Demented Solihin Millin – Part 2

This is a continuation of the previous entry. This concerns the preamble to the summons I covered in said previous entry first of all.

(1) This is one of the most important Cases in the History of the Commonwealth of Australia.

This is a total over statement.

(2) If nothing is done to halt this criminal assault on our Australian Nation by the Commonwealth of Australia (Australian Government) itself, it is estimated by Experts that by between 2025 and 2032 one in two Australian children will be Autistic.

That is hate speech as mentioned in the previous entry and has no foundation whatsoever.

(3) Not only this, but our children are now sicker than they have every been. A significant proportion of our Australian babies and children are suffering from totally unnecessary poisoning, shocking neurotoxic and immunotoxic reactions and, what used to be unheard of childhood diseases, including cancer, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, ADHD, anaphylaxis, autism and other and associated conditions easily traceable to injection of poisonous untested Vaccines.

As mentioned in the previous entry as well, this is a lifestyle issue and even then it’s also being overstated.

(4) This will quite possibly spell the end of our Australian Nation.

Another total over statement. A bigger threat to the Nation right now is COVID-19, and the right wing BS leading to serious vilification across several streams.

(5) It would be a sad day indeed for the Commonwealth of Australia when Legal and Factual Truth is considered an abuse of the process of the Court, to be frivolous or vexatious or to fall outside the jurisdiction of the Court.

None of it is factual or legal, so it will be considered an abuse of process, frivolous and vexatious. I already explained why it was outside the High Court’s jurisdiction in the previous entry.

(6) Corruption in all it’s forms will always be with us.

This coming from a person who’s thinking has been corrupted and badly.

(7) When Corruption appears amongst the Rich, the Elite, the Corporations, the Professions, the Australian Parliament and the Law Makers the Truth may very well be considered by these Parties as Inconvenient.

Except that Millin himself lied in his presentation, so the only inconvenience is the time it takes to eliminate this lie.

(8) There can be strong motivation and action by such Parties to quash Truth in order for the Status Quo of Corruption to continue, ie. ‘Business as usual’.

Millin wouldn’t know the truth if he fell over it. The lie must be quashed and Millin is the liar.

(9) When Truth exposes shocking, completely unnecessary criminal killing of thousands of innocent Australian babies, children and adults and maiming of hundreds of thousands of innocent Australian babies, children, and adults through ignorance, incompetence, self interest, arrogance, corruption, malfeasance and misfeasance of the Commonwealth of Australia (Australian Government) on a scale never before experienced we need to use the full force of the Law to redress this atrocity.

Correction. We need the full force of the Law to redress a different atrocity. The atrocity of parents neglecting their children refusing to protect them from preventable disease in the only way that is possible, and the atrocity of hate speech against the Autistic community.

(10) To sweep these atrocities ‘under the carpet’ for the sake of maintaining ‘Status Quo’ and saving face for high level Officials in the Commonwealth of Australia (Australian Government), Corporations, Professional Boards, Agencies and Associations and other guilty Parties can only add to this Abomination.

Complete, utter and demonstrable lies.

(11) Strong Legal Evidence from Expert Witnesses, in particular, Dr. Judy Wilyman is included in the Writ of Summons of this Case.

Wilyman is not an expert witness for the purposes of the Evidence Act.

(12) Strong Legal Evidence from many other Expert Witnesses is included in the Writ of Summons of this Case.

Millin named no other credible witnesses.

(13) Further Strong Legal Evidence will be produced during the Hearing of this Case in the High Court of Australia.

He has none.

(14) A great many aggrieved Australians who have lost babies and children and loved ones and have shockingly maimed children and loved ones caused by this criminal atrocity which continues and is still being allowed by the Commonwealth of Australia (Australian Government) are ready to come forward as Witnesses in this Case.

Anecdotal evidence is not permissible in a Court of Law. These claims must be backed by proven medical verification – none have been produced anywhere.

(15) During 2019 I contacted my Federal Representative Member of Parliament for Mcnamara MP Josh Burns about this atrocity with his following response:

Poor Josh.

(16) Subject ‘4000 innocent Australian babies children and adults, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, have been killed by the administration of vaccines in Australia since 1989.’ From Burns, Josh (MP) ,[redacted]> Tuesday, August 20, 2019 at 9.52am
To Solihin Millin <[redacted]>
Dear Solihin, Feel free to continue messaging. However, please be advised your mail will be automatically put in a junk mail folder. If you turn up or call our office, I have instructed my staff to call the police straight away. Have a nice day. Josh

This is absolutely the correct response. The Member for Macnamara knows that Millin is a crazed lunatic with nothing credible to contribute, so of course he wants nothing to do with him.

(17) The Writ of Summons (below) in this Case speaks for Itself.

Yes it does speak for itself – as I explained in the previous entry it is a crock of crap.

(18) In my life I have been blessed with an excellent intellect. I am Dux of one of the greatest schools in Africa, Hilton College. I was top of my year gaining a 1st Class B.Sc. in Physics and Applied Mathematics at the University of Natal, Durban, South Africa. I was offered a scholarship to continue with a Masters in Physics but declined for personal reasons. I have enjoyed an excellent career in Information Technology, being able to care well for myself and my family. And all of these opportunities and many more are being ruthlessly and criminally and shockingly erased from innocent healthy Australian babies and children through coercive injection of untested poisonous vaccines by the Commonwealth of Australia (Australian Government).

What happened in 1960 (or thereabouts) is irrelevant. Millin right now is insulting the name of Hilton. He has no qualifications in medicine or biology. Whatever intellect he may or may not have had has been eroded by an inability to cope with the real truth about vaccines. There is no coercion as I said in the previous entry as the choice still exists. Also as I said in the previous entry vaccines have been tested.

(19) I ask the High Court of Australia to read the Writ of Summons in detail and allow the Case to be Filed so as to be heard in the High Court of Australia in the Name of Truth and the future of our Australian Nation and in the name of Humanity and Almighty God our Creator.

In the name of the real truth, the summons was refused. Millin has nothing.

Now we go to the sworn document I mentioned in the last entry. It is a notice of liability that is so poorly formulated it is unreal. I will say this though. What he is doing here is similar to what I have planned for the legal redress associated with the AV Name Check. The difference is with my paperwork I’ll be including the full evidence and not just links. Links are not in keeping with legal procedure.

The first page opens with the following in capital letters; “Notice of liability regarding apparent murder and maiming of innocent Australian babies and children and adults by the Australian government through criminally fraudulent actions of attempted vaccine coercion of innocent Australian newborn babies and children and adults. Silence is acquiescence, agreement and dishonour. This is a self executing contract.

Millin then names the Australian government as a whole, then the current Prime Minister, the current federal Health Minister, the current Minister of Home Affairs, the current Deputy Prime Minister, the current Attorney General, the current Minister of Industry, Science and Technology, the current Indigenous Australians Minister, the current Environment Minister and the current Families and Social Services Minister. Millin redacts what may be his signature – which I don’t have a problem with.

The second page starts a list but first there is the first example of perjury. “It is not the intention of the claimant/libellant to harass, intimidate, offend, conspire, blackmail, coerce or cause anxiety, alarm or distress. This document and any attachments are presented with honorable and peaceful intentions, and are expressly for your benefit to provide you with due process and a good faith opportunity to state a verified claim.” This document absolutely seeks to harass, intimidate, conspire and coerce – not that it worked of course. There are no honourable (that’s the correct spelling by the way!) of peaceful intentions with it, and the claim is not verified at all.

The list is a preamble, claiming the following;
* The government “appears” to be creating a system to coerce vaccination by citizens of Australia
* Said system “appears” to be criminally fraudulent
* Said system “appears” to be killing and maiming children and adults
* Said system “appears” to be based in fictional herd immunity and vaccine safety
* Herd immunity “appears” to be used to increase profits and sales of vaccines, ignoring “proven” poisons, carcinogens, neurotoxicity and ineffectiveness and causing harm natural immunity, neurology and physiology
* The government “appears” to not have a system in place that requires mandatory reporting, management and compensation for vaccine injury
* The government “appears” to not have a mandatory law that requires full disclosure of all potential harm by vaccines
* The government “appears” to not have a mandatory system that publishes all scientific safety testing before approval
* Vaccines have never been “appropriately” tested through scientific double blind placebo studies and no results have been published
* Vaccines have been pronounced as “unavoidably unsafe” by the Supreme Court of the United States (the “highest legal authorities” there)
* Vaccines have been “illegally and unscientifically” presented as safe
* The government has powers under Section 51 xxxiiA
* No one is above the law

Millin then repeats the top of the first page.

The use of the term “appears” protects Millin from a number of acts of perjury here, but there are claims that he specifies. For a start he states poisons, carcinogens and neurotoxicity is proven. Likewise any ineffectiveness. That is a lie and perjury. Also when he stops using the term “appears” he commits perjury again claiming the double blind placebo study is appropriate when it’s not. He also commits perjury when he calls the claims of safety illegal and unscientific.

The rest of it is wrong full stop. The claim relating to the SCOTUS has been misinterpreted. Life is unavoidably unsafe in the correct context. Full disclosure of harm is there. The proven harm that is, not the anecdotal bull.

I won’t cover the next bit as it relies on the mythical history book called the bible. But we then go to the so called statement of facts.

1. It’s true that the Common Law holds a high jurisdiction. But remember that when Criminal Law is broken the Common Law fits in with it and has responsibilities. It’s the same with Civil Law, which specifically recognises the Common Law. So it’s not the highest jurisdiction. It’s on the same level as the others.

2. This paragraph simply specifies Australia and specifies commerce and associated material.

3. Millin then claims that commercial codes are used in the US by corporations including governments.

4. Then he makes the ridiculous claim that Australia is a corporation owned by the US and gives a registration number. Reality check – that number is for tax purposes. Australia has to pay taxes in America when doing business there through it’s embassy (the address associated with said registration number) and also has to be recognised in the same way in order to do general business like essential services (telephone, internet, electricity, water etc). It means absolutely nothing.

5. The claim that the core of the Common Law is that history book I mentioned earlier is nonsense. The verification is out of date, and the proof lies in the fact that of all of the Ten Commandments, only two are against the law. Murder and theft. The others are not.

6. This side swipe at the Royal Family is insulting, and irrelevant as all powers were transferred to the Governor General in 1988.

7. The quote from the Constitution Act is correct, but time has moved on as the Australia Act of 1988 proves.

8. The oath of office (or affirmation as the case may be) is loyalty to the Commonwealth of Nations, which Australia is a current member.

9. This is merely an attempt to make those named on the first page liable for the statements of fact.

After another useless reference to that history book, Millin then sets the table for the conditions of acceptance, denial or no response. He then offers immunity from the terms of this Notice, but the terms were to lie. No one will accept that. The rest was just fluff, and it was sworn on the last page (with a lot redacted and again I have no problem with this). Bottom line – the contract is a sham and as stated contains perjury. If I can deal with it I will.

Finally, there was the appeal mentioned in the last entry that was filed on April 5. It pretty much repeated a lot of the material I already covered in the previous entry. There were a few additions to note though.

First – obviously he had to refer to the March 20 decision where Judge Gordon identified the issues, calling it in paragraph 9 a perceived lack of causation, a perceived lack of intelligence of relief, and perceived scandalous content. Millin in paragraph 10 mistakenly assumed that His Honour’s decision was based in an assumption that Millin himself wasn’t vaccine damaged. That was never the issue. Millin’s summons was about No Jab No Pay, so claiming that he is vaccine damaged himself changes nothing. In fact, he is now trying to introduce a new claim that he never made even in the original summons. This detail in paragraph 12 is then followed by paragraph 13 claiming he had established a cause of action. He hasn’t, especially as he provided no proof to that claim. Also, as an adult, Millin has no claim to this as a cause of action as No Jab No Pay is wholly and solely about the children. He is making a total meal of this.

In paragraph 33 Millin tries to invoke the Declaration of Commonwealth Principles, when it’s yet another example of trying to over ride the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child to live free of preventable disease. In paragraph 35, he also tries to invoke the Racial Discrimination Act which is totally irrelevant.

One general point. In paragraph 42 Millin claims there is copious legal and scientific evidence. So where is it? He has to provide it NOW. He can’t hold it for the hearing. I made that mistake in a case I lost in the early 2000’s. Everything has to be out there in detail straight away, and briefed properly in the Summons. Millin hasn’t done this.

The next point made me laugh. The Court rightly demanded “A list of the authorities on which the applicant relies, identifying the paragraphs at which the relevant passages appear.” This is known otherwise as legal precedents. Millin’s comment in paragraph 81 that he was unaware of such a precedent by itself invites both a declining of leave to appeal AND a vexatious litigation order if the Court decides to issue it. It was stupid! He needs legal authorities/precedents and the stuff he provided doesn’t fulfill that criteria.

In paragraphs 172 to 175 Millin invokes other parts of the Constitution – Sections 52, 75, 76 and 116. Invoking section 52 is an extension of the section 51 complaint and is equally incorrect. Section 75 is about the High Court’s original jurisdiction, and Millin’s claim doesn’t fulfill any of these. He’s not suing the Commonwealth because he is not making a monetary claim of any description, nor is he specifically seeking an injunction (another failing of the Summons). Section 76 empowers the Parliament to extend the High Court’s original jurisdiction and the only one they’ve done there is questions to the Constitution. Section 116 is the section about separation of church and state and to a degree religious freedom. The point should be made that this is irrelevant, because no religion opposes vaccines and vaccination in it’s core teachings.

Finally he tries to invoke the Victorian Charter of Human Rights. This has no bearing on matters involving the Commonwealth as it is state legislation that only has effect in Victoria.

So yet again, Millin is hereby owned. He should withdraw his legal actions entirely if he doesn’t want to find himself labeled a vexatious litigant.



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