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Is the AVrN lying?

In December the anti vax cranks at the Australian Vaccination-Risks Network advised that they had sent a letter to Brendan Murphy, demanding that the Therapeutic Goods Administration withdraw all approvals of all COVID-19 vaccines forthwith. They threatened to take them to the Federal Court if there was no compliance with the demand by Christmas Eve.

The vaccines remain approved – as they should be.

And now the proven liars are claiming that the case is due to start next week.

A search of the Federal Court registry at reveals a different result. No such case exists. A search in the applicant part gives no relevant results for any search term that would bring it up. With the simple restriction of “Vaccination” (as in the full name of the AVN) and the Federal Court of Australia – nothing comes up. Everything comes up. There is no way to hide it. And yet nothing comes up. It’s the same with “AVN” and “Dorey”.

One of my inner circle, who is no longer on Facebook, challenged the AVrN in the comments on their website under the name of this blog. It was trashed because it didn’t enter the moderation queue. That indicates that they have an auto trash for AAAV. Of course. So I make the same challenge my friend did – provide the file number. Until you do, there is no case.

This isn’t new. Dorey previously claimed that Polly Tommey had her three year ban reversed. Same thing – there was nothing anywhere in the Federal Court registry. It was subsequently found that there was no case – at all. Tommey never reversed the ban – she never even made an application (that would have shown up as well and it didn’t).

So in answer to the question in the title of this blog entry the answer at present is simple.


As they always do.

Note – prior to noting that nothing has been filed that I could find, I did send a letter to the Federal Minister for Health making a number of recommendations in order to nip this in the bud. It looks like being a waste of time.

Edit (13/1) – corrected the name of the person claimed to have had their ban reversed. It wasn’t Suzanne Humphries. My mistake. Also, while I’m typing – the announcement that the case starts next week has now been removed from the website. Looks like my sharing of this on the AAAV Facebook page got out to them!

Edit (14/1) – Further information. The AVrN claimed in an update on January 6 that they had retained the services of barrister Jeremy Harrison of the Wentworth Chambers in Sydney, and Mark Robinson of the Maurice Byers Chambers. There is no such barrister in the Wentworth Chambers. There is however a Mark Robinson in the Maurice Byers Chambers, but on the basis of the first one – I doubt he even knows about this.