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A Thirty Year Joke

When I was in Mildura for the Mildura Show in 2014 with the High Risk Pro Wrestling boys as a referee, I met with the local independent candidate for the Legislative Assembly seat of Mildura, Ali Cupper. I was running for the Legislative Council at the time, although Mildura wasn’t in the Western Region so we exchanged contact details. She did well, getting second place behind the winner Peter Crisp from the National Party – beating out the ALP.

But I hope she isn’t related to the fool I’m writing this entry about!

I added Judy Cupper to the AV Name Check last month, and with good reason. But she blew everything out even further on the Ten News page under the entry vaunting fresh doses of Gardasil. A number of members of my inner circle jumped on her, and at one point I was also involved myself. Carl Davis, Melanie Jewell and the other three admins of the AAAV page were onto her. I had to delay this entry as I was obviously travelling for Christmas so I was offline from the morning of Christmas Eve to the evening of Boxing Day (take note, Kerra Lindsey as a side point!) and I had some catching up to do as well including some new equipment to install that I got for Christmas and a few other household diversions.

There were a lot of complaints on the page about Gardasil, and the unproven claims of it being deadly and that it didn’t work (as well as claims that safe sex would prevent the spread of HPV and be even more effective than the vaccine – a lot of rubbish). I took note of some idiots for future additions to the Name Check but Cupper was one of the most deluded!

Let’s start with this load of rubbish;


Cognitive dissonance is a common term used by anti vaxxers, meaning to perform an action that is contradictory to their beliefs, ideas, or values; or being confronted by information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas or values – both of which causes distress AKA CD. This is actually the definition of an anti vaxxer because they seek to protect children and yet they don’t vaccinate them or encourage others not to vaccinate. The second part is very much anti vaxxer. They just don’t want to hear, read or see the truth. It results in delusional behaviour, as Julian pointed out in reply that all he did was change his profile picture, and all Cupper could retort was;


Julian came back with correct definition of a troll and also pointed out the reasons why his account is secured. Indeed, the same is true of my four accounts. Carl then came in and called Cupper a troll and a liar stating that there were no vaccine only injuries. Cupper was typical anti vax;


That was when the other admins at AAAV jumped on her, with FT pointing out that no one posting on the thread had vaccine injured children as well as reminding her that she was already listed on the AV Name Check. Cupper came back with this;


She won’t think that when I hit her with the legal action I promised on that page! That is if another action I took works out (I’m not saying what that is). It was DB’s turn on the AAAV account to call her Informless (like someone else I know!!) and reminded her of what was the pre Christmas update to the AV Name Check – which of course all the admins would have known about from me. Here was Cupper’s retort;


Cupper is a bully without a doubt. Her foul reference to the flu vaccine bore that out and DB was quickly onto that as I would have pointing out my near death experience (calling me “our founder”). That was of course the Swine Flu in July 2014. I have got the flu vaccine every Winter since. DB told her she wasn’t long for this world if she didn’t get the flu vaccine and she retorted;


I wasn’t taking that and I roared in myself and called her a liar about the elderly lady as well as calling her out as having experienced the flu already. That got her cut!


Lying again. If her mother had pneumonia three times it means that there were other things wrong. In the older generation it is hard for a frail body to fight such a disease even with a vaccine. The flu is common in each strain that comes around and everyone has got it sometime in their lives. But as if that wasn’t enough she then added;


Boy she was lucky that was after I was off for Christmas as mentioned. She would have copped a massive broadside for that piece of slander! Indeed it was JD’s turn on the AAAV account and that was the message. Autism is not caused by vaccines and it was also pointed out that I’d had three court wins for such nonsense. Cupper was again in delusion mode thus;


It is not Freedom of Speech to slander someone, idiot!! As far as the rest of that goes, Trump and Hanson will be shut down in short order as will the others. DB went further in fact, comparing them to Hussein, Milosevic and Hitler. OUCH! In the case of Trump at least though, spot on! The call out though didn’t phase the deluded Cupper;


She uses natural remedies. What are they? ANTIBIOTICS!! Just a different set! The claim that there are no medical records is BS – what no record of births? FT took his turn on the AAAV account and without specifying them pointed to my legal plans – admitting that all three admins didn’t know what they were (and they don’t – very few people do). Calling Cupper a liar she responded thus;


If Cupper didn’t want her home town revealed she shouldn’t have it on her public profile. That’s how that works. The Nazi’s – as DB intimated when mentioning Hitler – are the anti vaxxers. Cupper then followed up with this drivel;


Cupper is the one who has a lot to learn, having her children hide her grand children in private schools and homeschooling. Why? Because they would be a threat in a public school, especially in the fifth largest city in Victoria! All those parents have one thing in common – they are neglectors. The anti vaccine movement WILL be stopped and I’m on the front line of it! Cupper also mentioned the CDC and that brought Melanie into the fray pointing out that the CDC has nothing to do with Australia. She also called her out on being healthy pro choice, permitting attacks on children that results in disease and death and depriving them of the choice to avoid it as well as pointing to me and many others on my side. She also justified my naming her home town on the grounds of naming and shaming an inciter of child neglect for the sake of her community. It was a tremendous rant, and all Cupper could say was;


Awakening?? Melanie called that out as it deserved to be as well as mocking Cupper’s invocation of the Christmas spirit as faked, accusing her of not understanding anything and not wanting to. Cupper just laughed, causing Melanie to call her out as typical of someone who needs help. Cupper’s excuse?


Melanie retorted that the rest of Mildura would be ashamed of her (I certainly did say that elsewhere) and made a crack about one particular family member witchout naming them. She was of course referring to Ali even though as I pointed out at the beginning I don’t know if they are related or not. It was a bit of a bait and I suspect Cupper saw through it;


30 years in the wilderness you mean, Cupper! Still no ID for this doctor and Melanie told her she wouldn’t feel the same way by the end of 2017 and that resulted in this;


Aha! We have a name at last! Phillip Day. And Melanie was into Google (she knows I hate that and has mocked me more than once over it) and found a link to the Skepdic Diary. But somehow I don’t think that’s him because there is no mention of him being Australian and he isn’t even a doctor at all. I did a Dogpile search and got nowhere. I will be following up on this one. Melanie meanwhile called Cupper’s delusion disturbing, causing these retorts;


Melanie speculated that Day was only followed to see what sort of dumb stuff he was saying, as well as accusing Cupper of being aggressive against children intent of making them vulnerable to disease. She also said that she’d run her out of town if she was in a position to do so. On that first claim though I disagree with Melanie. I say Cupper lied outright, assuming that this quack Melanie linked is the same guy from Mildura. Cupper responded to Melanie thus;


I was back by this time and I decided to speculate Day’s actual medical profession calling him a chiropractor talking about vaccines (which they have no business doing) and went with that agreeing with Melanie while also correcting Mel as I just mentioned albeit not directly. I referenced Einstein, Mozart, Darwin, Newton and Jefferson to shut down her Autism is vaccine damage BS as well as pointing out that her home town was on her public profile. I called her a bully and told her not to complain when it’s dished back at her. That call out brought the following cowardly retort;


I warned her in reply that she hasn’t heard the last of me (ie the reason why she is on the AV Name Check as I mentioned before). And of course she couldn’t help herself!


Melanie pointed out yet again that Autism wasn’t vaccine damage and added that it existed before vaccines (as indeed Mozart at least proves as I mentioned). She then accused Cupper of being obsessed with Phillip Day, and shut Cupper up!

In another part of the thread, Cupper tried this call out;


Monica rightly called for proper medical proof. Stories were not enough and she was right. For myself, she lied herself talking about vaccine inserts – when that’s something in particular that she doesn’t understand and won’t admit it (that’s a red flag to Melanie like claiming vaccines cause Autism is a red flag for me). Vaccines are NOT dangerous. To Monica’s challenge she went on a three post rant;


For a start, Cupper is reading the American inserts. They have to put all the reactions including the unproven ones just because they are on the American reporting system VAERS, put there by NON doctors! I don’t know who this GP is but I’ll bet it was a quack who didn’t last long in Mildura. You DO need to be medically trained to understand the inserts! We all know Vaxxed is a fraudumentary. Another AV Name Check member Brian Stanton came along telling his false story while also having a crack at Monica, including claiming that he and many other were once pro vaccine until they experienced what they THINK is vaccine injury when it’s not. He also claimed his life was “doomed” (BS – it simply changed and him refusing to adjust to the change is his fault). Cupper sucked up to him thus;


Monica pointed out that Cupper wasn’t interested in reading anything that proved her wrong, just what proved her right. The following proved Monica right;


As already stated, Vaxxed is a fraud, and Tristan Wells came in to play suck up (curiously as I type this he has disappeared from Facebook entirely!) and I won’t repeat anything he said. FT then roared in under the AAAV account and made the obvious point about Vaxxed and accused her of lacking common sense. That upset her;


Melanie shut her up agreeing with FT about common sense and also pointing out that Trump and Hanson are “certifiable”. Hear Hear!

So we go to third section;


True accounts? So where’s the medical back up? Nowhere! So who’s the low life again? FT was in under the AAAV account pointing out that lying about it was not rare, causing Cupper to hit insult mode;


DB accused her of describing herself causing this retort;


I already addressed that garbage about her GP thirty years ago. There is no truth to these vaccine damage claims because they haven’t been proven. It was DB this time who shut her up, telling her that she will be pro vax again once the real truth is put back in it’s proper place and the lies are dumped.

The last section was simple and quick;


Monica was the one to shut her up this time, correcting the definition of troll to someone who won’t bow down at the feet of the anti vaxxer and treat them like they were special.

For me, I’ll say this to that last one – How disrespectful to the community who are trying to protect their children from disease in the only way available (vaccines) by lying about vaccine damage and not doing the right thing and going out and getting proper medical proof of it.

Judy Cupper is a nutcase. Not to the level of Offside mind you, but she is dangerous like every other anti vaxxer – and she’s been at it since at least 1987. What a disgrace.