Deluded Australian Rebels

Another dumb protest is taking place on May 30 – next Saturday. This one is of the same ilk of the one in Melbourne on May 10, deluded morons conned into beliefs that have no scientific basis.

The Brisbane protest has an event page on Facebook, and I went there and tried to pull a few heads in. Of course I got a push back and I returned fire – until the person who runs the page, Michael Jamez banned me from it. What a coward.

But this is where my other FB accounts come in handy, along with having friends weigh in on request. First though I had a look at Jamez’s timeline and it is locked down – except for the likes.

Doomsday Preppers was a National Geographic “documentary” profiled various paranoid families preparing for the total collapse of the economy or society, or a nuclear explosion. I’m not going to detail any of it. The rebellion is this respect is could be described as preventing economic or social collapse, which won’t happen as long as we do what is right. The rebellion is about doing the wrong thing and that makes them part of the problem and not part of the solution, especially as the basis of the rebellion is about hoaxes and conspiracy junk per Millin’s protest (even though he wasn’t an organiser when I thought he was). They have nothing to be afraid of – except COVID-19, and that is something these morons – in a blatant act of hypocrisy – are not afraid of. The comments I’m focusing on in this entry bear that out.

It started with this original comment.

The grammar is poor but the message is clear and it’s right, and here comes an idiot.

I wasn’t copping that and I commented touching off a rash of moronic statements and I responded accordingly.

That was my last comment before I was banned so I couldn’t respond to Sun’s follow up;

We struggled before vaccines with life expectancy a lot lower. Families were a lot bigger in order to try and survive. There were many adjustments made for the purpose of survival. Clean water and sanitation only improved survival chances. It did little to prevent disease. I call BS on that Gardasil vaccine story. The cancer treatment was not approved I’ll wager given that bill so it was a scam outside of the recognised medical profession – probably up there with MMS solution! Sun is an idiot with this nonsense and shows he is a shill for alternative medicine.

This was of course when my friends weighed in;

And then this idiot popped in;

Notice that another friend dropped in amongst this drivel. Then came more friends;

I had made the point to them about the ingredient argument and it was played beautifully by them. But then!

Alexander’s claims are rubbish. 5G is safe and is causing nothing, and the only hysterical people are these idiots. I for one am calm, cool and collected while willingly following the rules. Hodge’s pics are unproven claptrap from liars who are seeking to make a cheap point with no back up. Note that none of them are making challenges to the so-called changes in a class action in the coroner’s courts with these so-called witnesses. Telling stories on social media is where fake news really comes from. Thomas is a cheap bully.

The other idiot was well dealt with thus;

She owned him good! And back came Miklos Power;

Cochrane? Give me a break, and the ownership soon followed;

Not just math, John. Science as well. All they do is listen to who they want to hear. There are so many con artists out there spouting fake news it’s out of control.

I had a quick look for any other events similar to this. It must be hidden.

No one go to any protest of this nature. You will not get your way because you are all out of line. COVID-19 is real and a threat – the biggest threat since the Spanish Flu just after World War 1. Anyone who says otherwise is a threat to the health of the community and the start of the resistance to the vaccine when it arrives. I for one will not stand by and allow this to happen, and I am not the only one. You lot who are protesting are not for real and honestly you should be put in psychiatric care and re-educated.



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