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AVrN cuts back on Facebook

It is with delight that I announce that the Australian Vaccination-risks Network has all but given up on Facebook. This is good news. No more new posts – or to put it another way, no more regurgitating lies and baseless innuendo about vaccines. At least not in the written form. Founder and spiritual leader Meryl Dorey continues to lie though on her little video show Under the Wire – which is still being shared on the page and is now their only content going forward.

Under the Triple AV page I put a comment, and I fully expect it to be burned on sight so I took a screenshot as soon as it was posted in order and here it is;

Shadow banning (AKA stopping advertising and searching) is the right thing to do with wrong medical information. To say otherwise is medical mischeif to put it lightly – the very same medical mischeif they claim vaccines are. The vaccination program is flexible. Doctors have the right to alter the schedule to suit the needs of their patients, certainly in the short term. For example some vaccines are not to be administered is a child is running a certain temperature. To assume the program is hard and fast with no wriggle room for wholly acceptable medical reasons is outright rubbish.

Hopefully there will be no regrouping. Of course Dorey and her lackeys will try. They can’t stand the lack of attention – much like Donald Trump. And they are just as deluded and have little to no connection with the real world. Parler is pretty much gone for good and the others will eventually fall into line with medical fact (and other stuff that should not be seeing the light of day in social media). Lying in such important areas will disappear entirely because it has to.

I will keep an eye out for their so called FAQ. And I will also be watching for their filthy bus should it be announced that they are coming to Victoria. Not if I have any say in it!

Anti Vaxxers Strike Back against Senator Di Natale

After the motion was put and agreed to in the Senate last week, the Anti Vax movement lost no time with it’s usual fare towards politicians – foul mouthed rants and threats.

As the Senator said; “the behaviour said a lot about the people involved in the anti-vaccination campaign” and to my delight he took the same attitude as me in the face of this nonsense. He was going to fight harder. The right reaction.

I also thought that Greg Beattie’s actions were disgusting. Beattie is a cheap shot shot artist who needs to pull his head in and remember what happened before the Queensland Tribunal (whatever it was) where he was given a mighty broadside over his attitude towards vaccines and not vaccinating his child.

A lot of us on the pro vaccine side are accused of bullying. It was noted that Meryl Dorey has taken out AVO’s (and I believe at least one has been thrown out and rightly so) when in fact she and her AVN supporters are the bullies. They are convinced that they are right – when in fact they are wrong and don’t have the guts to admit it. The sooner the New South Wales Tribunal orders them to change their name to what they really represent the better. They don’t represent vaccine truth. They represent vaccine hate and should be called to a count for it.

Senator Di Natale represents vaccine truth on behalf the entire Parliament, not just the Senate. Because both of the major parties supported his stand. And for that – I applaud them.