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Tetyana the undereducated

I’ve just about had a gut full of the fake news site the Australian National Review. Their contributions come from unreliable sources not surprisingly but this one took the cake – not just the original article but the stupidity in the comments! Well, not so much the stupidity but rather the blatant falling for what is clearly con artistry on the part of Tetyana Obukhanych.

Let’s go to the background first. Tetyana claims to have a PhD in immunology from Rockefeller University after migrating to the US from the Ukraine. She also claims (without proof) to have fulfilled research training appointments at Harvard and the Stanford University of Medicine. She claims to have become an anti vaxxer as a result of catching some childhood diseases despite being vaccinated. This was presumably in the Ukraine, where there is a high chance that herd immunity was not at the right levels – a fact that she totally ignores. (The basis of this comes from her official website notes)

Tetyana is known to Australia. She made a submission to the Senate enquiry into the No Jab No Pay legislation while it was being considered in 2015, with the support of the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network (as their note about her submission proves). It rightfully had no effect as did all the other complaints, because it comes from a false base.

She wrote a book called the Vaccine Illusion, and in this book she made the following statement regarding the definition of immunology;

“…a science that studies an artificial process of immunization – i.e., the immune system’s response to injected foreign matter. Immunology does not attempt to study and therefore cannot provide understanding of natural diseases and immunity that follows them.”

That second sentence is a disaster by itself in it’s inaccuracy! Indeed, the Harvard definition states;

“The science of Immunology encompasses the study of the development, anatomy functions and malfunctions of the immune system, all of which are of fundamental importance to the understanding of human disease. The immune system is made up of many types of molecules and cells that are distributed in every tissue of the body, as well as specialized lymphoid organs, which act in a coordinated manner to prevent or eliminate microbial infections, to suppress the growth of tumors, and to initiate repair of damaged tissues. The immune system normally recognizes and responds to foreign molecules or damaged self, but not healthy host cells and tissues.”

The first sentence totally contradicts Tetyana’s claim! And this was the place she CLAIMS to have engaged in research training! I couldn’t find a definition on the Rockefeller University website but with it’s reputation it has to be at least close to Harvard’s. So it’s clear that her claim to being an immunologist is total rubbish. Just having a PhD in something doesn’t mean they are that. Take a look at Judy Wilyman for instance! Rockefeller Uni has some questions to answer.

Tetyana is a founding director of Physicians for Informed Consent. The list of fellow members doesn’t include anyone obvious, except for Chris Shaw who also has a rep for poor articles. It seems to have been formed in opposition to California’s SB277 law because there doesn’t appear to be anything there about anything else, including SB18 (which I admit to have lost track of since I left Twitter).

To the ANR article – which claims to have picked the article from “Neon Nettle” when in fact it’s an edited version of Tetyana’s failed letter to the Californian Senate to try and stop SB277 (and failed) – it just further proves the site needs to be shut down.

But in the comments we have a batch of idiots falling for this woman’s lies! I have just today taken screenshots of everything not logged in – that way I can see one person who blocked me and another who I blocked awhile ago. I’m not going to repeat anything I said there but I will just touch on the participants who need to re-assess their position.

1. Nicole Kellidis – Wants a full bunking when one isn’t needed. Claims that Tetyana is articulate and clear as though it was an authority

2. Darren D’Anon DoÚrden – A fly through who seemed to be in the middle criticising both sides without substance.

3. Liz Terra – Another fly through wanting “facts” from me.

4. Jennifer Mary – Claims that science still has a lot to learn re immunology without back up.

5. Chelsea Straw – Claims Tetyana has referenced studies ignoring the fact that Tetyana doesn’t understand immunology.

6. Daniel Hoskins – Claimed that I was hanging around with Tetyana! Go figure that!

7. John Hubbell – Also wanted me to provide evidence and agreed with Hoskins! Ewwwww!

8. Becky Martin – The first substantive contributor who has been told she’ll be added to the AV Name Check on the next update. She squealed against the accusation of child neglect and also goes the content line with vaccines.

9. Eric Francis – This is the coward who blocked me. Claimed that doctors are paid to lie about vaccines and as I upload this I will be advising on my original thread answering him that he is also heading for the AV Name Check on the next update.

10. Patty Love – Made the offensive observation that vaccines cause Autism, and also claims that vaccines aren’t fully researched to make them safer.

11. Kay Denney – Attacked me for not providing evidence. She also claimed (correctly) that tetanus isn’t contagious but that’s a reason not to vaccinate for it!

12. Toni Stott – Also went down the offensive line of vaccines causing Autism.

13. Rosa Nobel – Simply thanked Tetyana like a fool.

14. Garry Nelson – Denies the existence of herd immunity and supports the old wives tale of natural immunity through catching the disease.

15. Denise Cawthorne – Another foolish thank you.

16. Nora Alicia Anso – Tried to promote Tetyana’s website.

17. Jean de Villiers – Residing in Tanzania (claims to anyway) and yet puts over Rockefeller, Harvard and Stanford as the bomb. I addressed this in the main part of this blog entry. Claimed a lack of access the Raptor’s article to avoid it.

18. Angela Coral Offer – Under her fake name of Eisenhauer of course, Offside is well known to readers of this blog and the one I blocked some time ago. She linked the entry about me on the Crazz Files which I have bunked on Episode 26 of the Phil’s World Podcast. She’s already on the AV Name Check, and by the way she thinks I’ve been gagged because she has friended everyone on the Check. That claim has only come to my attention upon taking the screenshots, and it’s laughable to say the very least!

19. Caroline Tutti Johansson – Wanted to know what my credentials are.

20. Morag Bromfield – Claimed that Tetyana supports “informed consent”.

21. Melissa Vaillancourt – Also focused on the tetanus line re not being contagious.

22. Jan Guerin – Another fly in thank you.

23. Jaynaya Ayanyaj – Attacked a great remark by Rick Swenson.

24. Lee Phelps – Calls me in effect an expert without a PhD and therefore useless.

25. Penny Anne Gifford – Another fly in thank you.

26. Lucia Randall – Attacked me without naming me wanting a profile pic with my face as well as lauding the article.

27. Tanner Carver – Claims that vaccinations should not be a requirement for attending school.

28. Elaine Russell – Demanded more detail from my objections.

29. Meegan Allen – Figured the article meant the truth was out. HA!

30. Rosamund Edwards – Another foolish thank you and added that doctors refuse to provide information.

31. Ian Cuming – Claimed babies are being experimented on with vaccines! That’s offensive!

32. Susan Durchfort – Willing to be conned but at least admitted that there might not have been a Harvard study.

There is bound to be more. Meanwhile, I noted the Whois of the ANR website and no surprise – the ownership name is hidden. This site has to be taken down and I think I know how to get it done. And Tetyana needs a re-education in herd immunity, which if she had studied immunology would have been included. I’d love to see this thesis that got her PhD but surprise, surprise – no sign of it even on her own website.

Look at this cry baby!

I have invited some people on Twitter to view this entry – you were all tweeted by @AngelasGardenA. This entry is about that person.

Offside won’t take the hint. She put four comments in to the last entry – as if they were going to get approved!

I won’t quote any of them, but first off she wants me to update the AV Name Check list so she can find more friends! Careful! I actually picked up one from YOUR existing friends list which will be added when I get a few more! Thank you for the encouragement!

She also claimed that I was trying to hide my identity with “TLPG” and failing. I never made any such claim! I did say it was PARTIAL anonymity! Partial does not equal whole you dummy! And as for the lame excuse over the use of the term “baboon” – nope, sorry, I don’t believe you. And neither will anyone else. You are a proven racist.

I have three other aliases on Twitter? That is a lie – typical! Funny though – she can’t count. I said I blocked her from my political account and then blocked her from my other FOUR accounts! Total = FIVE! (All of them in my name by the way, except for the website one which is in the name of the website – so no aliases) As far as the number of followers go, it’s 7 for the website account, 38 for the wrestling account, 14 for the political account, 15 for the football account and 17 for my personal account. There will be some changes as well (I noticed a couple of issues that will bring a couple of those numbers down once they are fixed).

Something else very important – she doesn’t use her real name on either Facebook or Twitter. There are no Eisenhauers in Albany. At all. They are all in Perth as far as Western Australia goes and NONE of them are called “Angela”. Her real name is Angela Offer. Eisenhauer is her maiden name. Poor guy that’s married to her! I feel sorry for him!

I also saw on Twitter that she was trying to dig into some more poor people (the very same people I invited to read this entry). I hope they blocked her. This woman is a maniac! And a whiner. Hey how did that song go again that I saw a few year ago? Oh yes!

You know you are a whiner!
You go and put your hands over eyes
Oh no!
(Apologies to Supertramp!)

Angela Coral Offer/Eisenhauer is NOT a pathologist. Let’s make that clear (that’s for @beck_sullivan). She might have worked in a diagnostics lab but that does not make her a pathologist. Her work history is on an earlier entry. I have changed the tags of said entries to reflect her correct name.

AC Offside is beyond stupid

One thing that is common amongst anti vaxxers – a complete lack of common sense and education. In the previous entry I noted that Offside went to a TAFE college in Albany. Now given that she was originally educated in a university in Perth, the question would be “Why?” There would be no clear answer, except for Offiside’s awful comprehension skills and punctuation demonstrated in the comments of the previous entry. So at best, she forgot everything she had learned at university. At worst she failed at uni and scrapped through at high school. But that doesn’t explain her lack of common sense.

Her latest tactic was to attack me on Twitter on my political account. Get a load of these, under her maiden name;

This was in reply to my tweet at the Ipswich witch telling her I’ll fight her and so will many others, adding that diversity rules and she should live with it. White coats? I couldn’t find any reference to this re Hansen – of course.

This one dates back to a Twitter argument I had over sex workers nearly 12 months ago. The context lies in an entry I did on my political blog at the time. No threats or intimidation at all. She was just looking for an excuse to attack me without context. Typical.

This was related to the same matter responding to my tweet telling the sex workers to comment on my blog entry and not on Twitter. Of course they never did, proving that they weren’t coming to get me. I’m not stalking anyone. You put your name out there – you reap what you sow.

Reporting material? Excuse me? What planet are you on, Offside? This was also in reply to someone I argued with at the time of the sex worker spat.

There also an abuse free tweet that I responded to before blocking her (and to be safe blocking her from the other four Twitter accounts I have).

This was in reply to my note about two previous tweets aimed at Sherri Tenpenny at the time she was going to tour here at the beginning of 2015. That tour was later cancelled thankfully so we won. Here was my reply;

But now for the real call out. I have a comment in the bin on here which I will break down into bits to show what sort of person Offer really is;

Just google FDA baboons. Even you can do that, top listing, and READ it.

The first sentence – and remember that when she posted this she figured I was from INDIA. So she was calling an Indian a baboon. That’s racism at it’s most disgusting.

What on earth does my posts have to do with a water purification plant?

You worked at one. That’s what they have to do with it.

No, I don’t lie. 90,000 vaccinated kids, all vaccine failures in 2012, and also another 210,000 vaccinated, no symptoms, spreading whooping cough. You cant fake statistics!

You just did because your statistics lacked context. That’s the problem with studying at Google University – context. To make it work properly one needs common sense, and Offside has none.

50% vaccination rate 1991, 400 whooping cough cases, DTP vaccine, and NO DEATHS.

Prove it.

2012, 98.5% vaccination rate, in those kids able to be vaccinated (cant vaccinate newborns as it kills them?)_………. and wow, suddenly 300,000 kids all vaccinated SPREADING IT.

Prove it.

Luckily the 90,000 who had that nasty, long lasting cough, well they still went to school, so isn’t that serious, BUT THEY THEN HAD LIFELONG IMMUNITY.

Prove it – and the children should NOT have been at school. That’s stupid, reckless and a criminal act.

The other 210,000 spreading it (fully vaccinated) well they didn’t have symptoms, so yep they catch it again, and again, and again…………………………..

Prove it again.

Every baby death in Australia IS DUE TO DTAP vaccine, they catch whooping cough from their fully vaccinated (symptomless)_ siblings.

That is a lie – Dana McAffrey for instance had no siblings. She was a first child for the McAffreys. That generalisation at the start is highly misleading and offensive to the extreme.

You can mock me all you want THEY ARE KNOW FACTS.

They are NOT known facts. They are speculation based on Offside’s inability to interpret links on Google, and are therefore unreliable.

Yeah, just google it. Not sure if you allowed to google in India, while working, at the call centre, if you cant, I can send references direct if you like.

This is context for the baboon comment mentioned above. Direct references are definitely required and should be provided. Just demanding a Google search (or any type of search for that matter) isn’t enough. So I am making a challenge to Offside to improve her typing including punctuation, and provide links to prove her case. Anything less will demonstrate that she is nothing more than what she has accused me of being – a psycho and a nutter (same thing). And that will cause me to make enquiries to see if there is a possibility of having her restrained. Unlikely of course, but it’s worth asking at least. This information should be shown on Facebook.

After all, I am all about wiping these anti vaxxers off social media and punishing them if possible for their incitement to child neglect/abuse – a criminal act.

And one more thing. There is no law that demands that I put my real name on my comments. I choose to use TLPG for it’s partial anonymity. Offside should consider it as well – because there is such a thing as bad publicity. Especially when it costs a person any chance of employment. You didn’t think of that did you, Offer? Of course you didn’t. You’re beyond stupid.

(This is a publicly available image that has been altered – fair use applies)

No you don’t, AC Offside!

Okay, this is for a fake pathologist who is a bare faced liar. Case in point; Angela Coral Offer.

According to her Facebook account she has claimed to have worked for Western Diagnostics, All Chemical and Water, State Health Albany and CSBP Limited. The most telling one here is the last one – CSBP is a Kwinana based chemical supplier for commercial use, including fertiliser! How appropriate is that? All Chemical and Water is a water purification business based in Offer’s current home town of Albany in Western Australia. The other two try to confirm her pathology status, and fail because if she was a true pathologist there would be a Perth hospital there and she would be on LinkedIn (she’s not). And there were two other jobs completely outside anything science related – both library jobs; one at the State Library of Western Australia and the other at the TAFE college in Albany (the latter studying at the same time presumably). This being looked into further.

But in the meantime, five times on this blog’s Facebook back she uttered the following load of bollocks under her maiden name;

Coral liar again

DTAP does NOT spread whooping cough! That is scaremongering at it’s worst and I think a perfect example of incitement to child neglect! It bloody PROTECTS! Unless of course not enough kids are getting that jab in which case herd immunity is not achieved – and then yes there is a chance vaccinated children could get it anyway. Why? Because of the pathetic parents of the kids who WEREN’T vaccinated!! As for that crack about “a nasty cough for eight weeks” – YOU WITCH! Whooping cough KILLS!! Ask Dana McCaffrey – oh yeah you can’t because whooping cough killed her! That is pathetic, and selfish of Offer if we are talking about selfishness!!

Then there was this garbage laden rant covering four comments.

Coral liar

As nature intended?? What would you know about circumcision, woman? If you don’t do it the risk of infection is comparitively high. It’s why it’s recommended and rightly so, so don’t put it down like that! And if a newborn baby needs some work, thickening the blood is ESSENTIAL!!

The second comment…..hey Witchy-Poo! For millions of years more babies dies than survived!! Why? NO MEDICINE!! Calling that “weird” is disgusting, and that’s being bloody kind!

Refusing Vitamin K is risking death if even a small operation is needed, so yes it is anti vax because it is a medical procedure using an injection. And that ridiculous and irrelevant crack about disease just goes to show how little this witch actually understands.

I already blocked her from my account after having a go at her on the Rob Law Facebook page, and suggesting to him that she be kicked off the page. Rob Law is an independent candidate for Longman – Mal Brough’s old seat. He did delete some of her comments but he didn’t ban her unfortunately.

Offer is already named on the AV Name Check after she showed up on the Vaxxed Change.org petition going after a free version of Ginger Taylor’s garbage Scribd list (and complaining about the traffic at the time).