any description, nor is he specifically seeking an injunction (another failing of the Summons). Section 76 empowers the Parliament to extend the High Court’s original jurisdiction and the only one they’ve done there is questions to the Constitution. Section 116 is the section about separation of church and state and to a degree religious freedom. The point should be made that this is irrelevant, because no religion opposes vaccines and vaccination in it’s core teachings.

Finally he tries to invoke the Victorian Charter of Human Rights. This has no bearing on matters involving the Commonwealth as it is state legislation that only has effect in Victoria.

So yet again, Millin is hereby owned. He should withdraw his legal actions entirely if he doesn’t want to find himself labeled a vexatious litigant.

Demented Solihin Millin – Part 1

Some older members of the Australian seniors community are wise and retain that wisdom. My late grandfather was like that. But others grow demented without suffering from Dementia. They become deluded crackpots losing touch with the real world, and believing bulldust. One such person is 75 year old Solihin Millin of Windsor, Victoria.

This entry is about two delusional legal documents, both of which can be described as perjury – especially one as it has been sworn whereas the other is not. The other is an unfiled summons. I bolded and underlined and italicised that word for emphasis, given that in late February this fool claimed that it has been successfully filed with the High Court of Australia through the Melbourne registry.

And yet back on February 9 he advised on Facebook that in fact the filing was rejected by High Court Justice Stephan Gageler for being outside the High Court’s jurisdiction.

As an update though, it was found that what Millin actually did (and this WAS filed successfully in matter M18/2020) was make an ex parte application for leave to file the summons when the direct filing was refused. This application was refused on March 20, 2020, for reasons of the claim being out of order as the statement of facts were “scandalous” and didn’t give a cause of action, and the relief sought was unintelligible. Millin had 27 days to respond with a properly formatted summons and a clear cause of action. He won’t be able to do it by April 16, and he hasn’t as in the last few minutes as I posted this I noted he had lodged. I’ll cover this in the next entry.

The reality is that anything that does not involve a question directly relating to a section of the Constitution can not be referred to the High Court directly. In the summons that Millin tried to file – at best he merely mentioned a section of the Constitution and did not specify what the question was directly relating to it – hence the lack of a cause of action. He also added fluff that was totally irrelevant to the question – meaning the junk about vaccine injury and so forth, which I will detail shortly. That is what the judge is calling scandalous and he’s right. A challenge such as this has jurisdiction in the Federal Court of Australia. As there is no administrative decision that Millin is actually named in, there is no jurisdiction for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. But even then in the Federal Court there has to be a proper formulation of the issue and the summons fails to do this even to the Fed Court’s satisfaction in my view. And that’s not taking into account the claims are rubbish anyway.

It is well known that anyone who makes false claims about vaccines are a threat to the health of the community. That’s why I have the AV Name Check here – these people either engage in child neglect if they fail to get their own children vaccinated without a verified medical reason, or they engage in incitement of child neglect – convincing other parents not to vaccinate their children without a verified medical reason. The summons is a perfect example of the lies that create this threat and I’ll break them down here by quoting the summons piece by piece and taking it apart with links where possible.

1. Statement of Claim;

This is a matter which is within the Jurisdiction of the High Court of Australia as current Commonwealth of Australia (Australian Government) Vaccination Policies are unnecessarily and criminally killing and maiming Australian Citizens. While this matter contains many statements of facts it importantly shows that these Australian Government Vaccination Policies are in contradiction to many Commonwealth of Australia and International Laws.

As stated, these claims are NOT within the jurisdiction of the High Court. Further, there is no killing or maiming of Australian Citizens going on. There is not one law that has been contravened, and this will be detailed when he tries to detail it.

2. Relief sought;

1) The Commonwealth of Australia (The Australian Government) retract these criminal fraudulent restrictions conscriptions bribes and other actions associated with attempted Vaccination Coercion of our Australian People.

Bribes take the form of offering money, which has never happened. What is actually happening is restricting deductions at tax time as a penalty for making a wrong choice. Key word here is choice. It still exists. Therefore it can not be described in realistic terms as coercion. This is no different to discouraging criminal conduct, which is consistent with what I said above about child neglect.

2) Give full and complete and adequate and fair compensation to Australian babies children and adults who have been harmed by these criminal fraudulent actions of attempted Vaccination Coercion.

There has been none of this, so this is a lie.

3) Offer a full and complete apology to the Australian Nation as a Whole.

For what? For doing what’s needed to protect babies, children and adults from preventable disease? No apology for that!

4) Implement an up to date accurate fully controlled MANDATORY end to end Reporting and Management and Compensation system for Vaccine Injury and potential Vaccine Injury of Australians caused by Vaccinations within Australia.

Making such a thing mandatory is undemocratic. Even the US Court of Federal Claims doesn’t go that far. Compensation is already available through the proper court channels in Australia.

5) Ensure that through Mandatory Law before any Australians receives any Vaccination that Australians are given full disclosure at the time and just before the associated Vaccination are administered and received of any and all potential harm that these Vaccinations may cause to the person being Vaccinated.

This is already being done. Of course Millin will deny that as he expects all the junk that has been proven wrong to be presented as well. Why mislead people with that junk?

6) Ensure MANDATORY and full and complete scientific and publicly accessible double blind inert placebo safety testing on unvaccinated cohorts of all Vaccines before they are given to any Australians.

Such safety testing with that sort of regime is unethical because the results will be inherently exponential and therefore totally useless. Proper safety testing in the correct regime is already being done in Australia by the TGA.


This is where Millin starts blatantly lying and provides no bona fide proof (AKA scandalous as the judge called it), and if this was a sworn document would have him subject to charges of perjury;

10) My interest in these matter occurred some years ago when my daughter gave birth to my first grandchild. In the same space of time I came across Dr Judy Wilyman’s PhD. Thesis ‘A Critical Analysis of the Australian Government’s Rationale for its Vaccination Policy’

This thesis has been bunked many times over. Helen Harris, Saxon Smith, Alison Campbell, John Dwyer AO and David Gorski all presented statements as did The Medical Journal of Australia and the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. Wilyman is already on the AV Name Check as well.

11) This case concerns the interactions of the legally provable possibly most corrupt industry on Earth, the Pharmaceutical Industry and it’s shocking Corporatocracy based as with most Corporations, on maximising profits for Shareholders. The Pharmaceutical Industry is one the biggest industries on Earth.

I have said this many times on social media. Pharmaceutical companies make no profits from vaccines. All profits come from their cheapest and most lucrative product – pain killers. This is therefore irrelevant.

12) This is a case of far reaching consequence, highlighting Australian Governmental ignorance, incompetence, self interest, arrogance, corruption, malfeasance and misfeasance on a scale never before experienced where, because of these failings, the very Parliament of Australia and the States of Australia, have passed laws and acts criminal in nature, such as to routinely kill and maim innocent Australian babies, children and adults, the very people for whom these Australian Governments should be acting and protecting.

I already said above that their no killing or maiming going on. I’ll add to that here by saying that the governments are doing their job in this area. Millin is trying to stop this and that reflects on him and it’s why he deserves his place on the AV Name Check.

13) These laws and acts have over-reached in impacting and taking away God-given rights of Australian Citizens and the families to decide what substances they choose and choose not to place within their own physical bodies.

They can still make that choice, so no – no rights have been revoked.

14) It is a case highlighting the devolution of Australian Democracy into the mire of Corporatocracy, where self interested Corporations continue to bribe and corrupt and control the Australian Government for the Corporations’ goals to maximise profits with apparently no interest in the safety or well being of Australians in so doing.

As I have already stated vaccines don’t make a profit so are exempt from this delusional claim.

15) In modern government there is a Fourth Estate, the Public Media, who have subsequently and consequentially been similarly bribed, corrupted, controlled and muzzled by both these Corporations and the corrupted Australian Governments, to such an extent that debate about this matter has been nullified creating further death and suffering of innocent Australians on such a scale that it can only be seen as sheer immoral Evil.

There have been no deaths or suffering, except where vaccines are not being used to protect. This gagging is happening because of lies being told by people like Millin and the refusal to accept that they are wrong and have no proof of their claims. And it’s not government’s doing the gagging or corporates. It’s the people who make complaints to Media Watch and like minded watchdogs that do that. People like me. Lies do not get media coverage except where said lies are causing serious harm. The Samoan measles outbreak is a great example of this.

16) This seemingly very complex case can be simplified to three legal and scientific Claims:

But as you will see, not valid;

17) 1) Vaccines have never been correctly safety tested and have directly killed and continue to kill and maimed and continue to maim significant numbers of innocent Australian babies, children and adults.

This is a lie as previously explained. Correct safety testing is done and there have been no deaths and no maiming.

18) 2) Vaccines are demonstrably poisonous and have directly killed and continue to kill and maimed and continue to maim significant numbers of innocent healthy Australian babies, children and adults.

Aside from the repeat on the previous paragraph, it is also the case that vaccines are a compound and are therefore not poisonous. By this “logic” the natural compounds of water and salt are also poisonous.

19) 3) Herd Immunity of Vaccines is a legal and scientific nonsense.

That is a blatant lie! It works! It’s how the smallpox vaccine wiped out smallpox as an example despite a low uptake! I also want to see Millin bunk the following highly educational review of herd immunity. A scientific review from the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health.

Click to access herdhis.pdf

20) The importance of the first two Claims would appear to be obvious.

Except that as mentioned it’s a lie.

21) The importance of the third Claim is that the entire Vaccine Industry and hence the Australian Government Vaccine Policies is based on this legal and scientific nonsense. The Vaccine Industry and the Australian Government require that 95 percent of all (already healthy) Australians need to be Vaccinated to ensure the overall health of the Australian Nation.

The document I linked just above proves this to be blatantly wrong. Millin is in fact placing those who can’t be vaccinated for wholly medically proven reasons in danger by making this claim.

22) Our other important and significant legal Claims include:

Here come more lies;

23) The Coercive Vaccination Policies of the Australian Government including but not limited to NO JAB NO PAY are:

There is no coercion as previously explained.

24) 4) Aiding and abetting criminal assault on those Australians that do not wish themselves or their children to be Vaccinated.

It is criminal conduct not to vaccinate without a medically verified reason, because that is child neglect AKA not protecting a child from a preventable disease. It is a criminal choice being made not to vaccinate.

25) 5) Negate the Nuremberg Code of which Australia is Party.

This is an attempt to invoke the Code line “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential” in vaccines (or any medical treatment). However Millin fails to note that the code is about human experimentation, as does everyone else who makes this claim. Vaccination is not a human experiment. The experiments have been done. Therefore the Code is actually irrelevant. Notwithstanding the fact that Australia is NOT a party to the code. No country is, due to what is seen as a lack of clarity and uncompromising language.

26) 6) Negate the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights of which Australia is Party.

This claim is superceded by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Child of which Australia is also a party, which includes the right to live free of preventable disease.

27) 7) Negate Section 51(xxiiiA) of the Australian Constitution.

This is the first mention of the Constitution but there is no expansion on the claim as previously noted.

28) 8) Create the necessity to apply the Precautionary Principle at Law to this very important case.

A Precautionary Principle in general is “a strategy for approaching issues of potential harm when extensive scientific knowledge on the matter is lacking.” Millin is totally lying here as there is extensive scientific knowledge in vaccines going back all the way to the introduction of the smallpox vaccines. For Millin to deny this knowledge exists is manifestly delusional – not just wrong.

29) 9) The Medical Board of Australia has linked the registration of Medical Doctors to the Australian Governments Vaccine Policies is such a way that if a Medical Doctor
expresses any professional advice to patients that does not fully support these Vaccination Policies that these Medical Doctors will be scrutinised and quite possibly lose their registration to practice Medicine in Australia. This has already happened. This Policy can be construed as directly contravening the WMA Declaration of Geneva of which the AMA and the MBA are party.

It is certainly the case that doctors have been de-registered. John Piesse for one. And rightly so. The WMA Declaration of Geneva is a modern version of the original Hippocratic Oath, and is absolutely adhered to when using vaccines. Morons like Piesse who lie about vaccines are the ones not upholding the WMA Declaration.

30) 10) The Australian government has implemented mandatory vaccination without providing any publicly available science to support this policy and without there being any increased risk from these diseases. In November 2015, when this legislation was passed in Social Service policies there were no laws in any Health Act to support the mandating of any vaccine in the population. Hence, there is no valid health reason for these policies and our human right to bodily integrity has been removed on false grounds.

No Jab No Pay is NOT mandatory vaccination. Mandatory means no choice. There is a choice, so this claim is manifestly wrong.

31) A great deal of legal and scientific evidence will be given to the Court to support these Claims.

There is no credible evidence.

32) Here is a summary of the main arguments in Dr Judy Wilyman’s PhD thesis that investigated the control of infectious diseases in Australia[1].

The footnote “[1]” refers to said bunked thesis.

33) Contrary to the Australian Government and media’s assertions, Judy’s PhD thesis does not ‘oppose immunisation’. Judy’s PhD thesis provides the evidence that opposes mandatory vaccination for any infectious disease. Here is a summary of the four main critical points regarding the Australian government’s vaccination policies that Judy presents in her PhD thesis:

When something criticises a vaccination policy – it imputes opposition to immunisation. So the assertions that Millin denies are in fact valid and correct.

34) The significant decline in deaths and illnesses from infectious diseases in Australia occurred before the introduction of vaccines in mass vaccination programs. It is
recognised by all the prominent public health officials of the twentieth century that the risk from infectious diseases was reduced significantly before the majority of vaccines were developed [2]. This indicates that mass vaccination was not the main factor in controlling infectious diseases.

This is a typical anti vaccine argument that fails. The footnote “[2]” refers to comments by Fiona Stanley, H.O Lancaster, John Cumpston, Rene Dubos and Macfarlane Burnett about mortality rates, not prevalence. Prevalence is the key here – a factor anti vaxxers ignore because as far as they are concerned “what doesn’t kill can’t hurt you”. Millin seems to think that cure is better than prevention – which is total balderdash. You CAN be hurt by preventable disease! I talk through experience on that one! I survived Swine Flu, but I suffered a life long legacy due to a related kidney shut down. And I was dumb enough to think my fitness level would protect me. NEVER make that mistake with any flu variant people!

35) Australia’s vaccination policies have been designed from the recommendations provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) under Global Health Policies. The WHO receives these recommendations from an advisory group called the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI). This alliance includes the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and many more private and public organisations, all with equal input into global health policies.The GAVI alliance cannot provide objective advice about disease control because many of these private organisations profit from the vaccines they recommend to the WHO. Specifically, the GAVI alliance’s recommendations to the WHO do not consider the diversity of genetics in the population or the special ecological conditions that vary between all the WHO member countries – two important factors in the causality of disease. The WHO recommendations for vaccines are a one-size fits all and this fact means that these policies will increase diseases in all populations. They cannot be described as ‘protective health policies’ because they contradict the science of epigenetics; the science showing that individuals are predisposed to diseases due to their genetic make-up and the interaction with chemicals in the vaccines.

The falsehood that vaccines make a profit gets another run here and that’s already been addressed. The one size fits all claim is also junk, because that is where the doctor becomes a critical factor in taking the differences into account and knowing when the vaccine is okay and when – and there are instances of this – it’s not. It’s when the doctor fouls up that injuries may occur, and that’s on the doctor and not the vaccine. Further, vaccines are needed to counter this predisposition in order to PREVENT death or harm. That’s their job! Millin here seems to think that disease is a necessary evil! Try telling the parents of those who have died from preventable disease that! This is therefore the epitome of “scandalous” to again quote the judge.

36) The majority of the research on vaccine safety and efficacy that is used by government regulators and advisory boards is carried out or sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. These are the companies that profit from selling vaccines. In addition most representatives on vaccine advisory boards have financial conflicts of interests with pharmaceutical companies. Research has shown that conflicts of interest in vaccine research and on vaccine advisory boards can lead to bias in the design of clinical trials and the conclusions drawn from these studies [3]. It has also been proven that much of the industry-funded science is fraudulent [4].

Another repeat on the BS claim about vaccines making a profit. The footnote “[3]” refers to a rubbish piece that Judy Wilyman re-published on her website from 2013. The footnote “[4]” refers to an article from the Lancet which was actually talking about the material Millin is actually relying on.

37) There are important areas of research relevant to vaccination policy that have not been performed but are necessary to make claims of safety and efficacy about vaccines. The undone science includes safety studies using a true inert placebo in the unvaccinated group for an appropriate time-period – either for single vaccines or for the combined vaccination schedule. The safety of vaccines cannot be verified without this study and yet this study has never been done. There is no justification for mandating any vaccine in government policies without this scientific evidence. Australians need to demand a truly independent government vaccine advisory board (free of Conflict Of Interest) to assess the vaccine-industry funded research before vaccines are recommended to the community in government policies.

This is unfounded paranoia at it’s most obvious. I already addressed the issue on that particular test, and if Millin only wants that test and refuses to believe vaccines are safe without it, then he is a lost cause. He can’t be educated. The majority of Australians make no such demand. Only idiots like Millin and the other Australians on the AV Name Check (and anyone I may have missed) would make such a ridiculous demand.

The next nine paragraphs simply list the footnotes and the links I have already referred to.

47) On January 26 2020 the ex-director of Australia’s research and surveillance unit for its vaccination program, Peter McIntyre, was awarded the Office of the Order of
Australia Medal for his service to public health and medicine. This is despite the fact that there has been no transparency or accountability in the claims that he has promoted about vaccines during his 23 years at the government National Centre for Immunisation, Research and Surveillance (NCIRS).

Playing the ignorant hack like this goes against your credibility, Millin. Peter McIntyre’s list of accomplishments is vast. He is qualified as a paediatrician, specialising in infectious diseases; an epidemiologist, specialising in vaccine-preventable diseases; and a public health physician. He contributed significantly to immunisation at the government level through the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation, the Communicable Disease Network of Australia and the National Immunisation Committee. He received the National Immunisation Achievement Award from the Public Health Association of Australia in 2018. He has supervised many PhD students to completion and has achieved international recognition, especially in the area of prevention of pertussis and pneumococcal diseases through vaccines, with a total of more than 400 publications. He also established the vaccine preventable disease unit in The University of Sydney Master of Public Health in 2001, and has supervised multiple trainees in the Master of Applied Epidemiology and Faculty of Public Health Medicine programs. The claim that the NCIRS has no transparency or accountability is ludicrous AKA scandalous.

48) Peter McIntyre has been influencing Australia’s vaccination program ever since the NCIRS was established in 1997. For 23 years he has been involved in the government’s assessment of the science underpinning its vaccination program. Firstly as deputy-director 1997-2004 and then as director from 2005 – December 2017.


49) Since Dr Judy Wilyman’s PhD thesis has been published (2016) that makes conclusions about the rigour and the integrity of the government’s science on infectious disease control in Australia, Peter McIntyre has made many false claims in the mainstream media about Dr Judy Wilyman’s university research. These false and misleading claims affect the health of individuals and the community. Here are the corrections to Peter McIntyres false and misleading claims that he has made in the Australian media and in court cases from 2016 onwards.

No, Millin, it’s Wilyman who is making false and misleading claims that affect the health of individuals and the community.

50) In Newsletter 244 (24 January 2020) Dr Judy Wilyman provided details of the information that Peter McIntyre’s NCIRS has not provided to the community to support the mandating of 12+ vaccines in government social services policies in 2015 (implemented in January 2016). This included details of the potential conflicts of interest that existed from 2005-2015 that were never provided to the community.

NO vaccine has been mandated so that’s irrelevant. Nothing was provided to the community because it didn’t exist.

51) Here is a summary by Dr Judy Wilyman of the false and misleading information that Peter Mcintyre and the NCIRS have provided to politicians and the community about the role of vaccines in controlling infectious diseases:

Here come more lies;

>> 52) 1) The NCIRS has promoted the national vaccination program as a ‘protective health policy’ but the NCIRS has never provided evidence that children’s health or community health has improved as each vaccine was added. This is because health has significantly declined as the vaccination program expanded from 7 to 16 vaccines, and the NCIRS has never evaluated this program on children’s health outcomes.

That’s because the decline in health is based in poor lifestyle choice, not vaccines. The increase in obesity for instance is reflective of this. Lifestyle is outside the jurisdiction of the NCIRS.

53) 2) The NCIRS and the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) were not required to provide a submission of the science to the Senate Inquiry into the No Jab No Pay policy to demonstrate the need to mandate 12+ vaccines in Social Services legislation. There is no publicly available science from any other advisory board providing support for this policy.

Of course they weren’t asked, because as I said there was no mandate.

54) 3) There were no laws in any Health Act in Australia to support the mandating of any vaccines in social services legislation in 2015 so these Social Services laws were not for a legitimate public health purpose in January 2016.

Again, there were no mandates so no amendments were needed in any Health Act.

55) 4) The Australian government has refused the community’s request (under the freedom of Information Act) to provide the evidence that the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) relied upon to support mandatory vaccination.

It was refused because such information is exempt from FOI. And because – again – there were no mandates.

56) 5) Peter McIntyre refused along with 45 other government officials and public health advocates/doctors to attend a public seminar organised at the University of Technology in Sydney (October 2015) to present the evidence for mandatory vaccination policies before this policy was adopted.

There were no mandatory vaccination policies. If that was the specific request, of course they refused.

57) 6) In 2016 Peter McIntyre was one of the authors of a letter of complaint to the University of Wollongong that was used by lobby groups in January 2016 (one week after Dr Judy Wilyman’s thesis was published) in an attempt to inappropriately remove Dr Judy Wilyman’s PhD from the University.

It was not an inappropriate act. Wilyman was wrong, the thesis is rubbish and she should have lost her PhD.

58) 7) Peter McIntyre has provided false information about Dr Judy Wilyman’s public health qualifications to the Australian Media (on several occasions since 2016) and he was involved in a court case in December 2018 where the government’s team leaked Dr Judy Wilyman’s confidential expert witness report to the mainstream media (a Federal Crime) instead of defending mandatory vaccination policies in the Brisbane Federal Circuit Court.

There is no evidence outside of Wilyman’s own word to back these assertions up, so I think I can safely call this a lie.

59) 8) Peter McIntyre has also promoted the false information about Dr Judy Wilyman’s research that is being provided on Wikipedia by the global Skeptics Organisation in an attempt to discredit Dr Judy Wilyman’s university research. This defamatory and false information on Wikipedia cannot be corrected by Dr Judy Wilyman or Dr Judy Wilyman’s supervisor, Emeritus Professor Brian Martin. Further, the Australian Skeptics (founded by Dick Smith in 1980) that influences every Australian media and social media outlet, ensuring that this issue is presented only as an ‘antivaccination debate’ (instead of ‘choice in vaccination’), is connected to the Global Skeptics who promote corporate interests in government vaccination policies.

If it’s defamatory, where’s the legal action? I know why – it’s not defamatory. Wikipedia’s rules on medical sourcing are very strict and Wilyman’s material has been recognised as unreliable and rightly so. The Australian Skeptics has NO influence of the media or social media except in the same respect as anyone else. The media makes their own decisions. Social media is reliant on general usage.

60) Other government vaccination advisors to receive the Office of the Order of Australia Medal include, Terry Nolan, chair of ATAGI and deputy-chair of the NHMRC from 2005-2014. He received his OAM in 2014 just before he retired from his government roles to return to the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) to continue researching and developing vaccines in Australia’s largest program.


61) The potential conflicts of interest of Australia’s vaccine advisors were not declared to the community between 2005-2015 and they included the appointment of Terry Nolan, from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (where he was researching and developing vaccines), to the chair of the government’s vaccine advisory board (ATAGI) in 2005. This role required him to recommend vaccines directly to the Minister of Health. He was also appointed deputy-chair of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) that makes decisions about the areas of vaccine research that will be funded.

Those are NOT conflicts of interest! He was given a job to do and he did it, and from a position of knowledge. You wouldn’t put a football player who was a high school dropout in such a position would you?

62) Dr Judy Wilyman’s PhD thesis (completed in 2015) concluded that the claims being made by the government in vaccination policies were based on assumptions and not definitive evidence. This is due to the undone research (important studies that have not been performed) on the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

Rubbish. The tests were done by the TGA. It is a requirement of the TGA’s own regulations. If Wilyman has any evidence to show no testing has been done she should be reporting it. But like every other anti vaxxer, she won’t do it.

63) Terry Nolan’s potential COI from 2005-2015 were never published for the community and they included:


64) Being a member of the vaccine advisory board for Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) and receiving nominal payments to support conference attendance from the pharmaceutical industry, including from CSL Ltd, Novartis and Glaxo SmithKline [Nolan et al 2010]. He was also a contributor to the World Health Organisation (WHO) on advice regarding pandemic influenza vaccines.

So? No conflict of interest at all. The companies were using a man with excellent qualifications to help in their research. It was the right thing to do.

65) Dr. John Cunningham, a spinal medical practitioner and SAVN lobby group activist, was awarded the Office of the Order of Australia Medal (Immunisation and Science) in January 2016. This occurred after he misused the University’s complaint procedures in an attempt to discredit Dr Judy Wilyman’s in-depth research on the government’s whooping cough policy and after he had provided false and misleading claims about Dr Judy Wilyman’s PhD research in many mainstream and social media articles from 2014 – January 2016.

Yet again, bogus claims without proof. Wilyman is not telling the truth and no – her research is not in depth.

66) This false information that these government and medical practitioners have provided to the Australian community about Dr Judy Wilyman’s research is in contrast to the endorsment Dr Judy Wilyman’s research has received from academics. In October 2019 Dr Judy Wilyman’s research was endorsed by US research scientist, Dr. James Lyons-Weiler. Here is Dr Judy Wilyman’s interview with Dr. James Lyons-Weiler that describes the false and misleading information that Australians are receiving on vaccines from government and the mainstream media. This is a result of lobby group activists and the donations and lobbying system of the Australian government.

Lyons-Weilor was obviously sucked in by Wilyman. Notice that no one else was named as supporting her. The false and misleading information is coming from Wilyman, Millin and every other anti vaxxer on the planet.

67) These matters are of Commonwealth context and significance and represent shocking mis-use of Australian Government Policy resulting in the continuing death and maiming of large numbers of innocent healthy indigenous and non-indigenous Australian babies, children and adults across Australia.

As previously established, there have been no deaths or maiming. Therefore there has been no mis-use of policy.

68) This is a matter of National importance. Lives of innocent healthy indigenous and non-indigenous Australian babies, children and adults are being lost as a result of the ignorant corrupt criminal Australian Government Vaccination Policies. We have reliable estimates that more than 4000 (four thousand) Australians have died as a direct result of injection of Vaccines in Australia since 1989 and more than 1.5 million (one and one half million) Australians have been injured, some extremely severely as a direct result of injection of Vaccines in Australia since 1989.

None of those claims have been medically verified. That is a fact. If they had been medically verified they would have garnered responses. So the estimate is totally unreliable.

69) This matter has to be urgently debated in a fair and balanced way in the High Court as any debate outside of the High Court is suppressed and nullified and negated by the Australian Government and the Pharmaceutical Industry who control the Australian Media.

It can take place in any court, not just the High Court. But there are rules restricting expert evidence. Wilyman for example would be thrown out by the court as would any other anti vaccine proponent who claims to be an expert. That would happen even in the High Court.

70) These death and injury figures are based on the Australian Governments own TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) Database of Adverse Events Notification DAEN from 1989 to the present day, using Harvard University Research Study on the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) database in the USA which reports that less than 1% of death and injury due to vaccines are recorded.


71) Here are these actual reports:

Here comes even more lies.


No mention of DAEN or Australia so this link is totally irrelevant.


Let’s put this one (from the TGA using DAEN) into perspective. It talks about medicine. So the adverse reports are from a much wider base. The attempt to limit the search to vaccines failed – especially as the total number of deaths was just 41, and further the document states “An adverse event report does not mean that the medicine is the cause of the adverse event.” That shifts the blame to the doctor, or in the case of over the counter medicine the patient. 4,000 deaths is a made up figure without a doubt.

74) These estimates of death and injury should in reality most probably be higher in Australia (than the USA) since Medical Doctors and Medical Staff in Australia who would report these events are under direct threat from the MBA (Medical Board of Australia) and other associated Agencies to toe the Australian Government Vaccine Policy line and not support any activities that suggest Vaccines are unsafe or else they stand to lose their jobs, professions and registrations. Thus it could be construed that Medical Doctors and Medical Staff in Australia are far less likely to report potential vaccination death and injury than for example in the USA, where the Havard Study was done.

That’s rubbish. Adverse events are always reported in Australia. What’s not given is a reason for the event because that’s not the point of the report. Millin doesn’t understand the process. VAERS has been compromised by false reports because anyone can report an adverse event, and is not reliable as a result.

75) There is strong evidence of lack of vaccine safety testing, corruption, conflicts of interest, Australian Government ignorance, suppression of debate and criminal vaccine coercion in contradiction to the Commonwealth Constitution Section 51(xxiiiA).

There is no evidence of any of this. Paranoid over reactions don’t count.

76) There is a very close relationship between Australian Government Vaccine Policy and that of the USA. The Australian overseeing authority the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) has the same sorts of conflicts of interest as the USA FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) and Australian Vaccine Policy is based on advice from WHO (World Health Organisation) itself advised by GAVI the Vaccine Alliance whose members have huge conflicts of interest many being associated with major Vaccine manufacturers and suppliers.

This is another paranoid over reaction, this time based on assumptions just because some tactics match up. So what? If it works don’t fix it! Again, no conflicts of interest have been proven.

77) As one example of corruption, the Australian Government widely advertises ‘Vaccines are Safe’ when the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES Syllabus BRUESEWITZ ET AL. v. WYETH LLC, FKA WYETH, INC., ET AL. CERTIORARI TO THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE THIRD CIRCUIT No. 09–152. Argued October 12, 2010—Decided February 22, 2011 Vaccines are ‘Unavoidably Unsafe’

LIFE is unavoidably unsafe for crying out loud! The term “safe” needs to be taken in context, and in the case of vaccines it means “Vaccines are safe and effective when used correctly”. Those last three words are the context. In the case of Bruesewitz v. Wyeth the term unavoidably unsafe was taken from it’s original use in 1986 that led to the creation of the Vaccine Court. This was because vaccines weren’t being used correctly leading to lawsuits that actually should have been aimed at the doctors and not the vaccine manufacturers. That’s the key – lack of proper use of vaccines. In America that is tough to control. We do better in Australia with doctors who do the wrong thing being punished.

78) This shocking state of affairs had it’s birth in the The USA National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NCVIA or Act) created a no-fault compensation program to stabilise a vaccine market adversely affected by an increase in vaccine related tort litigation and to facilitate compensation to claimants who found pursuing legitimate vaccine-inflicted injuries too costly and difficult. The Act provides that a party alleging a vaccine-related injury may file a petition for compensation in the Court of Federal Claims, naming the Health and Human Services Secretary as the respondent; that the court must resolve the case by a specified deadline; and that the claimant can then decide whether to accept the court’s judgement or reject it and seek tort relief from the vaccine manufacturer. Awards are paid out of a fund created by an excise tax on each vaccine dose. As a quid pro quo, manufacturers enjoy significant tort-liability pro-tections. Most importantly, the Act eliminates manufacturer liability for a vaccine’s unavoidable, adverse side effects.

No, as I said the most important thing that it does is that it eliminates practitioner liability. Also, the Vaccine Court pays out of probability – which goes against normal court rules of evidence and proof. At least Millin acknowledges the fund base is from vaccine manufacturers, something that other anti vaxxers refuse to accept. Vaccine manufacturers can still be sued. You just can’t claim vaccine damage or compensation. If there is a fault in a vaccine, and someone refuses the vaccine they can sue the company in response to an order to vaccinate. And that’s just one option.

79) As a result the USA Health and Human Services took on the legal requirement of Vaccine Safety Testing.

No problem with that.

80) Recently it has been proven this Vaccine Safety testing has never been done.

That is a false statement.

81) See United States District Court Southern District of New York

I know where this is going…..

82) Case 1:18-cv-03215-JMF Document 18 Filed 07/09/18 Page 1 of 3

Three links followed in the next three paragraphs. The first goes to the I Can Decide website and provides the above mentioned decision – the infamous Robert F Kennedy Junior case trying to prove Vaccine Safety testing hasn’t been done in the US. When the US Department of Health and Human Services failed to respond at all to his Freedom of Information request he sued. This is what above decision was about and it got a response which Kennedy assumed was an admission that the testing hadn’t been done. The exact wording for the reply was in part “The [Department]’s searches for records did not locate any records responsive to your request”. This does NOT mean the testing wasn’t done. The testing regime in America – as it is in Australia – is commercially confidential and therefore is exempt from any FOI request. That is why the request failed.

The second link was to a You Tube video that was of an episode of The High Wire with Del Bigtree. Bigtree is one of the people responsible for the fraudulent Vaxxed movies (there are two now). He is best avoided. The third link is also from Del Bigtree – a manifesto that is conspiracy laden with no professional back up medically or scientifically.

86) In addition the Gold Standard of Pharmaceutical Product Testing known as the Double Blind Inert Placebo Test has NEVER been done with an unvaccinated cohort to test any Vaccines that are routinely administered in Australia.

It is not the gold standard in vaccines for the reason previously given.

87) This fact completely negates the Precautionary Principle at Law.

It’s not a fact. The testing that is done is appropriate to vaccines, fulfilling the Principle.

88) Recently the WHO (World Health Organisation) made shocking admissions about the lack of Vaccine Safety testing, obfuscation of causes of Vaccine deaths for example, how a national committee attributed 96% of deaths in Indian infants who had just received pentavalent vaccines as either coincidental or unclassifiable, flawed safety studies and complete lack of knowledge of interactions of multi-dose vaccines which are routinely given to healthy Australian babies, children and adults.

There are a lot of false stories floating out of India, and this one is no different. From Robert Kennedy Junior’s website (which Millin linked in the next paragraph which I won’t provide here), it’s a litany of lies and assumptions designed to mislead and do what anti vaxxers do as a routine – undermine vaccine integrity without proper proof.

90) This is a shocking admission also is completely against the Precautionary Principle at Law.

There was no such admission.

91) Further proof of this lack of vaccine safety and lack of vaccine safety testing can be found at and in particular:

That’s Kennedy’s website and it is as I said inherently unreliable. The next six paragraphs go to links either on You Tube or on the same website that can be dismissed as unreliable.

98) Vaccines are Poisonous

No they are not.

99) Our healthy Australian babies and children are being injected with vaccines containing known poisons, carcinogins, neurotoxins and immunotoxins and all sorts of foreign DNA, both male and female, from monkeys, chickens, human fetuses, cows, dogs, worms, and other non-human life forms.

Millin here demonstrates candidly a total lack of understanding of compounds. All the contents there lose their identity in the compound called a vaccine. It’s basic high school science that Millin can hardly refute. To try and back this up the next four paragraphs advise and link to the CDC website list of ingredients. Here’s a couple more ingredient lists that work the same way, Millin. Example number 1 – Sodium (poisonous) and Chlorine (poisonous). But what is Sodium Chloride? A compound called salt. Not poisonous. Example number 2 – Liquid Hydrogen (poisonous) and Liquid Oxygen (poisonous). But what is Dihydrogen Oxide? A compound called fresh water. Not poisonous.

104) One of the proven major neurotoxins in Aluminium which is an adjuvant used widely in Vaccines. Numerous studies now show a direct link between Autism and Aluminium adjuvants.

Aluminium is not a problem. If it was we would not have aluminium soft drink cans, aluminium foil or cook ware made from aluminium. There are NO credible studies that show a link between aluminium adjuvants and Autism! That is hate speech against the Autistic community in fact. Autism is genetic and there from birth. No exceptions, and it is hate speech to say otherwise!

The next four paragraphs are links to Wilyman’s website, Icandecide and Kennedy’s website as well as a Vimeo video – all of which are not reliable. The paragraph after simply says “for more information”. That should be ignored.

110) It is estimated by scientists that between 2025 and 2032 Autism rates in children will reach one in two. This will be absolutely catastrophic for our Australian Nation.

This is more hate speech against the Autistic community, trying to scare people with a bogus figure that will never happen. Calling that “catastrophic” paints Autism as a scourge which is reprehensible to say the least! No legit scientist has made such a prediction!

111) The introduction of mandatory vaccination policies in Australia allows the government to decide what is injected into the human body in exchange for participating fully in society: welfare, education, employment, travel etc. In Australia today any doctors or other health professionals who promote peer-reviewed science to their patients, that opposes the Medical Board of Australia’s’ (MBA) accepted science’ on vaccination, can be de-registered from their profession.

Yet again, there are NO mandatory vaccination policies. One is not prevented from participating in society fully. There will always be people you would want to stay away from for any reason. There is NO peer reviewed science that opposes the MBA’s position on vaccines, so any promotion of such things deserves deregistration.

112) This is because this science is being described as ‘anti-vaccination material’ or ‘the doctor’s own personal opinion’ on vaccines, and the professional regulatory board – The Australian Health Practitioner’s Regulatory Authority (AHPRA) is enforcing the ‘accepted science’ on vaccines as determined by the MBA.

The MBA provide the only accepted science that is peer reviewed and proven to be correct. Anything that is outside that is rightly described as anti vaccine. That’s a fact.

113) Herd Immunity of Vaccines is Legal and Scientific Nonsense.

It’s not as I proved further up.

114) The major rational for the Australian Government Vaccine Policies is what is referred to as ‘Herd Immunity of Vaccines’ It is stated that 95% of all Australians need to be vaccinated for the Nation to be safe.

Let’s put this into context. That means 95 percent in all areas without exception. There are areas that stubbornly remain below this mark (northern New South Wales springs to mind).

115) There is no evidence of this Herd Immunity of Vaccines.

The link I gave earlier is proof that this claim is a lie.

116) In fact more and more evidence is being accrued that Vaccines are causing loss of Natural Herd Immunity.

There is no such thing as Natural Herd Immunity. That is an anti vax myth.

117) Vaccines lose efficacy over time which is now requiring more and more doses (making more and more profit for the Pharmaceutical Industry).

The bracketed part is a lie again per the fact that vaccines make no profits. Some vaccines do NOT lose efficacy. Some do (whooping cough springs to mind as does Tetanus) but that is covered for. The flu also springs to mind.

118) Vaccines are causing virus strains to mutate to more dangerous types.

That is unfounded rubbish with no medically verified proof.

119) Outbreaks of disease are now being caused by Vaccines, eg. Measles outbreaks are occurring in vaccinated cohorts and have been traced to the mutated strains caused by Vaccines.

The outbreaks are being caused by a lack of herd immunity, rendering vaccine protection compromised. As stated this mutation idea is rubbish.

120) Outbreaks of the very diseases that the Vaccines are meant to protect us from are routinely occurring in vaccinated peoples around the World.

See what I just said.

121) A great deal of evidence of these Claims can be found at:

And the next three paragraphs again link Wilyman’s, Bigtree’s and Kennedy’s websites. All unreliable as already established.

125) This is a matter of National importance. Lives of innocent healthy Australian babies, children and adults are being lost as a result of the ignorant corrupt criminal Australian Government Vaccination Policies.

Not a single life has been lost as a result of these policies. What is a matter of national importance is that these anti vaccine proponents need to be gagged for lying about vaccine efficacy and all related matters they speak of

126) This matter has to be urgently debated in a fair and balanced way in the High Court as any debate outside of the High Court is suppressed and nullified and negated by the Australian Government and the Pharmaceutical Industry who control the Australian Media.

The truth controls the Australian mainstream media, not the government or the Pharmaceutical industry. There are such things as journalistic integrity, and no genuine journalist will promote the lies that the anti vaxxers spout – except where the idea is to expose them as liars. This has happened.

127) In modern government there is a Fourth Estate, the Public Media, who are bribed, corrupted, controlled and muzzled by both these Pharmaceutical Corporations and the corrupted Australian Governments, to such an extent that any and debate about this matter has been nullified creating further death and suffering of innocent Australians on such a scale that it can only be seen as sheer immoral Evil.

If Millin had actually named anyone specifically here, he’d be up for defamation I think. There is no proof of any bribery or corruption in this space by the media at all. It’s paranoid conspiracy junk that is truly representative of the “Sheer Immoral Evil”.

128) Vaccines being routinely distributed and used in Australia have never been properly safety tested and are full of known neurotoxins and immunotoxins and foreign dna fragments both male and female from dead fetuses worms monkeys dogs cows pigs and other creatures.

I’ve already addressed this re the ingredients and I have already noted that the TGA have been performing the safety test per their own regulations.

129) The World Health Organisation has recently reported they have very little understanding of how and if Vaccines work and interact and admit that there are insufficient safety studies.

The next paragraph tries to back this up with a link to a You Tube video – another trash heap by Del Bigtree that as before is unreliable. The WHO made no such statements.

131) 1 in 40 (one in forty) children in Australia are now Autistic. Autism was basically unknown before 1989 in Australia before the beginning of major Vaccination policies and programs in Australia. It is estimated that Austism will rise to 1 in 2 (one in two) children in Australia by 2032. This in essence will spell the end of the Australian Nation.

Trying to justify that last sentence doesn’t alter the fact that this is hate speech – and total ignorance to boot. Autism was known back in 1943, and has since been confirmed as being written about as far back as 1893 as “Youth Dementia”. It was not unknown in 1989. My mother knew about it in 1967 when she suspected I was Autistic as an example. Note that Millin doesn’t give a source again for this 1 in 2 BS.

132) This matter needs to urgently be debated and appropriate Legal Action taken to curb this atrocity.

The appropriate legal action is to recognise and combat the real atrocity – the child neglect abnd incitement of child neglect that people like Millin are involved in.

133) A great deal of evidence of these Claims will be presented to the Court and in particular will be sourced as follows:

And again with the unreliable links over nine paragraphs, and a note which applies here. The Evidence Act 1995 covers the Federal Court, which as mentioned is the correct court for this matter. Section 108C of said act provides for the option to restrict evidence given by a witness on the basis of specific knowledge (ie an expert witness). Every single one of Millin’s references fails the credibility test under this Act and would not be admissible.


And Millin tries to mention Section 51 of the Constitution and the Nuremberg Code including ten points of “Premissable Medical Experiments” – all of which I have already addressed above – through another sixteen paragraphs.

160) United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

This is followed in the next paragraph by the link to it.

162) The Australian Government Vaccination Policy including NO JAB/NO PAY is in direct contradiction to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

No it isn’t.

163) In particular:

And here we go again with the nonsense.

164) Article 3. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

And anti vaxxers deny people the right to live free of disease, liberty from disease, and security of the lack of disease.

165) Article 4. No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.

No Jab No Pay does not fulfil this criteria.

166) Article 5. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Denying people protection from disease that vaccines provide fulfils this criteria and anti vaxxers are guilty.

167) Article 8. Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.

No rights have been violated by No Jab No Pay. The anti vaxxers are violating the fundamental rights of the people to live free of preventable disease.

168) Article 12. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

And Millin here is attacking the honour and reputation of the government, the media and pharmaceutical companies. There is nothing arbitrary by the way about self defence, or defence of the child or other caring subject. There is also nothing arbitrary about punishing wrong doing, nor is there anything arbitrary about regulation for a positive purpose.

169) Article 17. (1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others. (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

No property is being lost. Money is not property.

170) Article 18. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

This does not apply when others are being hurt and substantively – as is the case with those falling foul of preventable disease. That is the case here. Children are being hurt in particular.

171) Article 19. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and
impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Such a right comes with responsibilities – a responsibility that anti vaxxers reject by refusing to back up their claims for proper scrutiny (eg the claims of vaccine injury).

172) Article 21. (2) Everyone has the right of equal access to public service in his country.

This has not been denied by No Jab No Pay.

173) Article 22. Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to realization, through national effort and international co-operation and in accordance with the organization and resources of each State, of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and the free development of his personality.

Not when they forfeit such a right due to a criminal act or another act that falls foul of civil or common law. Promoting vaccines as unsafe and so on is an act against one’s social, economic and cultural rights as it promotes the re-emergence of preventable disease.

174) Article 23. (1) Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.

Not when a person fails to adhere to proper and realistic rules and regulations within the work place. Again, anti vaxxers fall foul of that.

175) Article 25. (1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

Anyone who doesn’t vaccinate themselves or their children without a valid medical reason is depriving themselves and/or their children of this right.

176) Article 26.(1) Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit.
(2) Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups, and shall further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace.
(3) Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.

Education must also be truthful and accurate. Anti vaccine propaganda is not truthful or factual. Parents who refuse to vaccinate are the ones denying their child access to day care and kindergarten by making that choice. It is clearly the wrong choice – unless again there is a medically valid exception.

177) Article 27. (1) Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.

Not when one attacks said cultural life with lies like the anti vaxxers do.

178) Article 28. Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized.

Anti vaxxers are a threat to social and international order.

179) Article 29. (1) Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible.
(2) In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society.
(3) These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

Anti vaxxers deny their duty to the community with their activity, and for this reason are subject to the limitations noted and rightly so. Anti vaxxer activity is contrary to the purpose and principle of the UNDHR.

180) Article 30. Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

Again, anti vaxxers like Millin are trying to destroy the rights and freedoms of the many, including children.

181) Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995

Here I think I can talk with a bit of authority having prosecuted matters in the courts.

182) It would appear that the Australian Government NO JAB/NO PAY and other associated policies are aiding and abetting Criminal Assault on those Australians and their dependents who do not wish to be Vaccinated

There is no criminal assault.

183) Duty of Care, Negligence, Obfuscation, Ignorance, Incompetence, Self Interest, Arrogance, Corruption, Malfeasance and Misfeasance

None of these apply to No Jab No Pay. However, Millin is encouraging with this document a lack of duty of care and negligence. He is definitely guilty of obfuscation in my book as well as arrogance, ignorance and incompetence. Self interest I wouldn’t know and likewise corruption. I won’t bother with the last two.

184) The Australian Government by not allowing proper Research or taking Proper Advice or Investigating or allowing any Debate contrary to the Australian Government Vaccination Policy and allowing untested highly toxic vaccines to be coercively forced onto all Australians is in breach of Commonwealth of Australia and International Law.

Proper research has taken place as has taking proper advice. Contrary notes presented to the government during the consultation process were rightly noted as professional rot. I have already addressed the last part.

185) WMA Declaration of Geneva

Another link follows in the next paragraph to the declaration, previously mentioned as the modern version of the Hippocratic Oath.

187) It is essential in following this Declaration that Australian Medical Doctors are given professional freedom in making professional choices. The MBA (Medical Board of
Australia) and other associated Medical Associations in Australia Vaccine Policies directly negate this essential choice by forcing Australian Medical Doctors and other Medical professionals to follow the Australian Government Vaccine Policies.

Any doctor who opposes vaccines is not making a professional choice because such a choice based on proper and correct information is just plain wrong and ignorant.

188) The Precautionary Principle.

As noted before this has been adhered to.

189) Vaccines have never been correctly safety tested and thus fail the legal Precautionary Principle.

This is a lie.

190) Herd Immunity of Vaccines is a legal and scientific nonsense and thus any Australian Government mandatory and coercive vaccination policies fail the legal Precautionary

I have already provided a link that proves this to be a lie as well.

There it is. Solihin Millin – totally owned. The other part of his legal document that goes with the summons I won’t bother with for now. I’ll address it in the next entry.