Idiotics on the AVrN page

After the hearing on Wednesday, I wasn’t surprised that there was a lot of comment. Mostly hope for the objection being dismissed of course.

But after a video of that hack Julian Gillespie trying to explain in layman’s terms the legal arguments of both sides (I didn’t bother with the video myself because that’s not what this entry is about) we had some total rubbish.

Out of control, Miles? The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency do their job appropriately and correctly. They get rid of dangerous people when reported. Dangerous people should be deregistered. What’s out of control are idiots who think they can undermine medical health and get away with it.

Fast AJ was right. It wasn’t blatantly obvious of course, but the line of queries were along those lines and rightly because that is the base of the standing required. The reply by Attard was defamatory. All judges are honest and fair on the basis of the evidence presented. Soul’s agreement shows how easy it is to fall for the simple and incorrect argument.

More defamation by Pititto this time. None are corrupt – at all.

This is the comment that caused me to write this blog entry. It is rubbish. Parliamentarians have indeed been excluded for not being vaccinated. In Victoria both David Limbrick and Tim Quilty did their work remotely. I think Adem Somyurek did too, until he got the jab in order to get in there and try to stop the pandemic laws here. Pretty sure Pauline Hansen’s absence in Canberra was for the same reason. While it is so that the Constitution has nothing about it, it’s not true that the Constitution directly prohibits it. Mandates DO apply to the police – this witch Zag is going on the New Zealand High Court call which does not apply here in Australia. Natasha Henry is out of the NSW Police because of the mandate there (see Kassam and Henry v Hazzard). The so-called elitist do get COVID. Morrison got it, and he’s not the only one. The Queen got it for goodness sake – it gets everyone if allowed! The vaccine needs to be administered to bring this pandemic down to endemic levels – and this witch clearly considers just 11 deaths from the Astra Zeneca vaccine and none from Pfizer or Moderna to be enough of a concern. We need the Moderna factory, and the Pfizer one too. Jobs.

I know through experience that legal argument is complex and is not quick and easy. The guy representing the TGA and the Department of Health was excellent and he didn’t gas on at all. He introduced the Right to Life precedent as I mentioned in the last entry and made a series of very good arguments. I do have the advantage of understanding legals and this person commenting doesn’t. Both representatives did the same and I think Robinson (the AVrN’s rep) took even more time including the reply. Justice will be done, the TGA has plenty to stand on (that’s for Annells in reply) and the objection will be upheld. The people wasting taxpayer’s money is the AVrN – making the government employ lawyers to defend themselves easily and successfully.

More defamation. Prove it, Thompson!

Brendan Murphy will be vindicated. He is already accountable and the accusations made against him by the AVrN are false. The “hard work” will fail and the research they have presented will be tossed in the bin as the unvalidated pseudo science it is. The numbers they rely on are unproven and therefore wrong. The number of deaths in the US is not confirmed because the source (VAERS) in unreliable. I’ve already spoken of the number of deaths in Australia. The vaccines are not dangerous. Dehnert is lying and doesn’t know it.

Justice Beech-Jones in the matter of Kassam and Henry v Hazzard made it clear that choice still exists. The limited mandates are not based in forcing a person to be vaccinated – that is being held down on the table/floor/whatever and being given the jab in that forced situation. You can choose not to get it. You can also choose to rob a bank. His Honour settled that aspect. The other aspect that is settled was also in my last blog entry here – section 48 of the Disability Discrimination Act and section 19 of the Work Health and Safety Act.

Walker doesn’t know what corruption is. The law is the law – true and right. Calling that corrupt is delusional. Semantics and wriggle room only comes from precedents otherwise, based in interpretation. The correct interpretation of the law will uphold the objection and the AVrN case will be thrown out as it should be.



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