Now it’s getting out of hand!

Somehow I’m surprised that it has taken this long for this to happen – but after the No Jab No Pay No Play policy was confirmed for January 1, 2016 it has now come to light that anti vaxxers are now tearing down posters advertising vaccines at medical centres around Melbourne.

You are all PATHETIC!!

See, this is why I’m shouldering arms (metaphorically speaking) as I have already mentioned previously re inciting child neglect – because that’s what this is. Inciting child neglect or even child abuse.

It was also disgusting to hear that a registered nurse had lied about being vaccinated, and she is now being investigated by the appropriate authorities.

This is not on. I remember back at the beginning of the millennium of how competing pro wrestling promotions were tearing down \the posters of their opponents. That’s just bad sportsmanship in competition. This poster removal is possibly lethal! Think about it – a poster is removed, a child misses out on a vaccine, and then dies from the disease that the vaccine would have prevented! That’s manslaughter!

It’s good that Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessey is onto it in general and making the appropriate statements. But we need to go further. These anti vaxxers are fanatics. They are downright dangerous – Reasonable Hank already called Tristan Wells out on his ridiculous statements. Anyone who says vaccines aren’t safe is lying. They don’t understand vaccines and the associated system in place. They don’t want to, because they are blinkered fools who have no place in medicine. Mother warriors acting from uneducated emotion instead of logic, and refusing to seek the proper help and information. Any mother who doesn’t pursue an explanation for any unusual reactions with the proper people is neglecting their child. The Internet is not the answer. A qualified medical practitioner from a real university carries a lot more knowledge than any Tom, Dick or Harriet who has qualifications from Google University (that is, no qualifications at all).

The sooner I deal with my issue keeping me off Facebook the better! Believe me, should I get back on I have just two words for the anti vaxxers;




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