Children are not property!

Okay now this is disgraceful!


A child is not your property! It isn’t something that belongs to you 100 percent because you can’t keep it on a shelf or in a display cabinet or something like that! When you are a parent, your child is a responsibility to care for and look after and keep happy, free and healthy.

The minute you claim the child as property, you lose your right to be a parent. That’s when a judge can take charge – when you demonstrate a lack of responsibility as a parent. Being a parent is in a way a form of servitude, so in order to be compliant with the US Constitution as this idiot is talking about – get your tubes tied! Or get the snip! (Depending on your gender). It is your duty as a parent to vaccinate your child. If you fail in that duty, you are placing that child in danger of death from preventable disease. That’s attempted murder of your child, and no part of the US Constitution protects you from such a charge.

So never, EVER, try to claim your child as your property. It’s demonstrably wrong.



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