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G&B Lawyers want Australia to be sick

This is ridiculous!

Yesterday the numbskulls at G&B Lawyers shared a picture of the front page of the morning’s Brisbane Courier Mail, which had a big headline in big bold letters – “The Jab or your job”. The sub header was “Queensland’s biggest employers consider ‘no jab no pay’ policy to force workers to get vaccine”.

Two points – first, no decision has been made yet. Everyone is watching the US and the UK as the Pfizer vaccine is being distributed. There hasn’t been such interest in a vaccine I think probably ever. Maybe the polio vaccine got lots of attention, but the ability of the media to spread the word was limited then. It’s not now.

Second – and more importantly – G&B lawyers yet again are proving that they are not taking COVID-19 seriously. This attitude they have persisted with basically since July is one of the many reasons they are in fact in trouble with the New South Wales Law Society and consequently the state’s Legal Services Commissioner. It’s plain for anyone to see – they want people to catch COVID-19. They are against any lockdowns – one of our main defences pre vaccine – and they are also against masks (having earlier this week filed in the Federal Court in a matter involving a refusal to employ someone who could not wear a mask). This case is in fact very similar to the challenge to South Australia’s No Jab No Play laws. There’s a killer blow for both cases – section 48 of the Disability Discrimination Act, allowing for discrimination on the basis of an infectious disease.

The reality is this – G&B Lawyers are claiming human rights over disease prevention. Anyone who is not vaccinated (good reason or not) is a threat to herd immunity. That is why Qantas started this thought bubble about keeping those who aren’t vaccinated away. Herd immunity is ESSENTIAL for a vaccine to work long term, and that is not just based in the whole community (like the whole of Melbourne for instance). It applies on a smaller scale as well – whether it be a day care centre, a kindergarten, an aged care facility or a hospital. Any other work place – especially indoors – also has to be wary.

But G&B Lawyers don’t care. The right to work comes first. The right to travel comes first as well. Late today we have a new COVID cluster on Sydney’s Northern Beaches – painfully close to the home suburb of a long time mate of mine. People have been told to stay home – as they should. But G&B Lawyers are bound to object to this.

The proof of the pudding is this tweet;

That is NOT what happened! These idiots don’t even understand vaccines, and worse they don’t even pay attention to reports! The vaccine did not cause the HIV virus! The vaccine created an immune reaction TO the HIV virus, which is not what it was supposed to do! THAT was the issue!

I am hoping that a decision is forthcoming in Adelaide – throwing that challenge out. It will create a precedent that will protect employers who have every right to keep their work place disease free, whether it be COVID or whatever else. Where herd immunity is compromised, the vaccine becomes ineffective. That’s not the fault of the vaccine. It’s the fault of the people who refuse to get it for no good reason. Herd immunity is essential for those who legitimately can’t get vaccinated for medically verified reasons. But if the cohort is too small even those who can’t be vaccinated have to be kept clear for their own safety and the safety of others. That’s the key. Those who demand the right to work over and above disease prevention are the real human rights abusers. There is one over riding human right that stands tall here – and it’s why section 48 of the DDA exists to begin with;

The right to live free of disease.

And G&B Lawyers oppose this right. I expect on January 19, 2021, they will be given a date before the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal’s Legal Disciplinary Board for unprofessional conduct. Human rights defenders my rear end!