Smirnis doesn’t understand FOI

Solihin Millin is reckless. I love it when he gives me fodder from elsewhere, and here he’s done it again – publishing a letter to established anti vaxxer Helena Smirnis from the Department of Health in Victoria resulting from a Freedom of Information request;

Smirnis letter

The red circle is being treated as though the Department doesn’t have any documents at all. Just like Robert F Kennedy Junior’s claim that went to court as I spoke of in the blog entry reacting to the Cairns News – the documents she wants DO exist, but they are confidential (I doubt in this case it’s commercial but that’s beside the point) and therefore are not available under FOI. So the response was not inaccurate.

Having said that though, the request quoted was very poorly done and unreasonable. The idea that there is a 100 percent foolproof test in anything is ridiculous. 99.9 percent would be the average and that should be good enough. Not for this paranoid idiot obviously. Identifying COVID-19 is a complicated process over a number of different symptoms hence the margin for error – average 0.1 percent like I indicated. Not only that, the remark “in a living person” insinuates a specific test on one person – which would be a violation of that person’s private medical records. That is definitely a document that not only could the Department not release, they wouldn’t even have possession of it and have access to it. Nor should they.

This is just typical of the anti vaxxers. They are clutching at straws. Smirnis was clearly trying to prove that there is no pandemic with her FOI demands. Now she is probably flying that letter around claiming that it proves her right. It doesn’t. If I catch her making those claims anywhere I will be seeking to have the Victorian government shut her lingerie shop, Siren Doll in Richmond, down permanently. I’d check the place out myself for any restriction violations, but I’m staying out of Melbourne for now. I haven’t been through Melbourne’s CBD since March 12 and I’ve only been in the suburbs once since – in late April for essential shopping at Watergardens coming back via Sunbury.

Smirnis has tried in the past to follow this blog and comment on it. She is banned from both. She is dangerous and should be avoided. The Department’s response was correct and is not an admission that the testing regime is ineffective. To say otherwise is ignorant (and therefore not fully informed) and a failure of critical thinking.

This will be added to my file on her as member of the AV Name Check.



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