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Wendy Simpson: Mint Condition Vintage Hater

If there’s anything that burns me up more than anything else in the Vaccine War (as I call it), it’s these constant claims of vaccine injury and no medically verified proof.

On the Australian National Review Facebook page on the Suzanne Humphries entry previously mentioned in the entry about Jamie McIntyre, we had someone calling herself Wendy Simpson. This person may also be known as Wendy Doughty (to be confirmed – one could be a maiden name and the other a married name), and she runs a business called the Mint Condition Vintage Fashion Boutique. It used to have it’s own shop in Victoria Road in Rozelle but when I last checked it operated at the Rozelle Collectors Market, in the grounds of Rozelle Public School. An anti vaccine proponent with a presence at a market held on school premises. A disgrace to say the least.

I want to focus on her nonsense that I wasn’t involved in, until I nailed her appropriately as I’ll mention shortly. This is how it started.

Brett Fraser answered this one very well, although I didn’t agree with his imputation that the measles isn’t deadly unless there’s another ailment. The measles alone can cause encephalitis for example. Simpson responded with this series of rubbish comments.

Laurie Fraser dropped the F bomb on her which wasn’t bright. Carl Davis though was a whole lot better calling Simpson the victim of a con as there are no victims and there is no proof of their claims. He also added that Humphries was identified as a quack, although I’m not sure if she is banned from Australia.

I am astonished – or maybe not – that Simpson figures Carl made no sense. He made perfect sense! Carl told her in reply that he was up to date and added that he wasn’t ignorant and pretty much repeated what I just said about perfect sense.

This is Simpson’s whole problem. She thinks everyone is believing mainstream media about vaccines, when in fact that’s certainly not my source of vaccine information. I listen to science. Real science that I learning in school about compounds. That says vaccines are fine. Christine McKewen roared in and told her that her son wasn’t vaccine injured, and she knew because Simpson hadn’t proven it.

Christine shot back that he wasn’t and demanded proof again as well as calling her an inciter of child neglect as well as a scarmongerer – and rightly so!

Way to avoid the point, Simpson! No one believes you! Least of all me, Chrissie and anyone else who knows better! Therefore the onus is on you to prove it! Christine told her she had done the research and Simpson hadn’t. She added that Simpson had to own her words and prove what she said or leave.

I think Christine was entitled given Simpson was refusing to back up her words, and Christine yelled at her to prove her claim yet again calling her a coward in the process.

Barbara Vernon covered this brilliantly, agreeing with me about Chrissie being entitled as Simpson was flat out refusing to defend herself properly with responsibility. Barb reminded her that the onus was on her now to provide the proof and would patiently wait for it.

How on earth would a blood test prove vaccine injury? Notice that she didn’t provide it. Chrissie called that out as a lie and thanked Barb for the assist, not that it got either of them anywhere;

How could Barb look up anything about Simpson when she had given nothing? Carl came back at this point and pointed to her lack of “demonstrable proof”. He asked for Simpson’s son’s diagnosis and added that it wasn’t vaccine injury because there wasn’t a vaccine injury. He added that he looked her up on Google combined with vaccine injury and found nothing.

What a coward! No motivation to answer some simple questions? Barbara was superb here stating that it proved Simpson was a liar and will be forever known as one if she didn’t give. Have a look at this for a reply;

There aren’t any because no one has proven it any more than you, Simpson! Many have said that time and time again – and when push comes to shove the medical verification is absent!

Jamie McIntyre (previous mentioned here on this blog of course) came in and tried to accuse (in general) Carl, Christine and Barbara of bullying those “smart enough” to research the “fraud” and figured all were ignorant of vaccines, repeating his nonsense about no testing. I’m not going to go over his lies again in this entry.

I’ll repeat what Carl said. What is your son’s diagnosis? That doesn’t answer the question. A web search says nothing. And she calls us cold? She doesn’t have a heart because she doesn’t care about those who have died from any preventable disease one cares to name. She has to have a reason to believe the nonsense, and that has to be from her son’s diagnosis that she refuses to name. Simpson also thanked McIntyre (of course) and McIntyre responded with more lies that I will again ignore in this entry as I already covered it in the entry on him.

What a suck up! The “bleeding obvious” is a bleeding lie and she has fallen for it and hasn’t got the courage to back it up. McIntyre figured that execs were on their way to jail. Actually, if I have my way anti vaxxers like McIntyre and Simpson (and everyone else on the AV Name Check in Australia at least) will be the jailbirds for inciting child neglect.

That was of course in reply to McIntyre as seen, but it applies to what I just said in reality. A good day indeed!

I’ll cover this in point form.

1. Where is your proof that it does? You can’t prove a negative!
2. Because the inserts are legal statements that have not been proven medically!
3. Russian Roulette? That’s paranoia at it’s finest!
4. The makers DO test what they put out! Why would they just throw out concoctions willy nilly? It makes no business sense!
5. They have not murdered anyone.
6. There is no manipulation or deceit, except by the anti vaccine morons.
7. They know vaccines have been proven safe by independent testing by governments.
8. Vaccines make no profit so dollars play no role in it.

The rest of that shows Simpson is totally paranoid as said and doesn’t trust anyone. She should just go crawl in a hole and stay there.

Christine made the point that life is a risk, stating that driving a car and crossing the street were both more dangerous – while telling McIntyre the same thing I said about them being the jailbirds. McIntyre continued his tirade which I won’t touch here and there was an exchange between him and Chrissie before this;

As if that’s relevant! McIntyre uttered more rubbish causing Matty Wright to demand peer reviewed research to support him. Brett Fraser repeated the demand.

Those three comments again showed her cowardice and her lack of respect for others privacy which makes her a hypocrite. She basically admits here that she won’t stop lying. That’s what she’s doing – lying. She hasn’t found any accurate studies. She’s only found rubbish and she isn’t smart enough to tell the difference. One of the other admins of the AAAV Facebook page jumped on McIntyre causing this from Simpson;

Is that all she’s got? And my fellow admin repeated Carl’s demand for a diagnosis for her son and also repeated Barbara’s statement about her being forever a liar if she didn’t.

Those three comments are Simpson in a nutshell. A total refusal to be responsible for her words and her community obligation for information that is required in the whole argument over vaccine safety. A rightful demand under the circumstances and my fellow AAAV admin confirmed that her son’s diagnosis was nowhere to be seen online. She was stupid to make all the claims without specific proof.

No, Simpson, you don’t know the truth! That’s why you have to prove it! My fellow admin said exactly that and;

My fellow admin called her a nutter for that tripe. I’ll go further. She demands we do our research on her son’s diagnosis. How can we do that when we don’t know his name? Not that I’m asking, or anyone else. There’s no need. All that we need is the diagnosis and she refuses to give it. I suspect her son is Autistic, but until we get her to admit what it is I can’t call her out on that lie. Simpson is dumb, not just because she won’t provide proof but also because she won’t believe correct information that is consistent with science.

And that was when I nailed her appropriately as indicated at the beginning of this entry – informing her with my usual meme (we know the one by now) that she was on her way to the AV Name Check, and I added that she’ll care about that.

She blocked my political account which is the one I used for my advisory, but I could still see her on my personal account as it was that which I collected these screenshots on. McIntyre belched more tripe and Matty Wright called him out on “good research” causing this from Simpson;

The TGA tests the vaccines you liar! A government authority that is obliged to do so under their own regulations! That last sentence shows that Simpson is a lost cause, and it’s why she should have the book thrown at her for inciting child neglect. My fellow AAAV admin went at her with the point about vaccine testing as well as her research being incomplete as she doesn’t understand the subject matter in effect. And that she is blind to the real truth hence why she’s a “proven liar” (my fellow admin’s words). He also informed her of my intent as insinuated at the beginning of this entry about getting her removed from the Rozelle Market.

It doesn’t matter who employs her. A 25 year con by this woman would be a serious community error. Or rather however long she’s been living the lie. I think for myself as does every other AAAV admin as well as Carl, Chrissie, Barb, Matty and Brett – and Veronique Denyer who provided the title of a good book; Viruses, Plagues and History by Michael Oldstone. And we all agree that vaccines are safe and effective when used correctly. The person promoting injury and death in this lot of screenshots is Wendy Simpson, Mint Condition Vintage Hater. There is more but this will do for now. One day I will do what was promised – and I will have back up when I do it. It’s just a question of getting that back up. You, Simpson, are the disgrace. A coward who refuses to properly argue your points hiding the full information required for a credible point.

Avoid the stall at the Rozelle Market, people. Put her out of business. That’s all this cowardly lying fool deserves – aside from a jail cell. She can’t ask people to have a heart, when hers (if she has one) is black.