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Townsville bully strikes again

Lizard Hemp is at it again – bullying based on total and utter fiction.

She appeared on AAAV’s Facebook page and uttered a load of tripe in response to the point made about community health trumping individual desire.

The community have already spoken all right. The majority is right behind vaccines. Every poll she saw was rigged by anti vaxxers as the original article indicated. The vaccine has not been rushed because research had already been done on COVID’s relative – SARS. The real majority support a vaccine because they know it’s the only way to stop this thing once and for all. Real majority – AKA a democracy.

The accusation that I was attacking mental health when I mentioned community health is a massive goal post shift. Community health represents protection from preventable disease. All decisions by the individual MUST take the community into account when it needs to. Hempel is opposed to this, and in the process shows no respect for being a part of said community. The core choice is simple – do what is needed to permanently prevent COVID-19. And there is only one way – vaccinate. If you don’t, you are compromising herd immunity and placing the community at risk. A breach of herd immunity renders the vaccine ineffective.

This one I have to break down so I don’t miss anything.

“You cannot threaten to sue or use restraining orders to silence people you have openly bullied for a number of years.”

I have not threatened either of those. The silencing will come in another method and it’s more than one. Any bullying is in response to being bullied – eg being told vaccines are dangerous in a manner that is designed to prevent opposition – or being told vaccines cause Autism (which is hate speech against the Autistic community).

“People you have suggested are child abusers and neglectors…people whose name and partial address you have publicly included on your little ‘hate list’.”

It’s not a suggestion. It’s an opinion that I hold to be fact. Location is not a partial address.

“That would be called abusing and gaming the system for your own self interest and ego gratification.”

It is none of that. It’s a public service.

“There are people out there in real need of protection.”

Yes and they either have it, or don’t have it because of idiots like you.

“In my opinion, you are not one of them.”

So come at me, coward!

“You are just a d-head on a power trip.”

No, that’s you.

“And before you claim to feel ‘scared’ of me, remember the sh*t you wrote about me. Remember your laughing emojis.”

Everyone should be afraid of an idiot who wants children to die from preventable disease. I wrote nothing that wasn’t true or valid opinion.

“Certainly not the actions of any man who is in fear for his safety.”

I fight. You obviously don’t understand the concept.

“Remember the fact that I’m up here and you’re down there and I have three autistic kids to look after.”

So do that and do it right – and get out of the anti vax field entirely. Distance means nothing on the Internet, and when it comes to legal action distance doesn’t matter there either.

“You are literally nothing to me because I have a higher calling in life and you are not a part of that.”

And yet you commented on the Facebook page. Way to be a hypocrite. You are a part of the community – like it or not. And in this smaller world we now live in, the community of North Queensland can have an effect on central Victoria (and south west Western Australia etc etc).

“You are just a lonely little soul who occasionally likes to dangle a red flag in front of a bulls face to draw attention to himself and then cry victim when you finally get it.
Your groups. Your egotistical gloating. Your hatred.”

This is what I’m talking about. Abuse with no validity to try and make me cower in a corner as she thinks I should be if I’m afraid. Well I’m not doing it. She’s the one dangling the red flag in front of the bull here!

“All cries for the attention and admiration that you feel you deserve and never received in life.”

Says the idiot who doesn’t have the connections and successes I have!

“The incredible irony is, you have openly crossed the line from opinion to bullying on many occasions.”

You’ve done it even more than I have, and unlike me with NO provocation.

“But I guess you don’t feel the rules apply to you.
They do.”

They apply to you in the first instance.

“This will be my last time addressing your pathetic loathing for humanity.”

You are the one who loathes humanity.

“I’ve spent far too much time already debunking your ludicrous claims and attempts to divide and conquer human beings by engineering hatred and spinning half-truths, opinions loosely disguised as fact.”

You wasted your time because you debunked squat. You got nowhere near me. It’s you who is trying to do all that, and don’t like it when people like me and plenty of others strike back with actual facts. Not opinions. Facts.

“You acknowledge none of it because it doesn’t suit your narrative.”

That’s you again.

“You just close your eyes, plug your ears and sing ‘la la la’ and throw another one of your infantile tantrums.”

That’s you yet again. And this is the biggest tantrum YOU have tossed in your history.

“You want people to pander to the fiction that is you, the carefully crafted narrative that you put on public display to intimidate all who would challenge your hateful digression from unity and compassion.”

You have no compassion and are against unity. I deal in facts. You deal in fiction.

“Reputation is all to you because it’s all you are. Beyond that, you are hollow and I suspect everything that was ever written about you was just a ‘story’.”

Oh trying to go low now are we? It’s you who fits that criteria. Outside of family you are nothing.

“Whilst all stories might start out interesting, some start to lose their lustre as one flicks through the pages. You are one such story. Overrated. Overhyped and not worth a second read.”

My book isn’t finished yet. Far from it. And you are going to hate the ending.

“So enjoy your dark little existence, such as it is.”

Try saying that to all my friends – of which I have more than you’ll ever have.

“Put your red flag away, because they’ll be no more scraps of attention for you.
Bye de bye and good luck finding the real you.
I strongly feel that this isn’t it.”

Yes it is and you can’t stand it. You are the one who is scared because the truth about you has been exposed by simply being on the AV Name Check. The truth about me is that I fight for justice. I have already won in court (outside of this issue of course) multiple times. I have won in life as well. And I’ll continue to win – and the biggest victory of all will be when I get the ultimate victory – anti vaxxers who have no valid medical reason to oppose vaccines in jail for inciting child neglect.

Oh and when the claim that vaccines cause Autism is officially and legally classified as hate speech.

Your life needs to change, Hempel. Mine is fine. Yours is a sad existence as it is with all anti vaxxers who won’t acknowledge the truth. That vaccines are safe and effective when used correctly. And interfering in herd immunity – like I said – prevents the vaccine from effective use. That is on people like YOU! No respect for humanity.

And banned from the page (want to say something? Show you have the ticker and post here, Hempel).

Hempel’s source revealed

Adding Liz Hempel’s name to the AV Name Check isn’t enough now. After what I saw on Facebook today, she’s getting something else as well – an HAP award from my website; Horrid Autistic Parent.

That’s right. She’s the mother of an Autistic boy.

And she has the gall to claim to be full of “unconditional love”, when blaming Autism on vaccines is the epitome of HATE speech because it is a lie! Here’s her confession;


Let’s break this down.

1. Six days after any vaccine let alone the MMR is too long for a causation of ANYTHING!
2. It is perfectly possible for a child to suffer from a virus that no other family member catches – especially (and this is key) if the child is ALREADY AUTISTIC!!
3. No tests were performed because they weren’t told he was Autistic. If they knew he was Autistic that would (or should) have garnered a different reaction.

It appears that Hempel has assumed that the vaccine caused the virus, and consequently the virus caused the Autism. Wrong. The virus caused a sensory overload in the already Autistic child. There is no proof of any connection between the virus and the vaccine. Your word, Hempel, is not enough. You will stop rallying now, because you’re hurting your Autistic child with your ignorance and obvious intolerance for the condition. If you continue I think I would have quite a good cause of action for you to lose that child due to neglect. Autism is genetic. I know. I’m Autistic myself. And I know the truth – and you aren’t telling it. You don’t have unconditional love. You are a hater.

Edit: Hempel claims that the reaction her son had could have been as long as 7 to 10 days after the MMR. None of the symptoms listed match the issue she had. Serious adverse reactions (which are NOT listed) do NOT take that long to develop EVER! I stand by my statement on that. Do NOT use Autism Speaks as a source – their scientific advisory board has no clue what they are doing. The genetic factor IS the whole picture at the root. And you do hate all Autistics, because you hate Autism by your own admission. You ARE a hater for putting low functioning autistics over because you aren’t providing balance, and you are smothering hope by promoting the negatives of Autism and not a single positive – and they do exist.

Liz Hempel’s stupidity

My previously noted blast of Vazquez and those who supported me through this blog’s Facebook page attracted the attention of Liz Hempel, a typically ignorant Queenslander from Townsville who was revealed to be an anti vaxxer when she apparently made some sort of anti vax comment to Sam Redfern. Sam alerted the admins of the AAAV Facebook to this and Hempel was banned.

But Sam forgot the golden rule of fighting anti vaxxers. Throw them to me! Because I have the admin access to this blog and no restrictions like that of the Facebook Community Standards. And no fear of these nutcases. Sam isn’t afraid either but he isn’t as emotionally invested in this as I am.

I want to address the following comments that come from her timeline.


I asked Sam about this, and he pointed to his comment on her page denying that the remark was about her. It was about someone else who challenged his commitment to Anonymous and the use of the term “good citizen”. Hempel replied demanding to know why she was banned if that was the case. Sam told me that he knew she was a friend of Vazquez’s and that was enough for him to ban her. Fair enough as well. I think I showed very well in the previous entry how nutty he is.

Hempel though didn’t let it go, linking a screenshot of Sam’s About Page.


You need to care about reputation. It’s important in many parts of one’s life. I know – I’ve had my rep tarnished and I’ve fought back and won. Three times. It’s why I have the AV Name Check. These people need to be named and shamed ( and on the next update Hempel’s name is being added). It might be a social construct, but it’s a way more important one because it has a big say in employment and something I hold very dear – political power. Sam made that point about defamation and he also added the prison option for anti vaxxers per the core reason I name and shame. Speaking for myself, anti vaxxers are bullies because they try to scare with lies – which is distinct from scaring with the truth.

Hempel’s next timeline entry wasn’t aimed at Sam, but it was stupid.


Perfect example of anti vax rhetoric. It’s not a lie. It works and has been proven to work as well. As an aside, Fwankie came along with one of his memes – and it was one of the ones I had already corrected.


Now next was a generalised crack at the AAAV Facebook page after she was banned from it.


If one wants to protect themselves and their children from preventable disease, vaccines are essential. Declining it is neglect – the No Jab No Pay No Play laws are there for a reason. And child neglect is a crime. Coming to pages like AAAV is great because your name is now out there as dangerous. And one word of warning, Hempel. Get your flu shot. If you don’t it will get you and kill you. It nearly killed me in July 2014. I thought like a lot of people that my fitness level would protect me. It did the opposite. I only survived because I got myself into hospital at the right time and thank goodness. Nine days sedated from thirteen in ICU and 25 all up in hospital. NEVER EVER underestimate preventable disease.

Next up, Hempel responded to Sam’s rejoinder towards the reputation commentary mentioned above.


The civil court serves the will of the law, not the will of society. If it did serve the will of society, I wouldn’t have won my defamation cases as freedom of speech would have prevailed. And it’s funny that she claims society has double standards, and yet engages in that very tactic herself! What a hypocrite! I am yet to see a person who isn’t ashamed to be named as a child neglector – two legal threats so far. Her decisions have been guided by a total lack of knowledge as Sam pointed out in reply. Love is misguided because she thinks she is protecting her children when in fact she is putting them in harm’s way – and I again go back to what almost happened to me with the flu as an example. I know that Sam is not influenced by lobbyists, corporate interest or tabloid media. I’m not either. I can’t speak for Sam, but I go on logic and education. I remember my high school science, unlike most anti vaxxers. Hempel clearly has nothing – most anti vaxxers don’t. That’s why debating people like her is a waste of time. Not impossible – I disagree with Sam there – but just not worth the trouble. They are idiots, and in a debate they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

She then added this in the comments of the above status.


The best way to defend the body is with vaccines. She should be afraid, and the lion comment attracted a jibe from Sam Redfern and Hempel struck back thus.


What rubbish! She should take out a ticket in Tattslotto with that sort of luck – which ran out on me as I previously mentioned. Sam invoked the car seat belt analogy in response to that and Hempel couldn’t resist.


Seat belts do carry an inherent risk – and again I can talk through experience. Seat belt burn. It might not seem like much, but it stings. The note about faulty seat belts also applies to vaccines and are equally actionable. Vaccines are also adjusted for the individual – have you forgotten what happened in the fluvax incident in WA? It was an adult dose given to a child. There are DIFFERENT doses! It’s not one size fits all in that regard!

She pulled the typical anti vax stunt wanting a double blind placebo controlled study revealed to prove vaccine safety. On Sam’s page Melanie Jewell – a scientist – pointed out that the TGA does these tests and they are commercially confidential and therefore not available. She even pointed out that she helped with one. She added rightly that Hempel probably wouldn’t be a scientist. I’ve known that the TGA does all the tests for awhile now – they have to by law. If Hempel has proof that the test hasn’t been done, she should report it. Of course she won’t – because she has nothing.

I noted that Hempel shared the AAAV blog entry on Vazquez and it got comments from Fwankie. Both of them offered “unconditional love” – they can have their so called love. They don’t even know the meaning of it. And I don’t go for the tin foil hats idea because I don’t need it. You should go see a doctor about that thorn in your toe over vaccines, and a psychiatrist over your lap dog mentality towards Australia’s only anti vax terrorist – Vazquez.

Once I completed this entry in text file and took the screen shots, I suggested to Sam that he delete his page’s posts. He agreed.