Cairns News dot org – the latest fake news agency

If you want real news in Cairns in Queensland – you need the Cairns Post and not this drivel that is as bad as the Australian National Review.

My focus on this entry is this stupid story about Robert F Kennedy Junior’s court case trying to find the vaccine safety tests. I came across it on Solihin Millin’s Facebook timeline and it’s from 2018. Here’s the entry in question;


Let’s set up the facts. Robert F Kennedy Junior sent an FOI (Freedom of Information) request to the US government wanting the vaccine safety tests that were compulsory consequent to the 1986 legislation that in part gave the US the Vaccine Court. The Department didn’t respond, at all. No notifications – nothing. They ignored the request totally. RFJ Junior then sued the department – that is what the lawsuit was about. He demanded a response from the department under Freedom of Information.

The case was heard and Kennedy won, and the Department was forced to provide a response. They did as they were asked. The response stated that there were no documents responsive to the request. Kennedy crowed – assuming that it meant that the tests did not exist and therefore they had not been done. Ergo – vaccines were not safe.

This is absolutely wrong.

An explanation re Freedom of Information. It does not apply to absolutely everything in government. You can’t – for example – gain access to documents that are top secret or secret as they are exempt from all FOI applications. More importantly, this also applies to documents that are labelled commercially confidential.

Vaccine safety tests are commercially confidential.

Therefore they are exempt from FOI applications of any description. That is what happened to Kennedy’s application. The stock response is “not responsive to the request”. It does NOT prove that the tests were not done. Instead it proved that the tests are not available through FOI. So in the wash up, Kennedy only won a reply. He lost in the end. He didn’t get the safety tests because he is not entitled to see them under FOI. So his saying that he won and that no safety tests have been done is a blatant lie.

Further, the article claims there are ramifications for Australia. That is just as much a lie because the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) does to the tests as well, as they are required to by their own regulations. And equally they are also commercially confidential. So the article’s claim that there has been “no quality control for 32 years” is also a blatant lie.

Now on the above Cairns News entry I tried to point all this out briefly, and I was modded out. I then put another comment (this one was approved) stating;
“Freedom of speech doesn’t apply on this site. I told the truth and got modded out.”

The idiot editor claimed;
“No Phil it seems you can’t read. Ed”

I shot back;
“Yes I can and I can comprehend as well and you can’t as I ably proved in the comment you modded out. I gave the correct explanation for what really happened, and you hid it because it was true and you didn’t want to be embarrassed over it.”

The idiot editor responded;
This is one of the many replies to this article which has been published on numerous US sites all saying much the same. “It was dismissed after the US Government could not produce any vaccine safety records since 1986. A good outcome and a substantial defence to mandatory vaccination we would say. The court file links were disabled by censors.” I can assure you nobody here is embarrassed about anything except perhaps the Coronahoax scam being perpetrated upon the world.Editor

The link contains a video that I am not going to bother with as the doctor spoken to obviously doesn’t understand FOI any more than anyone else backing Kennedy.

I responded;
“You were embarrassed because I told the real story that explains everything that happened correctly. So are you going to allow me to point it out here or not?”

As of uploading this entry the comment is still in the moderation queue.

I don’t know if the editor is either Robert Lee or Jim O’Toole (the two names that appear as people to contact for the website) or someone else. But whoever it is, they are promoting fake news, the very fake news that is harming the community and presenting conditions that are ripe for the return of preventable disease and also ripe for the lack of ability to properly control COVID-19 in the long term. COVID-19 is no hoax by the way. It is real and has killed as of this morning over 373,000 people and that number will rise further due to the idiotics of Donald Trump and his so called leadership group and out of control conditions in a few other countries most notably right now Brazil. For that – the Cairns News is formally condemned. They have hidden their ownership in the Whois details so there is no way any action can be taken directly to get the site shut down.

The idiot editor did approve the comment and said this;
“After witnessing the damage done to kids by the vaccine lobby we normally don’t allow their vexed (vaxxed) dogma supporting vaccines. Try Robert F Kennedy see if he will publish your argument.Editor”

I have responded by linking this article. And I respond here by stating this fact – to only people damaging kids are anti vaxxers. Vaccines have damaged no one by themselves. No legitimate case that can be laid on the vaccine alone has ever been presented to me or anyone else. Why? Because they don’t exist. Simple.


2 thoughts on “Cairns News dot org – the latest fake news agency

  1. George Grigg

    My wife just tried to sell me the fake news,and it’s becoming very frustrating with my whole family being mislead with false news /anti vaccination,in the last two years I’ve pointed out the crap but to no avail,last week my daughter pointed out that I could get sick from a COVID test ,/ brain damage cancer from the swab ? and if I do get vaccinated that I will shed for six weeks ,I could pull my hair out ,micro chip in the vaccine,government conspiracy to track us all ,and then there is the if and how long before we all pay for being vaccinated cheers and thanks




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