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Paul Crehan the Attention Hog

Last night I blocked Paul Crehan because I’d had enough and had more important things to do. But he tried to bait me into unblocking him on Twitter with another series of tweets. Not working because I’m replying here instead. Four of them were memes that he had already used before and that I’d already bunked in the last entry about him. But here are more.

Then two repeats! Lazy, Crehan, lazy!

1. I’d already bunked this as coming from an unreliable source. The attacking nature of the content bears that out.

2. Hooker is a con artist and a liar. Enough said about that.

3. Look at this!

He was tagged in it and he totally ignored it!

4. Herd immunity – or lack of it – is the reason for this piece that he’s quoted.

5. SV40 was removed in 1963. The matter has been dealt with.

6. That’s another Hooker claim off his deliberate misrepresentation of William Thompson.

7. Bigtree is another lying con artist who is a buddy of proven quack Andrew Wakefield.

8. This is now right out of date and can be shown to be effectively wrong or at best misleading.

9. This is an old book that is now downright dangerous a la Stephanie’s Marvellous Measles.

10. See what I just said, AND if any health department found out about this before the fact they would stop it and that would be legal as well.

11. This is a classic example of not knowing the difference between pure mercury (the first example) and ethyl mercury (the second example). There is a massive difference! Not only that, the 50,000 PPB (parts per billion) is wrong. That equals 5 parts per 100,000. There is 12.5 micrograms of ethyl mercury in SOME flu shots. That’s 12.5 parts per million assuming that the whole vaccine is a gram! It’s SAFE!

12. Natural Blaze is an unreliable source. I wonder what the decision really said and was really all about…..

I do know that Crehan lives in Melbourne and appears to be in the south eastern suburbs. That information comes from Stat Counter through his clicking on the link to the other entry about him. And he uses Optus. Want any more, Crehan? Time to shut your mouth before it gets forced shut!

Paul Crehan hasn’t got a clue

Funny how anti vaxxers are suddenly engaging in cowards tactics. This one responded to a tweet on my political account about how parents who don’t have a good proven medical reason not the vaccinate deserve everything they get. And I stand by that. But this idiot decided to respond and then mute we with the following rubbish!

A. Notice that he doesn’t provide a link for this claim – because it’s NOT true! So that’s not a good reason.

B. This is about Gardisil again – the vaccines ARE tested! Again there is no proof of the claim, and a health department can certainly take action if a mandated vaccine is refused because the health of the community is at stake! The list is a legal statement and not a medical statement, so that’s not a good reason either.

C. What you neglected to mention, buster, is that the pharmaceutical companies FUND THE VACCINE COURT!! It’s THEIR MONEY that is handed out upon a successful claim! So again – that’s not a good reason!

D. Rubbish. There have been deaths as recently as 2015 from the measles, and the CDC has noted that since 2000 (when they declared the measles eradicated) that there have been ten other deaths since that have the measles on the death certificate! That’s strong proof! NO vaccine only caused death has been proven. None! So again – not a good reason!

E. This is a common misquote by the anti vaxxers. Bill is talking about two separate things between the figures. The first part he is talking about world population. The second part is about lowering prevalence and mortality rates! BIG difference! That comment has been taken out of context, and is therefore (again) not a good reason!

F. I have to break this one up obviously;

1. With full and correct information (and deletion of wrong information) consent will be achieved, so no problem.
2. They do, so no problem.
3. They do, so no problem.
4. Vaccinating does that. Refusing the vaccinate does not.
5. Vaccines are not an experiment so this is not applicable.
6. That is being done.
7. They already exist.
8. That is also being done.
9. Of course and they do – remember, vaccines in the community is NOT an experiment.
10. Again, as before, vaccines are NOT an experiment.

So yet again – not a good reason!

I’ve been unable to find out anything about this guy. A web search turns up what are obviously other people. He appears to be Australian and is certainly a nut case. He’s been tweeting to The Age and Sky News Australia and spouting other junk that would take too long to go through. But when I do get that info, he’s going on the list! The AV Name Check that is – because he is inciting child neglect!