Final expose of Mary Kristi Rowe

I noted today that Rowe has bailed on the comments areas on You Tube. Doesn’t matter – I already had all the screenshots, and I also have her details as well meaning that she’ll be in the top list of the AV Name Check on the next update. And yes there were more forcing this third entry. I thought as much. Mary Kristi Rowe is a coward. She won’t comment on here, preferring to make excuses and target someone else just because they linked her to here.

The instant someone invokes that history book and twists it, you know you’re dealing with a fool. One can’t reason with an unreasonable person, and Rowe is unreasonable. I know the form. It’s typical anti vax. So “speaking the truth in love” is impossible. You have to fight fire with fire. There is also so much wrong with this let’s break it down beyond her shifting the goal posts to another person instead of addressing me here.

1. The Momma she speaks of is Polly Tommey. She has no heart of gold. Her heart is jet black! Tommey has no compassion or concern – except for her deluded agenda to prove that vaccines cause Autism to the detriment of an entire community! Tommey is about as sincere as KKK devotee embracing Michelle Obama!

2. Regarding Rowe’s beliefs – they are deluded. Aside from the fact that there is no “God” (and if there was that non existent diety would be furious with you, Rowe!), you are bearing false witness to yourself. And you won’t even accept that you’re doing it! You aren’t vaccine injured. Neither is your daughter. You’re both Autistic and have been since birth. I can’t speak for anyone else of course, but that sort of denial earns no compassion. If you want compassion, disown your deluded and dangerous views. Until you do, you don’t deserve compassion.

3. Let’s talk about the dancing. Of course you were working the kids too hard. Because you had no empathy (typically Autistic) for them. You wanted them to be you. And here is the coincidence – the way you were working your Autistic body caught up with you at the same moment you got the MMR jab. THAT is why you had to stop. You didn’t adjust to your Autistic body and you paid for it. Had nothing whatsoever to do with the MMR. NOTHING! But you don’t want to be identified as Autistic do you? So you sink to this excuse to escape it. Not once did Rowe mention Autism to prove that.

4. What you don’t have the right to do is lie, especially about vaccines and about Autism. You DO have a problem with the coincidence accusation, otherwise you wouldn’t carry on like this. You DO want everyone to believe you. Thousands of lies don’t validate yours. They just show how poorly educated you and everyone else is. And that brings us to “getting all the info” argument. You have too much and you can’t separate the reliable from the unreliable. And you’re believing the unreliable because it fits your preferred version of events. The vaccination programs are fine when they are used as intended, and that includes pre screening which is another lie on your part. That IS done – or it should be. Only quacks don’t. The safety level already exists.

As was pointed out to her, claiming a vaccine injury is the same as saying vaccines don’t work. Lying about the vaccine injury only has one effect – undermining vaccine efficacy. You might have believed they worked, Rowe, but you don’t now! Otherwise you would continue to vaccinate! Ergo – you DON’T believe they work! You have plenty of motivation for lying. It’s called denial of reality. You don’t want to know like all anti vaxxers. You have your own little world. You want your message out there when it’s a lie so you can gain respect. The same sort of respect Hitler engaged in before he wiped out the Jews. You want to wipe out Autism, because that’s what your claims to vaccine injury will lead to if you aren’t gagged! You want freedom of speech? Hate speech doesn’t count!! And you DID read this blog! Stat Counter showed you did! You want to talk? Comment here! I don’t have an account on You Tube.

That first sentence is a contradiction, unless she is talking about a sore arm – which we know she isn’t. There are no PROVEN adverse events like what she has claimed. Only anecdotes, which are valueless in medicine unless they have back up! All those other examples do not match those of vaccines. Nowhere near it. The benefit v risk ratio for vaccines are way over towards the benefits. The risk is 1 in a million, and that is only because of human error through using the vaccine incorrectly. Take the human factor out, and vaccines are 100 percent safe.

I saw no logic, reason or honesty. So civility is useless. It’s you who needs to do some soul searching and it starts with acknowledging that you are not vaccine injured. You are Autistic. Your standard is low.

And I’ll say it again. I’m not on You Tube. Want to talk to me? COMMENT HERE!!


More rubbish from Mary Kristi Rowe

I collected some of these screenshots myself this morning upon noticing that there was more than I’d been sent (and one was clipped by accident), and this woman is a liar! The person she was arguing with was owning her rear end.

This lot started with this from Rowe;

You’re not vaccine injured. You haven’t proven it. I remain convinced that you found out you were Autistic, and blamed it on the vaccine when you were Autistic from birth. Like it or not. Take note here that she admits to being anti vaccine, and see what happens below.

First off, the comparison to cigarette smoking is ridiculous – because unlike vaccination, smoking is risky to the max!

Second, there was PLENTY to base the comment that she is a liar on! There is no lab work. If there was there would be medical back up and a court case claiming the damage. Remember that her doctor wouldn’t take her claims seriously, because he knew she was wrong! When liars like this run their mouths they have to expect to be insulted, especially when it comes to one of the most important medical practices in the history of man – vaccination.

This rant has so many lies in it it’s unreal – starting with what is obviously a belief in that idiot Robert F Kennedy Junior’s stupid line that mercury is mercury and that ethyl mercury doesn’t exist in effect (or methyl mercury come to that). Along with weight adjusted nonsense that I’ve already hung Twistan Wells for. It doesn’t work like that and besides the amount of ethyl mercury per vaccine was 12.5 micrograms. 12 and a half parts to a million! The claim that her daughter had mercury in her body to such high levels means the reading was taken from the unreliable hair test – or she lied again. Another lie – doctors ARE educated on vaccines. Her claim that her nephew is a doctor is therefore also a lie, or he is a specialist in a field that doesn’t deal with vaccines (general example – an osteopath, a doctor in America but nowhere else including Australia! Sherri Tenpenny is one of those.). It’s obvious that Rowe is reading unreliable sources. Not one piece of legit research. That’s why you won’t get through. There is no conflict of interest between the pharmaceutical companies and the medical community, because vaccines make no profit. All the profits come from pain killers and the medical community is actually striking back trying to get said pain killers better controlled. At least that’s what’s happening in Australia! That lunch claim is total bunk! Known side effects? A sore arm? Whoopee do.

Now I do agree that babies shouldn’t be vaccinated when they are ill and running a temperature. But that’s on the instructions and some you actually can. A doctor who ignores those instructions is a quack who should be reported. The doctor is guilty of vaccine injury, not the vaccine. That’s why I hate the Vaccine Court. Doctors who do that get off scot free when they shouldn’t. They wouldn’t in Australia – except that idiotic parents blame the vaccine! That’s a key reason why an investigation is essential!

That was when I was brought in and she was told about “the list” – meaning of course the AV Name Check.

More lies about doctors lunches. Except the point about the government paying – and that’s needed certainly in the US because they have to be in attendance. If you don’t provide perks they’ll go where the money is and those who don’t have money will die – per the Tea Party saying “Let them die”. That was disgusting then and it is now, and it’s NOT a spot to cut health spending! Doing that will make the US health system an even bigger joke than it is now! Her claim that she has been careful is nonsense. She has found sites that she wants to believe instead of ones that are actually peer reviewed and correct. That one site she noted is 100 percent unreliable! If you want assistance, Rowe, it starts with stopping blaming the vaccines for your and your daughter’s issues! As long as you do, you won’t get help. You won’t be believed because it has been confirmed that vaccines are safe when used correctly.

My previous entry was then linked and look at this whine!

First of all, I love Stat Counter. Because it confirmed I was right. Rowe does live in Gadsden, Alabama (nearby Eastaboga showed up). Nothing here is false or malicious. Come at me with that accusation in court! I have won three court cases already and I can throw you right out of whack because I can prove with evidence that you are lying. You have no proof of your claims. Now note here that she says she is NOT an anti vaxxer and yet earlier as noted further up she said that she IS!! As she was rightly told, ex vaxxer and anti vaxxer are the same thing. She now wants us to believe that because she vaccinated means she can’t be an anti vaxxer. Yes you can! Your lies about vaccines on the public domain is anti vax behaviour and that’s a public interest matter by the way. Also, it’s clear that she doesn’t understand herd immunity. Her railing against vaccines fits the bill of inciting child neglect per the AV Name Check.

More excuses to not come here and comment. Get some guts, Rowe. If you have a problem with what I wrote – comment here! Don’t sulk away on that You Tube video comments area. That makes you a coward, and actually that makes sense. All anti vaxxers are cowards. I have twisted nothing here. I’ve called you out for what you are – an anti vaxxer and a inciter of child neglect. So…..

Mary Kristi Rowe is deluded

It was brought to my attention on the comments of a You Tube video by my good friend and fellow Autistic Fiona O’Leary that we have another candidate for the AV Name Check. I had a look and it looks like this one is a candidate.

A quick skim of a web search revealed that it looks like she lives in Gadsden, Alabama in the US. She must be in the anti vaccine loop because she knew about John Piesse here in Victoria so it makes sense that she’s a typical American anti vaxxer loaded with conspiracy theories and also making claims without medical proof. That goes back to my “Once and for all – Prove it” entry again. Here’s the link again.

Let’s review some of these comments.

First off Tommey isn’t a doctor, and she is a liar and manipulator. It’s not without foundation that she was kicked out of Australia. She doesn’t have a vaccine injured son. She has an Autistic son. Two totally different things. What you witnessed was taken into account by the doctor and ignored because you were wrong. Everyone asked were telling the same story because they refused to believe the truth out of paranoia and stupidity. And it’s interesting that Rowe admits that Vaxxed is about the MMR vaccine when the promotional material disowns any connection to vaccines. That one she told the truth about and it proves that it IS an anti vaccine film! Owned! What scares us is the lies being told being believed leading to less vaccinations and more preventable disease and more childhood deaths!

Tommey should be in jail. She is lying witch. The Court of Federal Claims (the Vaccine Court) is a joke because it doesn’t follow the rules of evidence that a court should, so it pays out too easily. If it did the payouts would be a whole lot less, if not zero! 50 percent and a feather is not a high standard of proof! The fee does exist and that was part of the agreement met in 1986, and frankly it should be taken down not because it protects Big Pharma but because it protects negligent doctors and nurses who make the mistakes with vaccines that do injure. Vaccines themselves have NEVER injured anyone. Any injury is caused by the system. The inserts – and this was mentioned in reply on the comments – are legal statements and have no medical value. VAERS is an unreliable repository that is loaded with false claims because anyone can report an incident and not need to medically prove it. The only people playing Russian Roulette are those who won’t vaccinate. The Supreme Court never made any ruling on vaccines themselves and this was expanded on;

Researched where? Google? Get out of here, Rowe! Google Uni is closed to people like you because you only read what you want to read! She put the noose around Justice Scalia in particular, but Scalia NEVER said the words “unavoidably unsafe”.

Oh what a liar! Again – the words “unavoidably unsafe” were never used in any opinion, not just Scalia’s! Rowe never read it, or rather she never understood it. Now while the claim itself was about involving vaccine design and that wasn’t covered by the Vaccine Court so pharma could be sued for it, it was also ruled that all vaccine related matters go to the vaccine court. So that in fact allows for the Vaccine Court to make recommendations, leading to better design. But given the poor standard for proof in the Vaccine Court Big Pharma doesn’t have to listen. There was NO discussion on the term “unavoidably unsafe”. The risk of injury lies in usage and not the vaccine itself. When the system is working properly, vaccination is safe. Any side effects are minor. Risks were never considered by the US Supreme Court.

Rowe called out on the first paragraph and I’ll repeat it. A design-defect claim does not mean unavoidably unsafe. I’ll clarify that by saying that the claim needs to be proven first, and also that unavoidably unsafe does not correlate with that as a defect can be corrected. Therefore the lack of safety (supposed) is removed and is therefore not unavoidable!

The second paragraph suggests that Rowe is making the same claim as Tommey (and Ginger Taylor). That vaccine injury equals Autism. The main suggestion is that it “runs in the family”. Autism would run in a family – it’s genetic. Getting the chicken pox does NOT confer lifelong immunity (my sister in law got it twice!) and any childhood disease has the potential to kill! I repeat the reference re the measles that I have made before – Olivia Dahl. I got the measles and it was far from pleasant. My sister did too. She got the Chicken Pox and the Mumps (I avoided both somehow). I remember the Mumps being really nasty. If those conditions didn’t scare you then you are an idiot! Confirm the Autism is your family so I know what I’m dealing with.

This is another reference to Google. You don’t know more because what you “know” is wrong. You haven’t proven you are a member of the “vaccine injury club”.

We all know a liar when we see one, Rowe, and you are a liar. You don’t know yourself or your daughter and that’s dangerous to both of you. I’m a paralegal – which is as close as one can get to being a lawyer without doing the study and getting the qualifications – and I can tell you that you didn’t understand what you read in that Supreme Court decision. Your medical experience (based on your own words) is faked because you wouldn’t listen to your doctor in the first place as stated further up. The minute you do that, your experience means nothing.

These screenshots were sent to me and I am told there was one more that was deleted, but the content was retained in an automatic email. I won’t reproduce it, but Rowe claimed to have a “Jurist Doctorate”. I looked it up and it’s actually a Juris Doctorate, and in the United States this does not require scholarly content. It is required in Australia and other western countries (how dumb is the US huh?). Either way, Rowe has never been before a judge presenting a case. I have.

This is going to take two entries so I’ll leave this here and finish it tomorrow, including maybe an update as I expect this entry to be linked to Rowe. If she wants to react to it – do that here and not on You Tube as I do not have an account there. Using others as informants for this is not appropriate in this case.

Roslyn Ross – uncaring callous bitch

Many anti vaxxers are this way because they claim to have vaccine injured children (none of those claims have been proven as I have said many times).

But others have jumped on board to bolster numbers for their own methods. Those from the natural solutions area; naturopaths and homeopaths. Roslyn Ross is one of these people.

I have come across her before – she was on the AV Name Check I think from the beginning which means she may have shown up on the Tribeca Change dot org petition way back when. But I’m not sure. Anyway, I recently ran into her on that garbage fake news site the Australian National Review on their story defending anti vax quack John Piesse who was providing the means to avoid both No Jab No Pay and No Jab No Play (he’s in Victoria so he avoided the preferred and original version of the latter) and maintain the idiots who were refusing to vaccinate their kids for no good medical reason. Such quacks in Australia will be found and struck off as Andrew Wakefield was in the UK. As they should be.

But Ross was in the comments peddling total nonsense that she wasn’t reading properly from what I’m told and in some cases using blatantly obvious quack sites such as Global Freedom Movement (which even she admitted was radical). I was onto her as were the other two active admins on the AAAV Facebook page (FT and LB) as well as Carl Davis and Chrissie McKewen, with Barb Vernon also getting her two cents in. I miss Melanie Jewell (she’s having family issues at the moment as is the third admin of AAAV JD) because as a scientist she would have had Ross for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

But just today, I discovered that she’d deleted her Facebook account (presumably) and started a new one! To cover her tracks and stimy any further investigations! Now my plan was to tear apart her comments but this news caused me to look elsewhere for fodder – and I didn’t have to look much further through a Dogpile search.

Before I go to the content, I’ll just reference her alma mater – Vermont Girls High School. I looked it up and found that it was a former school in Plympton in Adelaide. I know it well. I’ve umpired the junior football club and seen the senior football club play as recently as July this year. But I digress.

This entry tore Ross apart. She’s into homeopathy, and is a skeptic of what she calls “Allopathic medicine” AKA mainstream medicine. She claimed in the comments on the Piesse article that she’d spent time in India, where there is a lot of reliance on homeopathy and the like. That plus sanitation issues is why there have been reported issues with the polio vaccine. I’ve always said that vaccines are the final preventative, but not the whole preventative. Sanitation without a doubt brought mortality rates down. But it didn’t reduce the incidence and that’s the equation that vaccines complete. Vaccines without sanitation could present some issues.

This was in 2015 and Ross appeared in the comments and called herself not anonymous because she has integrity. WTAF?? Integrity? I have more of that in my pinkie than she has in her whole body! She is deluded, which is why she believes so much in what she does. She’s up there with the likes of Frankie Vasquez, Angela Offer/Eisenhauer, Rixta Francis and the like. Totally out of touch with the real world.

And as if to prove this, she was all over the comments on this entry;

It would take way too long to go through everything, but one thing stood out here as much as it did on the Piesse article. This woman doesn’t care. She see vaccines as useless without understanding a thing about it. This is why she is on the AV Name Check – this is incitement to child neglect, and that makes her what I called her in the title; an uncaring bitch. Her new Facebook account is being watched, and my investigations are ongoing. Like those in the top section of the Check, she will get hers – and it will be nice and legal.

Like it will be with everyone else. Not a criminal act in sight. Nor is there any criminal intent. Fact.

Frankie Vasquez has sawdust for brains

I have noticed that one of the craziest anti vaxxers in Australia is now trying to claim that the Commonwealth of Australia is owned by Dun and Bradstreet! Take a look!

Now I reproduced the link near the top, and this is what it REALLY shows!

And to back it up;

He made that up! Each and every address given is owned by the real Commonwealth of Australia. Dun and Bradstreet has been around longer than the Commonwealth (it was founded in 1841) but all it is according to Wikipedia – yeah not the best source but anyway – is a business services company. It will have data on all commercial entities. That’s it’s job. It doesn’t own any of it! The ABN that is in the search is the ABN of the Australian Tax Office.

Each of the notes in Frankie’s screenshot is proof of the Commonwealth of Australia doing business in the United States. It has to do this as a private company in the eyes of the IRS. That’s what D&B is noting. Whether it be the Embassy itself in Washington DC, the various consulates, the trade commission and so on. But of course Fwankie can’t see that because he has sawdust for brains.

This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Today, I tried to report Frankie to SA Health’s Mental Health triage. Unfortunately they need police intervention first, but they did appreciate the effort. Section 56 was mentioned and I looked it up – it’s Section 56 of the Mental Health Act 2009. That however doesn’t refer to the police. But Section 57 is a near replica of Section 56 and that’s the one where the police do have jurisdiction. But after a call to Salisbury police station (the Elizabeth cop shop’s phone rang out) it was confirmed that they can’t act until they catch him in real life, and I think he knows it hence his hiding from the police on the two occasions he has been visited by the police in the past month. But I for one will be keeping the pressure on. This effort is specific to Fwankie and isn’t a part of any of the other efforts against others listed on the AV Name Check, because he is a special case. Heavy emphasis on the word “special”.

Believe me, if I have my way in the end – there is a padded cell waiting for him at Yatala Prison. He is a bona fide nutcase, fruitcake standard.

Tetyana the undereducated

I’ve just about had a gut full of the fake news site the Australian National Review. Their contributions come from unreliable sources not surprisingly but this one took the cake – not just the original article but the stupidity in the comments! Well, not so much the stupidity but rather the blatant falling for what is clearly con artistry on the part of Tetyana Obukhanych.

Let’s go to the background first. Tetyana claims to have a PhD in immunology from Rockefeller University after migrating to the US from the Ukraine. She also claims (without proof) to have fulfilled research training appointments at Harvard and the Stanford University of Medicine. She claims to have become an anti vaxxer as a result of catching some childhood diseases despite being vaccinated. This was presumably in the Ukraine, where there is a high chance that herd immunity was not at the right levels – a fact that she totally ignores. (The basis of this comes from her official website notes)

Tetyana is known to Australia. She made a submission to the Senate enquiry into the No Jab No Pay legislation while it was being considered in 2015, with the support of the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network (as their note about her submission proves). It rightfully had no effect as did all the other complaints, because it comes from a false base.

She wrote a book called the Vaccine Illusion, and in this book she made the following statement regarding the definition of immunology;

“…a science that studies an artificial process of immunization – i.e., the immune system’s response to injected foreign matter. Immunology does not attempt to study and therefore cannot provide understanding of natural diseases and immunity that follows them.”

That second sentence is a disaster by itself in it’s inaccuracy! Indeed, the Harvard definition states;

“The science of Immunology encompasses the study of the development, anatomy functions and malfunctions of the immune system, all of which are of fundamental importance to the understanding of human disease. The immune system is made up of many types of molecules and cells that are distributed in every tissue of the body, as well as specialized lymphoid organs, which act in a coordinated manner to prevent or eliminate microbial infections, to suppress the growth of tumors, and to initiate repair of damaged tissues. The immune system normally recognizes and responds to foreign molecules or damaged self, but not healthy host cells and tissues.”

The first sentence totally contradicts Tetyana’s claim! And this was the place she CLAIMS to have engaged in research training! I couldn’t find a definition on the Rockefeller University website but with it’s reputation it has to be at least close to Harvard’s. So it’s clear that her claim to being an immunologist is total rubbish. Just having a PhD in something doesn’t mean they are that. Take a look at Judy Wilyman for instance! Rockefeller Uni has some questions to answer.

Tetyana is a founding director of Physicians for Informed Consent. The list of fellow members doesn’t include anyone obvious, except for Chris Shaw who also has a rep for poor articles. It seems to have been formed in opposition to California’s SB277 law because there doesn’t appear to be anything there about anything else, including SB18 (which I admit to have lost track of since I left Twitter).

To the ANR article – which claims to have picked the article from “Neon Nettle” when in fact it’s an edited version of Tetyana’s failed letter to the Californian Senate to try and stop SB277 (and failed) – it just further proves the site needs to be shut down.

But in the comments we have a batch of idiots falling for this woman’s lies! I have just today taken screenshots of everything not logged in – that way I can see one person who blocked me and another who I blocked awhile ago. I’m not going to repeat anything I said there but I will just touch on the participants who need to re-assess their position.

1. Nicole Kellidis – Wants a full bunking when one isn’t needed. Claims that Tetyana is articulate and clear as though it was an authority

2. Darren D’Anon DoÚrden – A fly through who seemed to be in the middle criticising both sides without substance.

3. Liz Terra – Another fly through wanting “facts” from me.

4. Jennifer Mary – Claims that science still has a lot to learn re immunology without back up.

5. Chelsea Straw – Claims Tetyana has referenced studies ignoring the fact that Tetyana doesn’t understand immunology.

6. Daniel Hoskins – Claimed that I was hanging around with Tetyana! Go figure that!

7. John Hubbell – Also wanted me to provide evidence and agreed with Hoskins! Ewwwww!

8. Becky Martin – The first substantive contributor who has been told she’ll be added to the AV Name Check on the next update. She squealed against the accusation of child neglect and also goes the content line with vaccines.

9. Eric Francis – This is the coward who blocked me. Claimed that doctors are paid to lie about vaccines and as I upload this I will be advising on my original thread answering him that he is also heading for the AV Name Check on the next update.

10. Patty Love – Made the offensive observation that vaccines cause Autism, and also claims that vaccines aren’t fully researched to make them safer.

11. Kay Denney – Attacked me for not providing evidence. She also claimed (correctly) that tetanus isn’t contagious but that’s a reason not to vaccinate for it!

12. Toni Stott – Also went down the offensive line of vaccines causing Autism.

13. Rosa Nobel – Simply thanked Tetyana like a fool.

14. Garry Nelson – Denies the existence of herd immunity and supports the old wives tale of natural immunity through catching the disease.

15. Denise Cawthorne – Another foolish thank you.

16. Nora Alicia Anso – Tried to promote Tetyana’s website.

17. Jean de Villiers – Residing in Tanzania (claims to anyway) and yet puts over Rockefeller, Harvard and Stanford as the bomb. I addressed this in the main part of this blog entry. Claimed a lack of access the Raptor’s article to avoid it.

18. Angela Coral Offer – Under her fake name of Eisenhauer of course, Offside is well known to readers of this blog and the one I blocked some time ago. She linked the entry about me on the Crazz Files which I have bunked on Episode 26 of the Phil’s World Podcast. She’s already on the AV Name Check, and by the way she thinks I’ve been gagged because she has friended everyone on the Check. That claim has only come to my attention upon taking the screenshots, and it’s laughable to say the very least!

19. Caroline Tutti Johansson – Wanted to know what my credentials are.

20. Morag Bromfield – Claimed that Tetyana supports “informed consent”.

21. Melissa Vaillancourt – Also focused on the tetanus line re not being contagious.

22. Jan Guerin – Another fly in thank you.

23. Jaynaya Ayanyaj – Attacked a great remark by Rick Swenson.

24. Lee Phelps – Calls me in effect an expert without a PhD and therefore useless.

25. Penny Anne Gifford – Another fly in thank you.

26. Lucia Randall – Attacked me without naming me wanting a profile pic with my face as well as lauding the article.

27. Tanner Carver – Claims that vaccinations should not be a requirement for attending school.

28. Elaine Russell – Demanded more detail from my objections.

29. Meegan Allen – Figured the article meant the truth was out. HA!

30. Rosamund Edwards – Another foolish thank you and added that doctors refuse to provide information.

31. Ian Cuming – Claimed babies are being experimented on with vaccines! That’s offensive!

32. Susan Durchfort – Willing to be conned but at least admitted that there might not have been a Harvard study.

There is bound to be more. Meanwhile, I noted the Whois of the ANR website and no surprise – the ownership name is hidden. This site has to be taken down and I think I know how to get it done. And Tetyana needs a re-education in herd immunity, which if she had studied immunology would have been included. I’d love to see this thesis that got her PhD but surprise, surprise – no sign of it even on her own website.

You’ve been banned, dummy!

This Blagen Login is deluded. Completely and utterly deluded if the fool isn’t the con artist and liar I said they were. For a start, I said they were banned. So what does this idiot do? Tries to post again – and sees that it disappears. It goes straight into the trash folder, that’s why! Banned is banned! I left this alone for awhile to see what developed and now I’ll just address this total rubbish;

Now saying there is no difference with your body’s barriers between eating and getting injected with something, that’s lying. Because there are clear differences.

There is NO difference!

You could eat something hazardous and your body has many different ways of getting rid of it. It can get passed out with your food in excrement and urine, it can get filtered through your kidneys and organs. Or you could throw it up if you have to.

But if you get injected, that it. You have to let your body try and metabolize things like aluminum and it has a lot of difficulty with them.

The first part about food is correct. Injections work the same way. Metabolising applies to both consumption and injection.

The Earth is still. The sun and moon float above us and go around in an elliptical pattern. Their movement creates day and night for us.

This is why this idiot is deluded. The Earth moves, you dope! It’s the Sun that stays still! We are a globe – like I explained in the previous entry. If you flew due west for over 40,000 kilometres you wind up back at the same point! You couldn’t do that if the Earth was flat! Planes fly across every ocean every day. Across the Pacific and across the Atlantic. That would be impossible for one of the two if the Earth was flat! Did I really have to explain that?

There is medical verification for these claims. If there weren’t, then there wouldn’t be $3 billion dollars paid out for vaccine injury, now would there?

Yes there would because that is a court decision. A LEGAL decision, not a medical verification – and besides, that payout is on probability and not proof.

if you’re healthy you avoid getting sick.

Wrong, and I’m the living proof of that!

The only reason I’m doing this is because people don’t know the truth to what’s going on.

You don’t know the truth.

Even if you don’t believe the truth, it’s still the truth no matter what.

You’re the one who doesn’t believe the truth.

Just as last note, listen to those who are speaking out about vaccines. There is the evidence that goes against vaccine’s safety and effectiveness.

No. They are not doing the right thing and fully disclosing the claimed incident to the appropriate authorities. Until they do that, there is no evidence and they are harming the sub total of knowledge by creating a fake pool of illogical mumbo jumbo that fails all tests of proper logic.

I’ve seen stuff that convinces me about this and I honestly believe what I’ve been saying.

In your deluded state, I can believe that. It doesn’t make you right. It makes you mentally ill.

The world could really benefit having nicer people. All this fighting and arguing going on can really take a toll on some people and I’m sorry if you’re going through anything.

Only a con artist would speak this way while spouting the rubbish you’ve just spouted. I’d feel sorry for you otherwise and call on you to get help for your delusion.

Try and be less argumentative when talking with people with opposing views, it leads nowhere and everyone ends up being annoyed or angry in some way.

When people like you indirectly threaten the lives of children by opposing vaccines, that is the act of a criminal and attracts anger automatically. Children are sacred and should not be harmed, and you are promoting harm by opposing the best protection that is available – vaccination. People like you are sick, twisted and dangerous – and you deserve every angry comment you get (except for any death threats but then it’s not our side that engages in that sort of BS – it’s yours).

It’s no wonder this fool keeps their real name silent. Scared of being locked up as a nutcase; fruitcake standard!

No Name’s Twitter rot

What is wrong with this Blagen Login! I mean come on!

I went to this fool’s Twitter account just now and I found an argument with the highly reliable Dorit Reiss. I won’t quote the whole thing, but what jumped out at me was another illogical conclusion depicted in this meme;

The first three references are correct. The last is not. There is a key difference between them.

All of the first three are medically verified reactions. They have been proven to happen, the correct test is there as a result so it is easy to diagnose, identify and react to.

The last one doesn’t fulfill those points. It is NOT a medically verified reaction, therefore there is no proof of it. It is 100 percent supposition and non medical assumption. The test used was the wrong test, because it proves nothing relating to vaccines or to Autism! That’s the point – there is NO MEDICAL VERIFICATION!

Heavy metal toxicity has many different causes, but it’s not vaccines. Why? Because if it was all children would have such a reaction. And they don’t. The vast majority are fine. The very few that react all react because they shouldn’t have been given the vaccine at that precise moment. That’s not the vaccine at fault – that’s a system error. It happens, but what bothers me is the lack of reporting of those errors certainly in America! In Australia we’re better at it (the Fluvax incident involving Saba Button is a good example of this) – and I’m talking about PROPER reports, not random form filling like what is done with America’s VAERS system. Boy that thing needs to be revamped and badly!

Autism is genetic. It is not caused by vaccines. That is hate speech against Autism. That’s the real reason why this twit won’t give their full real name. They know they are going to get into some serious trouble!

Blagen Login – what is your real name?

In the comments of the last entry you may have seen the idiot in the title applying his or her disgusting level of claimed logic. The idiot just didn’t understand that everything that was claimed by them was wrong. Not logical, and just plain rubbish. Let’s just highlight the so called logic;

1. “Injections by pass the body’s natural filters whereas consumption doesn’t”. There is NO difference between injection and consumption when it comes to the body’s barriers. Anything that is not needed will find it’s way through the body’s ejection system. In order for the body to absorb what it needs it has to be able to deal with both, and it does when working correctly. That is a fact, and it is also logical.

2. “Anti vaxxers own observations are reliable as they look into it themselves and see all the other stories”. Not good enough! There is no medical verification in this process and nor should their be! Medical verification is ESSENTIAL in these claims and as long as it’s not there it’s not true. Speculation is not scientific especially when it comes from people who are thinking with their hearts or guts and not their heads!

3. “Vaccines are not the only way to prevent disease”. If that was true we wouldn’t need vaccines. But we do, because they are the only way to ELIMINATE disease. Clean water provides the improved base, but all that did was cut back in fatalities. It did nothing to dispose of the disease altogether. Vaccines WORK! And they are the ONLY procedure that performs this task successfully.

Basically this idiot is believing the BS. Their logic is skewed badly as a result. And whoever this is can now be identified as a blatant liar. They stated that they had created a Twitter account as a result of the comments in the previous entry. I looked, and the account was created in September 2016! Con artist!

And, no, this person is not being added to the AV Name Check. This one needs their real name on it, not this stupid user name they are using. Now if they aren’t a con artist or liar, they’ll provide it. But I know they won’t. Just making this clear as glass – “Blagen Login” is an illogical, lying con artist who doesn’t understand vaccines, science or anything related to it. Proof? is a quack site, and would you believe this idiot believes the earth is flat??

IDIOT! Take a flight from your home town and go due west – don’t stop. After flying for 40,075 kilometres you will be able to land at your starting point. You couldn’t do that if the Earth was flat!!


The damage Kerra Lindsey is doing

There is obvious damage Kerra Lindsey is doing on her Real Organic Truth page. She has a bunch of followers that have to be described as cult followers and she (with the help of her husband Rudy I’m sure) is leading a charge of lies and fabrications that she thinks is the whole answer – and can’t stand my review of her page. Today I decided that every time she commented (or anyone else for that matter – unless the comment was in support of me) I would delete the review and put it back as a fresh review. As of this blog entry I have done this ?? times, and it is clearly frustrating her – and I am delighted this is the case because she deserves every bit of her incitement of child neglect!

We’ll start on February 19 at 1:23am (Australian time);

👀👁👀👁👀Look at the confirmation this #stalker keeps circling our page. 😮😂😂😂 Why does it leave so much evidence of its criminal activity stalking a mom? #monster #cdcwhistleblower #truth can’t be silenced by #bought, fake #autistics. #vaccines are poison & this creatures temper tantrums change nothing. #macesmom shares health truth to #savethebabies. 😄👍🏼💥 #realorganictruth

Viewing a public page is not stalking. Reviewing it is not stalking either. If you don’t want me looking at it – delete it. Simples. You don’t tell the truth and you never have. I am Autistic and have the formal diagnosis to prove it (the original as Asperger’s Syndrome which is the same thing and three confirmations – there’s a fourth somewhere but I can’t locate it). Vaccines are not poison, and the person that’s chucking the temper tantrum is Lindsey. She is a liar and doesn’t save any babies.

When I deleted my review and consequently that comment, and re-added it she was onto it instantly on February 19 at 5:59pm (Oz time);

There is something wrong with you. 😘❤️I’m sorry for that. We feel sorry for you. You are stalking us and others are documenting you doing it. 😄👍🏼💥Thank you for being so transparent to make it so obvious. 👫👭👭👫=❤️😄 Cheers to #truth to #savethebabies! #vaccines are poison.

There’s nothing wrong with me. There’s something seriously wrong with you, Lindsey, and THAT is incredibly transparent. I already addressed the rest previously.

I deleted the review again and put it back as before, and on February 21 smack bang on midnight (Oz time);

This is his 4th review of our page. 😳😂😂😂👍🏼 Thanks, Phil! We know you ❤️ #macesmom & #teamtruth! #Vaccines are poison & alter your DNA. Don’t be duped into pHARMa filth!

That was what caused me to edit my review and add the ludicrous claim that vaccines alter your DNA! That’s impossible! I won’t be duped by ORGANIC filth, if we are going to go that way! I decided to leave this review up and nothing else happened, until yesterday when a liar named Marcie Ellyn came along with this at 4:35am (Oz time);

And did you receive your Vitamin K at birth and all your vaccines? HOW do you really know you were “born” with it? Is that what doctors TOLD your mother? Do you not find it odd that hundreds of thousands of parents saw their babies change within minutes or HOURS of shots? You know what they say- Vaccines are the world’s LEADING cause of COINCIDENCES!! The inserts would NOT last an adverse reaction unless they KNOW it happens- why would they put it in there otherwise? It’s not like they can be sued… THINK

You can’t think! Vitamin K wasn’t about when I was born, but I got all my vaccines at the time. I know I was born with it, because it is genetic at the base. There are NO parents that saw their babies change within minutes or hours of the vaccine – because none of it has been medically verified. It wasn’t even a coincidence. If anything there was a sensory overload and that can ONLY happen to an Autistic! And that overload can come from literally ANYWHERE! The insert list is a legal statement and not a medical statement, and no they DON’T know it happens. The legal statement is speculative and should be removed, and yes they CAN be sued. Just don’t mention any claim to vaccine injury. Concentrate on the vaccine itself.

She also said just five minutes later;

If you do not believe that DNA can be altered, you should really look up mutagenesis and also be well aware that NO vaccines are tested for it. CANCER is completely and totally CAUSED by genetic damage (DNA MUTATION). How do you inject people with KNOWN TOXINS AND POISONS and then try to pretend that vaccines do not poison people?? I know it must be hard to accept that our government is just fine poisoning is, especially considering you have Autism, but even the CDC scientists have admitted they LIED when they said “Vaccines do not cause Autism”. They most certainly cause brain inflammation-as they are DESIGNED to do- which yes, CAUSES Autism. How sad you can’t see…

I can see very well thank you, and right through your web of lies! Vaccines have been tested for EVERYTHING in Australia (I can’t speak for the US) and mutagenesis is a part of human evolution so it is not a factor in anything – unless it goes wrong and that’s where the cancer threat lies, and even then there are ways to prevent many versions of it! As for that crack about the ingredients, if you want to go that way – EVERYTHING contains known toxins and poisons! Even FRESH (as opposed to tap) WATER! Not to mention Lindsey’s organic line of food! Autism is a brain DIFFERENCE, not an inflammation of any kind whatsoever – and vaccines are NOT designed to cause brain inflammation, otherwise it would be happening to EVERY recipient of a vaccine of ALL ages! Enough clear vision for you?

We then had another fake name drop in – Trisha Dinwiddie – who simply observed that I was a paid troll. Nope. No payments from anyone to do what I am doing. Lindsey tried to back it up by taking note of the thanks I have got from Jill Hennessy (which doesn’t prove anything) and while she was about that she also responded to Ellyn’s rubbish calling it “thought provoking”.

That all caused me to delete the review and put it back yet again, and last night at 11:41pm here comes Lindsey again;

This thing came back for the FIFTH time to rate us. 😳😂😂😂👍🏼💥Thanks, Phil who is paid to harass others for profit! #liarliarpantsonfire How sad you are. I feel bad for you as your life lacks substance. 😘♥️

How sad are you reacting like this, little girl? What a temper tantrum yet again! The insults are lame and inaccurate and you are too stupid to see it.

We then had Iris Figueroa pop in at 3:02am this morning with this garbage laden comment;

Phil, we can only feel pity for your ignorance and rage. Trying so hard to censor the truth will not negate the truth. If you really want to make a noble difference in a child’s life, be open to learning and understanding instead. We don’t worship at the vaccine altar. We didn’t just wake up one day and say, “Today I’m going to oppose vaccinations.” We and/or our children are damaged, maimed, and some lost their lives to vaccines. Living organisms are not born vaccine nor drug deficient. Never were, and never will be. Humans draw our health from natural immunity and nature’s bounty. So that in addition to being open to understanding the truth, also learn to cook for your health. It is your right to choose to drink fluoride, ingest tons of glyphosate, inject yourself and your children with mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde, and finally drug yourselves up with pharmaceuticals. Sounds like a plan with purpose. Just as it is our freedom to know better and share it with others to help them avoid tragedy. Our plan with purpose. Because the alternative is deliberately designed to ENSLAVE you as a customer for life. htt ps://childhealthsafety.word

I am censoring nothing. I am telling the truth, and you are too stupid to see it. You are the threat to the child’s life and are not open to real learning and understanding. You are not a victim of vaccines. You have no proof of your claims. Vaccines are needed to supplement a vulnerable young body’s protective barriers that are not equipped to cope with the likes of influenza, whooping cough, measles, mumps etc etc. Diseased children were dying from these diseases before vaccines (and clean water) and still are thanks to idiots like you even though the rate is lower. But we want it at ZERO! You don’t. You don’t care about children. They should be growing up healthy and happy. You want them diseased and running the risk of death from that disease. Medicine is a balanced practice, and you are unbalancing it and placing lives at risk with your ill informed rhetoric. There is no mercury in vaccines (ethyl mercury is not mercury, and methyl mercury – which is more toxic than ethyl mercury – is found naturally in fish), aluminium is not dangerous otherwise they would ban aluminium cans, and formaldehyde is found in pears. Drugs should only be taken on medical advice. It’s a plan with a purpose – it’s called SAVING LIVES! And you aren’t interested in that and that makes you the slave – to death. The link is an unreliable source (and I broke it up to prevent an auto linking).

That caused another deletion and reboot of the review and by this time I was making it clear that this was the original review re-booted. And Lindsey couldn’t help herself at 8:26am this morning (Oz time);

This is beautiful. Posted a rating on us 5 times, comes to OUR page stalking us calling us names? Hmm–seems odd, right? Why is this man stalking this already injured family? Their child almost died after vaccines and this us well documented. Why the denial? 3.6 Billion paid out to families of vaccine injured like #gomace’s and those who did not survive the poisoning. Outright abuse & bullying of vaccine injured us not okay. This is the ONLY allowed public bullying. Let’s think about that. #macesmom

It is not medically documented though. Why? Because it didn’t happen. Vaccine Court payouts are biased because they don’t fulfill the criteria of proof. If a proper court heard the evidence there would be nowhere near as much paid out, if anything at all! She and her cronies are the bullies and I’m just fighting back in kind with the truth. And this will continue as the real truth is on my side.

This one popped up while I had my email opened and now I was jumping straight away to delete and reboot, and I even added the note to the bottom of my review stating this, and that I would continue to do this until the page was deleted. On this reboot, Lindsey shot back with this comment at 9:09am;

It just keeps going on and on. Look at it. #stalker #truth #vAxxed

And it will keep going on until you delete your page! Figueroa came back with this at 9:42am this morning (Oz time);

He deleted my reply to him – Something about bodily autonomy and human freedoms not up for sale in a Constitutional Republic. Government and industry do not own us sorta logic. It must’ve resonated for him as common sens and legally correct. Him being a paralegal and all.

She also added the link again and I left it out this time. No it resonated as a blatant lie as I already proved. Bodily autonomy comes with a responsibility to do the right thing by it. If you refuse to do the right thing and that threatens the health of the community, you forfeit said autonomy for the good of the community. They deserve freedoms as well and you are denying them the freedom to live free from disease. That is the legal facts of the matter!

The email notifying me of Lindsey’s comment was delayed, but I deleted the review again and rebooted it and that caused a rant by Figueroa at 9:55am (Oz time)

Philip, you can never squash the truth, no matter how fascist you want to be about it. We have scientists who’ve done the unbiased research. “The greatest lie ever told is that vaccines prevent disease, when in fact they cause many diseases such as autism.” htt p://www.organiclifestyle You don’t play politics with a child’s life. IF you care and research the whole story, once you learn, you just can’t unlearn. Unavoidably unsafe remains unavoidably unsafe, as per the ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States. htt ps://www.supreme Forced medical procedures are in direct violation of our human freedoms (as parents, as people). As per the Nuremburg Code, the AMA code of ethics and our Constitution. Our bodies are not government property. Where there is risk, there is choice. htt p://www.rense .com/general87/nurem.htm How about The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986? This historic law acknowledged that vaccine injuries and deaths are real and that the vaccine injured and their families should be financially supported and that vaccine safety protections were needed in the mass vaccination system. EXCEPT that the industry is not held liable for the damages; citizen taxes are burdened with this responsibility. Therefore, no industry incentive to conduct any due diligence or ethics. htt p://www.nvic .org/injury-compensation/origihanlaw.aspx Then we look at our nation’s health statistics. The USA has the highest infant mortality rate (in the first 24 hours of life) among first world nations and gives the highest number of vaccines within the first year of life. Countries which give fewest vaccines have the lowest infant mortality rate. The insane notion that more vaccines save more lives is not supported by simple statistics. htt ps://www.ncbi.nlm. htt p://www.thevaccine You cannot hide vaccine injuries. Even the law acknowledges them. And you’re a paralegal?!

I broke up all the links for the same reasons as before.

1. There are no genuine scientists who have done research and drawn conclusions against vaccines. There are only quacks and under-qualified scientists. That first link is not reliable.

2. You are the one playing politics with a child’s life – in fact a whole bunch of children’s lives outside your own! That is neglect and is a criminal act.

3. The Supreme Court made no such ruling. I’ve read the decision and it only mentions unavoidably unsafe in the preamble (AKA syllabus as those numb nuts in the US call it). The decision made no such conclusion as it was about the ability to by pass the Vaccine Court and it rejected the proposal.

4. There is risk in EVERYTHING is life so a choice must be made. And it must be the right choice for the community, not just you. See point 2. Vaccines are safe under that choice.

5. No it only accepts the probability they exist. Nothing has been proven to the proper level required by the laws of evidence – laws that the Vaccine Court does not abide by.

6. NVIC is an unreliable source. Enough said about that.

7. You can’t read that NIH link and that last one is another unreliable source. The highest infant mortality rate is in Africa.

You are hiding vaccine injuries because you refuse to get these claims checked out. Until you do – they don’t exist. There is no positive proof of any issue that has been caused solely by a vaccine. Not one. That is legal FACT!

I deleted the review and rebooted yet again, and Figueroa promptly came back at 10:08am with more rubbish;

Dude, you’re bordering schizophrenia. Quit while you can. 😉 The Lancet: Editor In Chief Of World’s Best Known Medical Journal: Half Of All The Literature Is False. His quote: “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.” htt p://www.the Editors in chief of three of the four leading medical journals in the world have spoken and written publicly about the unreliability of medical science and the way it is more of a social phenomenon than a scientific one. Medical science has long been skewed by the profit motive. htt ps://papers.ssrn .com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2282014#%23 Peer-review process. “So we have little evidence on the effectiveness of peer review, but we have considerable evidence on its defects. In addition to being poor at detecting gross defects and almost useless for detecting fraud it is slow, expensive, profligate of academic time, highly subjective, something of a lottery, prone to bias, and easily abused.” htt ps://www.ncbi.nlm.n The education for hire. “Scores of examples of scientific and social scientific research essential to public welfare are undermined by private influence. In fact, more than 52 per cent of funding for clinical medical research is now from corporate sources. The trend is easiest to spot and most publicly alarming in the medical sciences, since lives are at stake. But there is cause for concern as well in the humanities and social sciences, where publication of inconvenient truths can be discouraged by university higher-ups”. htt p://www.academic The politics. Pharma interference in legislative matters to insure profits. Caught red-handed. Pharma, the mainstream media and its marketing revenue, bulk from the pharmaceutical industry. No, no influence there. htt ps://www.drug The CDC. In a letter to the CDC Chief of Staff from CDC scientists – lies and corruption within the organization. The members of the group have elected to file the complaint anonymously for fear of retribution. htt ps://usr This tells us that the MDs, RNs, NIH, CDC, FDA, HHS, NCI, IOM, ACIP, AAFP, AAP, and the ACOG are pharma “captured agencies”. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Seriously, YOU claim to be a U.S. PARALEGAL, but you don’t research your own religion?!

I broke up the links again and first off, the Lancet quote was talking about the pseudo science that was bouncing around. It’s the same with the others and they refuse to stop it because they think it will just go away on their word. They have to start suing these liars, and I wish they would. There is no profit motive for vaccines (that lies with the pills especially all the varieties of aspirin and other pain killers that are found on supermarket shelves). The pseudo science element is out of control – that’s the education for hire, not real science. There are no inconvenient truths. There are inconvenient LIES promoted as truth by pseudo science and dummies like this lot are believing it in numbers that are getting too big to ignore. No influence over mainstream media, because they employ smart people who know the difference between science and pseudo science. They are required to present the truth or they can get into trouble. The CDC is all over the claims and even asked the people for contributions to the investigation – and that was last October! How many of you have presented the full medical records of your children for this investigation? None of you.

And I am not American. I am Australian.

Another deletion and reboot and Figueroa couldn’t help herself at 10:14am;

Open, honest debate is the only way to restore public confidence. Censorship will not work. You’re only providing us with more evidence of fraud.

Censorship does work when lives are at stake. Lies will be deleted, and you are telling them to the detriment of the health of the community especially the children. That’s why the time for debate is past. It’s time to punish the liars and that means the anti vaxxers.

Yet another deletion and reboot and Lindsey simply hash tagged stalker and police. I deleted and rebooted another time and Figueroa was back again at 10:46am;

Censorship will not work. Fraudulent misconduct, Philip, that’s what you’re providing us with. Vax ingredients. How do carcinogens and neurotoxins and animal DNA injected into you build your immune system? htt ps://www.cdc. gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/B/excipient-table-2.pdf

Broke up the link again – there are no carcinogens, neurotoxins or animal DNA in vaccines! It’s a COMPOUND! Calling it something other than a compound is what’s fraudulent! Lindsey O’Connell got involved with this in reply to Figueroa;

Those paid to mock, harass & vilify parents of vaccine injured should be ashamed of themselves.

Those who claim vaccine injury without verifiable proof are the ones who should be ashamed of themselves! Figueroa replied thus;

Lindsey – I agree. Any doctor, nurse, doctor’s assistant, nurse assistant, pharmacy, clinic, ANYBODY that administers or promotes vaccines to anyone, should be charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER/HOMICIDE.

Try it! Report it as such! I dare you! I DOUBLE dare you! You know why you won’t? Because you know you’ll be chucked down the front steps! Figueroa then added the same comment as an original and added;

Adversonics. Iatrogenic. Vaccine-induced injury. htt ps://

Again – can’t read.

Another deletion and reboot resulted and Lindsey put a screen shot of Figueroa’s comment about censorship. Figueroa added this at 11:08am;

Philip, you know the law, correct? What’s the skinny on cyberstalking? Adversonics. Iatrogenic. Vaccine-induced injury.

She also re added the previous link. The skinny on cyberstalking is that when one is looking a reviewing a public page, that is not cyberstalking.

I’d had it. I completed this entry and it’s now live. I have added the link to the review (which I lost somehow so I had to do a brand new one) and I have told them if they want to talk to me they have to do it here. Oh, and Figueroa?