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AVrN cuts back on Facebook

It is with delight that I announce that the Australian Vaccination-risks Network has all but given up on Facebook. This is good news. No more new posts – or to put it another way, no more regurgitating lies and baseless innuendo about vaccines. At least not in the written form. Founder and spiritual leader Meryl Dorey continues to lie though on her little video show Under the Wire – which is still being shared on the page and is now their only content going forward.

Under the Triple AV page I put a comment, and I fully expect it to be burned on sight so I took a screenshot as soon as it was posted in order and here it is;

Shadow banning (AKA stopping advertising and searching) is the right thing to do with wrong medical information. To say otherwise is medical mischeif to put it lightly – the very same medical mischeif they claim vaccines are. The vaccination program is flexible. Doctors have the right to alter the schedule to suit the needs of their patients, certainly in the short term. For example some vaccines are not to be administered is a child is running a certain temperature. To assume the program is hard and fast with no wriggle room for wholly acceptable medical reasons is outright rubbish.

Hopefully there will be no regrouping. Of course Dorey and her lackeys will try. They can’t stand the lack of attention – much like Donald Trump. And they are just as deluded and have little to no connection with the real world. Parler is pretty much gone for good and the others will eventually fall into line with medical fact (and other stuff that should not be seeing the light of day in social media). Lying in such important areas will disappear entirely because it has to.

I will keep an eye out for their so called FAQ. And I will also be watching for their filthy bus should it be announced that they are coming to Victoria. Not if I have any say in it!

G&B Lawyers want Australia to be sick

This is ridiculous!

Yesterday the numbskulls at G&B Lawyers shared a picture of the front page of the morning’s Brisbane Courier Mail, which had a big headline in big bold letters – “The Jab or your job”. The sub header was “Queensland’s biggest employers consider ‘no jab no pay’ policy to force workers to get vaccine”.

Two points – first, no decision has been made yet. Everyone is watching the US and the UK as the Pfizer vaccine is being distributed. There hasn’t been such interest in a vaccine I think probably ever. Maybe the polio vaccine got lots of attention, but the ability of the media to spread the word was limited then. It’s not now.

Second – and more importantly – G&B lawyers yet again are proving that they are not taking COVID-19 seriously. This attitude they have persisted with basically since July is one of the many reasons they are in fact in trouble with the New South Wales Law Society and consequently the state’s Legal Services Commissioner. It’s plain for anyone to see – they want people to catch COVID-19. They are against any lockdowns – one of our main defences pre vaccine – and they are also against masks (having earlier this week filed in the Federal Court in a matter involving a refusal to employ someone who could not wear a mask). This case is in fact very similar to the challenge to South Australia’s No Jab No Play laws. There’s a killer blow for both cases – section 48 of the Disability Discrimination Act, allowing for discrimination on the basis of an infectious disease.

The reality is this – G&B Lawyers are claiming human rights over disease prevention. Anyone who is not vaccinated (good reason or not) is a threat to herd immunity. That is why Qantas started this thought bubble about keeping those who aren’t vaccinated away. Herd immunity is ESSENTIAL for a vaccine to work long term, and that is not just based in the whole community (like the whole of Melbourne for instance). It applies on a smaller scale as well – whether it be a day care centre, a kindergarten, an aged care facility or a hospital. Any other work place – especially indoors – also has to be wary.

But G&B Lawyers don’t care. The right to work comes first. The right to travel comes first as well. Late today we have a new COVID cluster on Sydney’s Northern Beaches – painfully close to the home suburb of a long time mate of mine. People have been told to stay home – as they should. But G&B Lawyers are bound to object to this.

The proof of the pudding is this tweet;

That is NOT what happened! These idiots don’t even understand vaccines, and worse they don’t even pay attention to reports! The vaccine did not cause the HIV virus! The vaccine created an immune reaction TO the HIV virus, which is not what it was supposed to do! THAT was the issue!

I am hoping that a decision is forthcoming in Adelaide – throwing that challenge out. It will create a precedent that will protect employers who have every right to keep their work place disease free, whether it be COVID or whatever else. Where herd immunity is compromised, the vaccine becomes ineffective. That’s not the fault of the vaccine. It’s the fault of the people who refuse to get it for no good reason. Herd immunity is essential for those who legitimately can’t get vaccinated for medically verified reasons. But if the cohort is too small even those who can’t be vaccinated have to be kept clear for their own safety and the safety of others. That’s the key. Those who demand the right to work over and above disease prevention are the real human rights abusers. There is one over riding human right that stands tall here – and it’s why section 48 of the DDA exists to begin with;

The right to live free of disease.

And G&B Lawyers oppose this right. I expect on January 19, 2021, they will be given a date before the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal’s Legal Disciplinary Board for unprofessional conduct. Human rights defenders my rear end!

Townsville bully strikes again

Lizard Hemp is at it again – bullying based on total and utter fiction.

She appeared on AAAV’s Facebook page and uttered a load of tripe in response to the point made about community health trumping individual desire.

The community have already spoken all right. The majority is right behind vaccines. Every poll she saw was rigged by anti vaxxers as the original article indicated. The vaccine has not been rushed because research had already been done on COVID’s relative – SARS. The real majority support a vaccine because they know it’s the only way to stop this thing once and for all. Real majority – AKA a democracy.

The accusation that I was attacking mental health when I mentioned community health is a massive goal post shift. Community health represents protection from preventable disease. All decisions by the individual MUST take the community into account when it needs to. Hempel is opposed to this, and in the process shows no respect for being a part of said community. The core choice is simple – do what is needed to permanently prevent COVID-19. And there is only one way – vaccinate. If you don’t, you are compromising herd immunity and placing the community at risk. A breach of herd immunity renders the vaccine ineffective.

This one I have to break down so I don’t miss anything.

“You cannot threaten to sue or use restraining orders to silence people you have openly bullied for a number of years.”

I have not threatened either of those. The silencing will come in another method and it’s more than one. Any bullying is in response to being bullied – eg being told vaccines are dangerous in a manner that is designed to prevent opposition – or being told vaccines cause Autism (which is hate speech against the Autistic community).

“People you have suggested are child abusers and neglectors…people whose name and partial address you have publicly included on your little ‘hate list’.”

It’s not a suggestion. It’s an opinion that I hold to be fact. Location is not a partial address.

“That would be called abusing and gaming the system for your own self interest and ego gratification.”

It is none of that. It’s a public service.

“There are people out there in real need of protection.”

Yes and they either have it, or don’t have it because of idiots like you.

“In my opinion, you are not one of them.”

So come at me, coward!

“You are just a d-head on a power trip.”

No, that’s you.

“And before you claim to feel ‘scared’ of me, remember the sh*t you wrote about me. Remember your laughing emojis.”

Everyone should be afraid of an idiot who wants children to die from preventable disease. I wrote nothing that wasn’t true or valid opinion.

“Certainly not the actions of any man who is in fear for his safety.”

I fight. You obviously don’t understand the concept.

“Remember the fact that I’m up here and you’re down there and I have three autistic kids to look after.”

So do that and do it right – and get out of the anti vax field entirely. Distance means nothing on the Internet, and when it comes to legal action distance doesn’t matter there either.

“You are literally nothing to me because I have a higher calling in life and you are not a part of that.”

And yet you commented on the Facebook page. Way to be a hypocrite. You are a part of the community – like it or not. And in this smaller world we now live in, the community of North Queensland can have an effect on central Victoria (and south west Western Australia etc etc).

“You are just a lonely little soul who occasionally likes to dangle a red flag in front of a bulls face to draw attention to himself and then cry victim when you finally get it.
Your groups. Your egotistical gloating. Your hatred.”

This is what I’m talking about. Abuse with no validity to try and make me cower in a corner as she thinks I should be if I’m afraid. Well I’m not doing it. She’s the one dangling the red flag in front of the bull here!

“All cries for the attention and admiration that you feel you deserve and never received in life.”

Says the idiot who doesn’t have the connections and successes I have!

“The incredible irony is, you have openly crossed the line from opinion to bullying on many occasions.”

You’ve done it even more than I have, and unlike me with NO provocation.

“But I guess you don’t feel the rules apply to you.
They do.”

They apply to you in the first instance.

“This will be my last time addressing your pathetic loathing for humanity.”

You are the one who loathes humanity.

“I’ve spent far too much time already debunking your ludicrous claims and attempts to divide and conquer human beings by engineering hatred and spinning half-truths, opinions loosely disguised as fact.”

You wasted your time because you debunked squat. You got nowhere near me. It’s you who is trying to do all that, and don’t like it when people like me and plenty of others strike back with actual facts. Not opinions. Facts.

“You acknowledge none of it because it doesn’t suit your narrative.”

That’s you again.

“You just close your eyes, plug your ears and sing ‘la la la’ and throw another one of your infantile tantrums.”

That’s you yet again. And this is the biggest tantrum YOU have tossed in your history.

“You want people to pander to the fiction that is you, the carefully crafted narrative that you put on public display to intimidate all who would challenge your hateful digression from unity and compassion.”

You have no compassion and are against unity. I deal in facts. You deal in fiction.

“Reputation is all to you because it’s all you are. Beyond that, you are hollow and I suspect everything that was ever written about you was just a ‘story’.”

Oh trying to go low now are we? It’s you who fits that criteria. Outside of family you are nothing.

“Whilst all stories might start out interesting, some start to lose their lustre as one flicks through the pages. You are one such story. Overrated. Overhyped and not worth a second read.”

My book isn’t finished yet. Far from it. And you are going to hate the ending.

“So enjoy your dark little existence, such as it is.”

Try saying that to all my friends – of which I have more than you’ll ever have.

“Put your red flag away, because they’ll be no more scraps of attention for you.
Bye de bye and good luck finding the real you.
I strongly feel that this isn’t it.”

Yes it is and you can’t stand it. You are the one who is scared because the truth about you has been exposed by simply being on the AV Name Check. The truth about me is that I fight for justice. I have already won in court (outside of this issue of course) multiple times. I have won in life as well. And I’ll continue to win – and the biggest victory of all will be when I get the ultimate victory – anti vaxxers who have no valid medical reason to oppose vaccines in jail for inciting child neglect.

Oh and when the claim that vaccines cause Autism is officially and legally classified as hate speech.

Your life needs to change, Hempel. Mine is fine. Yours is a sad existence as it is with all anti vaxxers who won’t acknowledge the truth. That vaccines are safe and effective when used correctly. And interfering in herd immunity – like I said – prevents the vaccine from effective use. That is on people like YOU! No respect for humanity.

And banned from the page (want to say something? Show you have the ticker and post here, Hempel).

G & B Lawyers – Medically incompetent

I’ll preamble this entry with a couple of notes – G & B Lawyers don’t take COVID-19 seriously. They are seeking to re-open borders immediately despite the continuing presence of the virus without any defence other than the restrictions we presently have and clearly don’t care about the consequences. For example just today they said; “There is no medical evidence whatsoever to support the ongoing direction for Victorians to wear a mask. Masks are of zero health benefit to anyone. Chairman Dan is simply a control freak.”

The story they are talking about said nothing about any actual challenge based on any medical advice. It was all about the Premier not being happy with a regional MP calling for masks to be made optional in regional Victoria – which would undermine the effort especially on the fringes (like the Macedon Ranges where I live – where yesterday there were still two active cases). G & B Lawyers have no evidence that fitted masks don’t work. The claim is rubbish.

Okay, this is American – but it’s no less relevant and comes from professionals. Masks work.

Another note – G & B Lawyers are also into conspiracy theories, stating in response to another story; “This is obvious”.

The story merely mentioned the conspiracy theory, and then shot it down as it deserved to be. It’s clear that G & B lawyers didn’t actually read the story. Nor do they get that the measures China took didn’t work as well as certainly they did here or more importantly in New Zealand. And we have great examples of countries who ignored the tactic – the USA and Brazil. G & B Lawyers can say “Chairman Dan” all they want – it doesn’t make it valid. Where are the “Chairperson Jacinda” jibes? Nowhere. Totally inconsistent. Moreover, China’s numbers are still way worse than ours – as I type this Wikipedia (with the appropriate source) has China’s total case load at 85,372 and 4,634 deaths. They have 185 active cases as well. In Australia we have had 27,044 total cases and only 875 deaths. We have more active cases of course (455) due to the ongoing recovery from Victoria’s second wave. It says plenty.

But the main reason for this entry is their act of total medical incompetence over No Jab No Play and related matters regarding compulsory vaccination for workers in day care and aged care – specifically the flu vaccine. I take the following from their Go Fund Me which should have been deleted and hasn’t been for some reason;

The updates are as follows;

AUGUST 12, 2020
Today we had a matter listed in the Fair Work Commission. It was the first telephone conciliation for this particular client.
Our client was terminated from the client’s job at an aged care facility in NSW for not having a flu vaccination when the client had a medical certificate that was in the approved form issued by NSW Health and in accordance with the Public Health Order (No 2) 2020 (NSW).
The respondent aged care facility did not agree to reinstate our client.
We will now have this matter determined by a Member of the Fair Work Commission.
Mr Jim Pearce, barrister has been engaged to appear for our client.
This is certainly looking like our test case.
If the Member of the Commission refuses to reinstate our client, our intention is to appeal the decision to the Full Bench of the Commission.
Thank you for your ongoing support.

AUGUST 28, 2020
Today we were before the Commissioner for a conference in the matter I referred to in the last update. The matter still hasn’t settled. So our test case continues. Keep sharing the campaign.
I’m also aware that a number of Goodstart Early Learning employees have been fired for not having flu and whooping cough injections. If you are one of those employees get in touch with Nathan. We can run a class action for you. <<

We are now taking on Goodstart Early Learning for terminating employees for not having a flu shot.

The Commonwealth Government plans to take away your rights to an education, employment and overseas travel. Read the second paragraph. You can’t make this stuff up.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2020
Big week next week in the Fair Work Commission. Conciliations with Goodstart and an aged care facility for firing employees for not having a flu vaccination. Bring it on.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2020
Goodstart did not settle at conciliation today. So we now progress to a Commissioner. Essentially Goodstart’s position is that in their view it is a lawful direction to engage in assault and battery without the consent of the employee. Such a direction can never be lawful. Please share this update widely to get further support for our client who was unlawfully terminated by Goodstart.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2020
Had another conciliation terminated today. This time it is Resthaven Incorporated, an aged care provider in SA who fired our client for not having a flu vaccination. We crack on to a Commissioner.

First, I’ll just reference the quote from September 6 – this is a reference to the standard letter from Medicare about immunisation’s being overdue. G & B Lawyers assert that it’s a blanket threat to their access to all education, employment or travel overseas. That is scaremongering at it’s finest. At worst all three could be restricted somewhat, but eliminated entirely? Absolutely not!

A background on the other parties. Goodstart Early Learning has centres in every state and territory in Australia totaling 644 facilities. The assertion of “assault and battery” is difficult to believe. I would suggest they are being facetious with the definition. Resthaven, as indicated, is an aged care provider that has 12 facilities in South Australia – 9 in Adelaide and the others in Murray Bridge, Port Elliot and Mount Gambier. The other aged care facility in New South Wales isn’t named.

The mention of Public Health Order (No 2) relates to COVID-19 from what I can tell. The claim on August 12 appears to suggest that the employee couldn’t have the flu vaccine for a legitimate medical reason. Under normal circumstances this would be fair enough – except in one circumstance that actually exists at present. The threat posed by COVID-19 makes herd immunity from the flu even more important than usual until such time as a vaccine for that is available. There will be a number of residents who could not be vaccinated for the same reason, meaning that employing someone with such a restriction would be too risky. Unjustifiable hardship would apply in that instance. The employer is therefore quite within their rights to say “No”.

I certainly hope the Fair Work Commission see this. Of course that argument would have to be presented to them and I can’t dictate that.

I’ll also take this opportunity to briefly address a document that was presented over the Supreme Court of South Australia case in similar terms. It was written by their barrister Julian Burnside QC, who I would have thought would know better than to get involved in this with his human rights history. I will be reviewing the document in a future entry once I get my podcast out of the way this week.

Bottom line – G & B Lawyers are medically incompetent. They are trying to undermine the flu vaccine and place our senior citizens and our young children in danger from the flu. And the flu is dangerous. I know. It nearly killed me in July 2014, and I was (and still am to a degree) a fit person for someone my age. I wasn’t vaccinated. Dumb move and will never happen again. Same goes for everyone else. Get the flu jab if you don’t have a legitimate medical reason not to. If you do – don’t bother working in child care or aged care because you are a threat to herd immunity. You have plenty of other employment options.

And hopefully the present proceedings against G & B Lawyers presently being investigated by the Law Society of New South Wales result in them being thrown out of legal practice.

Batshit Crazy Solihin Millin arrested

And no surprise – the loyal cult followers are up in arms!

The term “Batshit crazy” aren’t my words by the way. They were the rightful words of Victoria’s Deputy Police Commissioner Luke Cornelius. And you can see here the source of his remark.

It is plain that the Deputy Commissioner was given a brief of the contents of Millin’s desktop. This will undoubtedly include his High Court paperwork and the other material I have reviewed previously on this blog. After seeing that brief, Luke knew that Millin was a total nutcase. Not to mention this;

So all of Millin’s rantings were recorded as well. This adds to the genuine truth behind the Deputy Commissioner’s comment.

Millin’s arrest is for organising the September 5 Freedom Protest in Melbourne – for inciting others into committing a criminal act. Under the State of Disaster, restrictions are in place that are enforceable by criminal law. Flouting those restrictions by themselves is a criminal act and warrants the minimum of a fine – whether it be $200 for not wearing a mask without a lawful reason or the higher fines. Demanding an end to the lockdown instantly for one’s freedom is not an option. Our freedom was removed by a deadly disease called COVID-19 – something that Millin believes doesn’t exist because it hasn’t been isolated. It has been isolated – it is impossible to have a vaccine at the human trial stage (it’s actually more than one) without such an isolation. Millin is only saying that because of his long held demented view about vaccines in general and he doesn’t want this one any more than any of the others.

His followers are just as nuts and it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a brief on Millin’s Facebook timeline and the comments on there as well. I mean look at some of these gems!

A hero?? He’s a reckless traitor! The rest of that is downright stupid and dangerous. If that happened we would have a jump in cases without a doubt undoing all the good work we’ve done.

He has a black heart. There has been no injustice here.

You don’t know what Nazi Germany was, idiot! If this was Nazi Germany, Millin would be dead and so would the rest of you as you would have been found and executed as enemies of the state right alongside him.

Another inaccurate reference to Nazi Germany. The fight is over because it is the wrong fight. The right fight is being fought against COVID-19.

Teffaha is the wrong person to contact in this. She is useless – a failed whistleblower from the tax office who tried and failed to take her issue to the Federal Court.

Harmless? He is spreading blatant lies about a number of things and is the real threat to humanity as he isn’t taking COVID-19 seriously!

He deserves nothing but derision as as I said in the previous entry about him – a jail term.

It’s perfectly lawful. The charges are correct.

You can’t take them back because COVID-19 will knock you over if you try.

I laughed when I saw this. Thanks for the publicity, dummy! This blog by the way isn’t dedicated to Millin.

This was a reply to Ick’s comment. I’m not an anti-truther. I tell the truth. You lot wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you on the back of the head.

This was also a reply and I laughed at this one as well. I don’t get a cent from Big Pharma! If I was working for them I haven’t been paid! Where’s my cheque huh? LMAO!

Oh we know enough about him to know he’s out of his mind, Ick!


See this is a classic example of what I’m talking about! DNA altering vaccines? GMO’d humans? Real life isn’t the Sci-Fi channel, you goose! And no wonder – look at her surname!

This isn’t inciting freedom. It’s inciting criminal conduct. Clear as glass.

Here’s another classic example of what I’m talking about! Crazy! The Australia Act was assented by the Queen, streamlining the assent process and making it quicker by passing the job to the Governor General – the monarch’s representative per the Constitution. The reference to Culleton is about his claim that he was removed from the Senate illegally – which was BS as he was an undischarged bankrupt and had a court matter that had a maximum term of two years active at the time of his election as a Senator. He has nothing to complain about and is not a “Senator in Exile”. The nonsense about “ship” and the “red flag” is an irrelevant reference to the Navy’s red ensign.

Oh what rot! The PEOPLE voted for Federation and have voted for every Federal Parliament since! It’s called a democracy!

There will be no prosecutions because there is no fraud.

How dare this idiot invoke Nelson Mandela! That’s an insult! Not to mention what he did with his name!

This is null and void when such an action threatens the health of the community. Community health takes priority.

For what? For doing their job per state law? Such a class action wouldn’t get past the court registrar because it’s frivolous and vexatious.

You haven’t lost it, moron! The present plan is to rid the country of COVID-19. This witch is against that obviously.

This isn’t about Freedom of Speech. It’s about inciting a criminal act. There is no Communism.

He isn’t speaking the truth. The only tyranny is being attempted by COVID-19 and the narrative is to control that. You are being governed by a government who cares. If you don’t want that – get out of Australia! We don’t want reckless manslaughtering anarchists like you here!

After repeating her previously shown comment she put this with an anti Semitic addition. Goldman Sachs is a Jewish bank and the claims made there are consistent with the Rothschild Family conspiracy junk that is absolutely anti Jew and therefore anti Semitic.

She repeated this one twice as well.

No it won’t – unless one is pro getting on top of this pandemic and supportive of the actions being taken. It will be a horrible day for Millin, and fabulous day for Victorians who are doing the right thing. And yeah – a fabulous day for yours truly!

I don’t need to say anything to this one.

I think this (combined with the previous comment) is proof that Millin is a cult leader and this follower is totally in his power. He needs help.

Justice will be served when Millin is brought before the courts and found guilty. There is no fascism in this state. Fascism is a right wing mantra – the Andrews government is left wing.

It’s COVID-19 that’s doing that, and Millin is standing up for it destroying us.

Because it’s the perfect way to catch dangerous old farts like Millin who think they are invincible and have no respect for the real world.

We have a right to be scared of idiots like you lot – you are threatening the entire community with a third wave of COVID-19! Yes you haven’t gone out yet, and you aren’t going to in order to make sure COVID-19 is under control! What will happen IF you do? You’ll be fined and maybe arrested if you don’t give and prove your correct identity. That is on you and no one else. STAY HOME!!

Okay this one clearly needs help. The jobs will be back as will the businesses and the homes. Freedom of movement will also return. There is a future post COVID-19 and you should embrace it and not assume it won’t be there. That attitude is only for cowards.

The ultimate human rights breach has been committed by COVID-19. It has to be controlled and everything needs to be put on hold to preserve lives. That is what we are doing. That is what New Zealand did and they opened up for three months. The US never did it and they are the worst afflicted in the world. Brazil never did it either and are second worst afflicted. That is what would be facing us if we treat COVID-19 like it doesn’t exist. They can do what they did and the book will be thrown at Millin.

There is a lot more but I have to stop there as I want to upload this as quickly as possible. I encourage the prosecution to ensure that this moron is put in a padded cell, proverbially speaking. Thomas Embling Hospital would be the obvious choice, but maybe the mental health ward at the Alfred would be more practical. Either way, I hope the circumstances prevail that warrant a Court Assessment Order under the Mental Health Act. Millin is a nutcase – fruitcake standard.

Hopefully by the time his case comes up the restrictions will be to a level that I am able to attend. That depends if it is being expedited or not.

And the rest of you? STAY HOME ON SEPTEMBER 5 (and on all other dates in Victoria until at least September 14)!!

Should Australia have a no fault compensation system for vaccines?

I’m doing this blog entry in reply to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning;

I want to focus in particular on this quote;

He (Dr Omar Korshid – AMA President) backed calls for the federal government to establish a no-fault vaccine injury compensation scheme before rolling out a COVID-19 vaccine.
“If society is asking everyone to get vaccinated to protect each other, we have a collective responsibility to look after the very rare and unfortunate individuals who are harmed by vaccines.”

What Dr Korshid doesn’t acknowledge is that those very people who claim to have been harmed by vaccines won’t come forward. Having said that, the promise of compensation could bring them out of the woodwork.

I’m not a fan of what amounts to bribery for a start, but the other concern I would have is if the proposed compensation scheme exactly duplicates that of the United States. If it does I will oppose that with every fibre of my being.

Here’s why;

1. The US system is based at the core on the misleading assertion that vaccines are “inherently unsafe”. This has led to a system that does NOT acknowledge system error or failure (eg Fluvax) or practitioner error. This later one has the perfect example from the United States – Hannah Poling. The US compensation system recognises that situation as a situation caused solely by the vaccines concerned (it was more than one – between five and nine in the one visit), and totally exonerated the administrator of the vaccine. This result was exacerbated by the US government conceding the case without a hearing. I will not support a system that doesn’t punish the administrator of the vaccine for doing the wrong thing. I hold the very firm view that any claimed injury – if it is genuine – is from there.

2. The US system is laid out in a separate jurisdiction – the Court of Federal Claims (AKA the Vaccine Court). This court does not hold to the normal standards of evidence presented. The burden of proof is – colloquially – 50 percent and a feather. In other words, all you have to do is establish that vaccine injury was the most likely cause of the issue. That is just plain wrong and does nothing to assist in the understanding of any genuine issue if there is one. The idea of compensation at the core is to prove that compensation is warranted. To do that, a proper investigation is required – not just for the benefits of legal precedent as such for the compensation itself, but also for science as there might be lessons that science will find useful to increase vaccine safety even further. There is always something new. Science evolves.

3. The US system hasn’t stopped anti vaxxers from complaining. In fact it has exacerbated the issue it was originally supposed to fix. The way their system has been laid out over simplifies matters – which while that helps struggling families conversely harms the structure needed to make it all work properly and as intended (to stop people from taking big pharma to court instead and waste their money that they need to be using to do their job in research and development).

Now all this doesn’t mean I am opposed to the idea. In fact – if it’s done correctly to the proper standards of proof and investigation and holds an existing jurisdiction at federal level (the Family Court would be the place to be expanded to cope with this given that these claims are family orientated and has an effect on families primarily) – I would be all for it. The thing about that sort of environment is that it would force families to bring out the medical records of their loved one (especially if it’s a child) but maintain the existing privacy of the Family Court so that wouldn’t become a circus per se. That would form part of the investigation. This all fits in to what I have mentioned previously on this blog in the “Once and for all – prove it” entry from back in January 2017. It’s all about using science to learn from any issues and further improve safety. But how can science do that when all these claims only make their way to biased soap boxes of deceit like the Vaxxed bus? They talk about giving these people a voice. That sort of soap box will be ignored because it is random, uncontrolled and subject to emotion based speculation and no scientific facts.

So the other aspect of a vaccine compensation scheme that I would approve of is the ability for an existing authority to receive a report of a vaccine injury claim (a version of a whistle blowing if you like) from any member of the public – and said authority having the ability (subject to a confirmation that there could be an issue there) to bring the case before the court to ascertain the claim. It would gag the nutcases who are not telling the truth, or give them compensation if there is an actual issue as well as providing the benefit I already pointed to for science.

While I’m typing this, I also want to comment on the current application – the proposed (and not confirmed yet) vaccine for COVID-19. Scientists are warning against making it a requirement so early due to the long testing process being fast tracked. I don’t mean fast tracked to Russian standards (that was way too fast). I mean the current track being followed in particular by Oxford. The AMA is still favouring education over aversive methods like no jab no pay and no jab no play as examples. Now given that COVID-19 poses more of a threat to adults than children I would for now support not using the latter. The experience with Fluvax would be enough proof of that. And the present version of no jab no pay is also keyed towards the kids so that would need a different variety of aversive penalty.

In the early stages of the roll out, the only thing I would be prohibiting for those who refuse to be vaccinated is overseas travel – should the international border be re-opened. I would certainly be requiring those coming in to be vaccinated. I honestly believe that those who work in hospitals and aged care need to have the vaccine as well, in order to protect the vulnerable (both in terms of age and otherwise exposed as such). There may be other options but it doesn’t need to go over in any blanket manner – at least not yet. Once the efficacy is well and truly established that can follow then. But that shouldn’t be until at least 2025. That is when we need to start punishing the fools who claim COVID-19 is a hoax (even though we should really be punishing them right now!) and use that to refuse the vaccine. By that time hopefully that conspiracy BS will have been dealt with.

But if I know the anti vaxxers – they’ll still be running their collective mouths. I just hope that I can gag them on one of their pet lines personally. The hate speech claim that vaccines cause Autism. It doesn’t, and that’s all I’m gonna say about that!

Solihin Millin needs a jail term

It is pretty clear at this point that Solihin Millin is going to violate the Stage Four restrictions by participating in the so called Freedom Protest on Sunday August 9. I’m going to break down his allegation to show that he is a nutcase;

This current supposed Covid19 Pandemic is a Biochemical Arm of a Military Coup currently operating in Australia to take every Australian into an International Agenda to form a One World Government.

That is the prefect example of what I’m talking about. He thinks that the Coronavirus vaccine (when it’s found) will be used for dishonourable purposes – hence this “biochemical” comment. There is no International Agenda! Heck, look at the war or words between countries like the US, China, Russia, the UK – the list goes on!

a) I have the right to peaceful demonstrate.

No you don’t. Victoria is under a State of Disaster declaration which is legal and appropriate.

b) Are you going to arrest or fine me?

This question is for the police of course and I can’t speak for them. But I assume the answer will be ‘Yes’.

If you arrest or arbitrarily fine me, you enable me the right to place you in the Witness Box in the Melbourne Magistrates Court and I can tell you what my first few questions may be:

1. Have you a valid Constitutional Grant of Power after the illegal removal of the Crown?

Question will be ruled out of order because there has been no illegal removal of the Crown.

2. Why didn’t Mr. Robert Hulls the former Attorney General of Victoria stand trial on Criminal Charges he was charged with?

Because said charges were ruled frivolous and vexatious (and I believe ultimately led in part to the establishment of Victoria’s Vexatious Proceedings Act in 2014). Besides, that will be ruled out of order as well as irrelevant.

3. Why have the Victorian Police not proceeded with this arrest?

See what I just said.

4. Why did Geoffrey Nettle not go to trial but was actually promoted into the High Court of Australia?

Because his decision in 2007 was absolutely right. Aside from the fact that again this would be ruled out of order as irrelevant.

5. Why is there no Hansard Legislative record of the 3rd Reading or Vote Count on the Local Government Act 1989?

Oh yes there is! But again – out of order as irrelevant. For the record – the Act was agreed to on the voices so there was no need for a vote. Third reading in the Legislative Council can be found on pages 583 and 584 of the book (PDF on the Parliamentary website) on November 24, 1988.

This matter now requires a 78B Notice pursuant to the Judiciary Act of 1903 Section 78B

This is Millin’s attempt to bring in his High Court proceeding (previously taken apart on this blog) as a delaying factor, when in fact it is nothing more than an appeal against a decision not to file the proceeding. Not only that – said appeal was dismissed on June 17 (I only noticed that today) and Millin has said nothing about it. For those reasons he can’t bail to this as he does not have an active proceedings.

Under the Crimes Act 1958 Section 9A, I may also charge you for an offence with maximum Penalty of Life Imprisonment.

That section is the section about treason, and there is no war against any foreign person. There is a war against the Coronavirus and that hardly qualifies under that section to the point that yet again Millin is being vexatious.

Section 78B of the Act requires Australian courts to ensure that the parties give notice to the Attorneys-Generals of the Commonwealth and each state before proceeding with any case involving: “MATTERS ARISING UNDER THE CONSTITUTION.” The Commonwealth and state governments may then intervene in the case under this section (78B).

As this is not a Constitutional matter (that is – Millin’s arrest for violating the Stage Four restrictions) this is irrelevant.

The Victorian Electoral Commissioner Warwick Gatley used to be the Electoral Commissioner of Western Australia, and was a Commander of an Australian Warship HMAS Torrens that went into Timor and he is under Diplomatic Immunity because he works for and is under the jurisdiction of the United Nations.

Oh he is not! That is paranoia at it’s finest and has no validity whatsoever!

Check 1903 Judiciary Act Section 78b for 78b Notice and section 88 Regulation.

Again – there is no Constitutional question at play so this is irrelevant.

Bottom line; Millin is an anti vaxxer trying to stop the proper course of action re the Coronavirus and the consequent vaccine. That’s what his actions are all about. He will not get his way, and I plead with Victoria Police to arrest him if he is stupid enough to show up at the illegal protest and fine him. Also ensure that he pays up or pursue him in court for the debt. That may bring this rubbish on and if so I hope the court rules him a vexatious litigant as that will help the High Court throw out his stupid appeal. Better still, maybe the judge in the Magistrate’s Court will see that he is a nutcase and invoke Section 91 of the Sentencing Act 1991.

Smirnis doesn’t understand FOI

Solihin Millin is reckless. I love it when he gives me fodder from elsewhere, and here he’s done it again – publishing a letter to established anti vaxxer Helena Smirnis from the Department of Health in Victoria resulting from a Freedom of Information request;

Smirnis letter

The red circle is being treated as though the Department doesn’t have any documents at all. Just like Robert F Kennedy Junior’s claim that went to court as I spoke of in the blog entry reacting to the Cairns News – the documents she wants DO exist, but they are confidential (I doubt in this case it’s commercial but that’s beside the point) and therefore are not available under FOI. So the response was not inaccurate.

Having said that though, the request quoted was very poorly done and unreasonable. The idea that there is a 100 percent foolproof test in anything is ridiculous. 99.9 percent would be the average and that should be good enough. Not for this paranoid idiot obviously. Identifying COVID-19 is a complicated process over a number of different symptoms hence the margin for error – average 0.1 percent like I indicated. Not only that, the remark “in a living person” insinuates a specific test on one person – which would be a violation of that person’s private medical records. That is definitely a document that not only could the Department not release, they wouldn’t even have possession of it and have access to it. Nor should they.

This is just typical of the anti vaxxers. They are clutching at straws. Smirnis was clearly trying to prove that there is no pandemic with her FOI demands. Now she is probably flying that letter around claiming that it proves her right. It doesn’t. If I catch her making those claims anywhere I will be seeking to have the Victorian government shut her lingerie shop, Siren Doll in Richmond, down permanently. I’d check the place out myself for any restriction violations, but I’m staying out of Melbourne for now. I haven’t been through Melbourne’s CBD since March 12 and I’ve only been in the suburbs once since – in late April for essential shopping at Watergardens coming back via Sunbury.

Smirnis has tried in the past to follow this blog and comment on it. She is banned from both. She is dangerous and should be avoided. The Department’s response was correct and is not an admission that the testing regime is ineffective. To say otherwise is ignorant (and therefore not fully informed) and a failure of critical thinking.

This will be added to my file on her as member of the AV Name Check.

Not a valid Cease and Desist Part 2

This entry is a continuation of the nonsense documentation by Rukaya Kendall, who by the way appeared to have left Facebook – either voluntarily or thrown off by FB. But as I upload this the idiot is back. This is about the second document mentioned in the previous entry;


(The red parts are to be subbed)

Let’s break this down as well, and this is going to take awhile because it is a four page document (the previous one was just one page).

1. The first bolded part is primarily a lie. There are no mandatory, forced or coerced vaccines. The idea of ceasing recommendations is insulting, as vaccines are held to prevent the diseases they are designed for.

2. Courts can not provide any of the requested documents without a case to be answered in the first place. This is an example of Kendall assuming that this document is a court order when it’s not. Any reference to the courts as a result are irrelevant and not applicable.

3. We then come to the dots points;

a. All laws passed by the Australian Parliament do not require court verification at all. The only restriction is that provided by the Constitution. Section 51 provides for all aspects that the Parliament has the power to do. Section 51 (xxvi) specifies the power to makes laws for “the people of any race, for whom it is deemed necessary to make special laws”. That includes laws made to protect children and the elderly from preventable disease. Again though, there are no mandates. The bill was the Social Services Legislation Amendment (No Jab, No Pay) Act 2015 which amended A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999. Also, it would seem with the mention of recommendations that Kendall is seeking all legislation relating to vaccines. Recommendations are not legislated. They are inherently voluntary. Not only that, before 1946 this was something that state governments handled. And still do – which is where No Jab No Play eminates from.

b. The second dot point also doesn’t require legislation for the same reason. There are no mandates. If you choose not to vaccinate you can still lead a normal life. You can still get a job. The options are just slightly limited, that’s all. You can look after your aging parents or grandparents yourself so no need to access an aged care facility. You can play sport on your own (golf is a great example of that), and there are one on one options for the kids as well.

c. When one intentionally violates the rights of the child to live free from preventable disease. That is the ruling right here that Kendall has no respect for at all. Community measures that are associated with this include reporting such conduct. Kendall in effect is seeking to use privacy provisions to hide child neglect – including neglect like that of the two young Autistic men in Queensland recently, as well as children who have died at the hands of violent parents. That is despicable and worthy of contempt.

d. There is no mandatory vaccination so this dot point is based on a lie.

e. There is no torture, there is no cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, there is no experimentation and please note that anyone who opposes vaccines is not fully informed, and families who fail to provide protection from preventable disease lose the right to be protected as a family. The application of the Racial Discrimination Act is insulting and the note about children actually goes against Kendall’s case and not for it.

f. As already stated, there is no experimentation.

g. There is no inconsistency between federal law and state law in this instance. Nothing was named here which doesn’t help the cause.

h. The list of ingredients is irrelevant. Vaccines are a man made compound in which the ingredients lose their identity. That is basic high school science. The list on inserts is a legal statement and not valid medically. There are natural compounds that – if you showed the ingredients – would scare people. The ingredients of fresh water are liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen – both poisonous. The ingredients for natural salt are sodium and chlorine – both poisonous. Need I say more?

4. The list of side effects to the flu vaccine are mostly rare and/or unproven. This list is alarmist and worth ignoring.

5. There is another set of dot points next;

a. C0588/2020 in the UK High Court can’t be found online so I can’t comment without more detail.

b. The assertion made here is totally false. Authority is held over any man, woman or child, persons or entities who are unable to make rational decisions by themselves.

c. Double blind inert placebo safety testing is not valid due to the inherently exponential nature of the results making them unusable and therefore not ethical.

d. Two words – herd immunity.

e. Anyone’s insurance details are properly and rightly protected by privacy law. Any “injury” must firstly be medically verified anyway, and no anti vaccine proponent to my knowledge has ever been willing to do that so any claim fails anyway.

f. I’ll explain it. The Vaccine Court in the US pays out on probability and not solid proof, and it also pays out in protection of doctors who failed to administer the vaccine correctly. If the proper court rules of proof were applied and doctors were held liable for their malpractice, the payout amount would be $0.

g. Australia has not signed to the Nuremberg Code and neither has any other country so this part is totally irrelevant. Aside from the fact that – again – there is no force, coercion or mandating.

h. The assertion that the May 1, 2020 flu vaccine is experimental in any way is a lie.

i. Again – as the vaccine is NOT experimental this does not apply.

j. How on Earth are the rules re vaccines a denial of Political Liberty? Anti vaccine proponents are free to run for public office and have tried (and failed through no one’s fault but their own) so this is a ridiculous proposition.

k. A Minister of the Crown takes advice from appropriately qualified individuals. As an example, Greg Hunt has taken advice from the Federal Chief Medical Officer. He passes on this advice as is not only his right, but his job. The state Ministers carry out their duties in the same way.

l. Finally, the requirement stated in this document is not a legal requirement and can be (and I assume will be) ignored.

The last part is a threat to take legal action. Kendall is free to do so. There have been no losses, damages, costs or disbursements that would hold up in court to the extent that an application of the Vexatious Proceedings Act 2008 (New South Wales) would be more than appropriate. If you do proceed, Kendall, I will do my best to ensure that such an application is made, prosecuted and applied against you.

You have no idea.

And one more thing.

Not a valid Cease and Desist Part 1

I know a bit about Cease and Desist documents. I issued one once. It was ignored, noted in a court decision as “interesting and perhaps inflammatory”. The court decision was consequent to the ignoring of the document in that the activity persisted. It was defamation by the way.

The key to a Cease and Desist document is that unless it is issued by a court and sealed as being a court document, it can not be held to be an order. And yet Rukaya Kendall promotes two such documents as orders in that vein.

Here is one of the documents he is talking about.


(The red parts are to be subbed)

Let’s break this down.

1. There is no such law as the Slavery and Sexual Servitude Act 1999. It is the Criminal Code Amendment (Slavery and Sexual Servitude) Bill 1999 and represents an amendment to the Criminal Code Act 1995.

2. The description that follows fails the test of “slavery”. The definition of slavery in the amended Criminal Code Act 1995 states “the condition of a person over whom any or all of the powers attaching to the right of ownership are exercised, including where such a condition results from a debt or contract made by the person”. No ownership exists, and yet the document claims that ownership is being claimed by the state. There is no way such an interpretation can hold up.

3. A claim is also made about prevention of a lack of consent. This is a wilful misinterpretation. There is the option of not consenting to vaccination, but there are penalties involved in not consenting – and those penalties are not unreasonable in the circumstances.

4. Natural law, while it protects the individual it also protects the collective community. Natural law allows for penalties for individuals who take actions that affect others in the collective community adversely. The claim for natural law to the individual is superseded by the needs of the collective community. In this case that means the prevention of the transmission of preventable disease.

5. The note about “forcibly poisoning, infecting or otherwise introducing any toxin/s, poison/s, or other substances that are or are not foreign to our bodies” is manifestly wrong. Vaccines are not poison – or fresh water, natural salt, apples and pears are all poison. Vaccines do not infect, and vaccines do not contain toxins or other substances that are foreign to our bodies. Proper science shows that the human body in it’s natural state without issues is able to absorb any vaccine. Exceptions of course apply in various circumstances (immuno compromisation such as cancer treatment and so on or other situations where a vaccine is contraindicated – this is a judgement made by one’s doctor).

6. Finally, this document states the needs for written consent, and prosecution would follow without it. There is no case to argue there. In fact, placing this restriction on one’s children can be prosecuted conversely as child neglect on the grounds of failing to protect a child from preventable disease.

Any organisation who receives this document with the red parts amended accordingly should take it, show it to the person providing it – and tear it up in their face. It is a document that has no legal validity and as said in point 6 above if it is done on behalf of a child the organisation would be obliged to report the parent to child protection services for child neglect.

Kendall is a legal illiterate and has no right not to consent without valid and verifiable medical reasons. Neither does anyone else. It is not slavery and it is laughable to claim that it is. What this is – is a deliberate act of defiance against the will of the community to have a community free of preventable disease. Vaccines are the only protection against this, along with the protection of the herd that the community provides as a result for those individuals who do have valid and verifiable medical reasons not to be vaccinated.