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G&B Lawyers get off too easy

This is not good enough, but there is nothing anyone can do about it.

On May 20, 2021, Nathan Buckley of G&B Lawyers copped the following penalties for unsatisfactory professional conduct from the Law Society of New South Wales;

  1. A fine of $2,500
  2. An instruction to undertake and complete further legal education
  3. A reprimand

This was for the following charges;

  1. Statements encouraging breaches of law
  2. Making unfounded allegations against other practitioners
  3. Failure to provide information to the regulatory authority
  4. Offensive, threatening and/or abusive language and threatening to institute legal proceedings

This was nothing more than a slap on the wrist, especially given that this isn’t the first time this fool has been called out. On January 31, 2020, he was also canned for unsatisfactory professional conduct for acting unethically in the course of legal practice by sending correspondence which was threatening, abusive and/or discourteous. In other words (per the fourth charge on the second report) he has form.

What really annoys me was the fact that the first charge only attracting the penalties given (combined with the others). That first charge by itself should have been worth a suspension or at the very least being referred to the disciplinary tribunal. Along with the fact that his false information about COVID-19 and the vaccine attracted nothing alongside his anti vax stance in general – a factor that is still going through the legal processes. In the last entry here I celebrated two Fair Work Commission decisions protecting mandatory vaccinations in child care and aged care. Buckley has led an appeal against the Kimber decision and this is being heard before the full bench of the FWC on June 28. In yet another act of unprofessionalism – Buckley has invited the public to attend. Now whilst this is permitted there are severe restrictions in place right now due to the pandemic – yet again, Buckley is showing no respect for it. The limit in the room is 20 people, including all parties. I did contact the FWC office in Sydney about this and plans are in place to handle it.

The grounds for appeal according to the website are limited. It can only be done in an error of law, or an error of fact. I can only see a possibility of the latter and that can only be the ruling that Kimber was unable to be vaccinated – unless something was missing. Beyond that there is an option to appeal to the Federal Court, but only on a question of law.

Bottom line – I am watching this guy. He is unprofessional and dangerous. If he crosses the line again I will report him (again) to the OLSC in New South Wales.