David Wilson is a liar

In amongst the nonsense on Jill Hennessy’s Facebook page, there is a retired registered nurse who made a total fool of himself in front of a scientist as well as a few other people.

Wilson resides in the Barossa Valley in South Australia. He says that he is in his 60’s and here is how he started his nonsense over the Whooping Cough vaccine;

just a little ” FACT ” for all of you – Both my sister and I were fully vaccinated – at the age of 8 yrs my sister contracted ” whooping cough ” and was literaly minutes from death !! – Vaccines do not always work ! – the ” anti vaxers ” do have some very valid arguements ! – the most ” hysterical ” comments that I see in this debate usually come from narrow minded ” Pro Vaxers ” !!

First up was Ashlee Thomas rightly calling him a joke causing this rubbish in reply;

so tell Ashlee why did my sister contract Whooping Cough although vaccinated ??? – almost dying is no ” joke ” – do you have a problem witha bit factual information that may condradict your piont of view ? – or do you think that this did not happen ? – ps I also worked as a Nurse for over 25 yrs !!

That caused Vivienne Kempson to come in and remind him that the vaccine required boosters and if everyone was vaccinated that wouldn’t have happened. And that caused more whining;

as I have said we both had all our Boosters etc – is it that you cannot cope with something that goes against your opinion? – I mean this happened it was real – how do you explain it ???

In came the scientist – Melanie Jewell – pointing to lack of herd immunity. Chuan Chew backed that up in more detail, and Wilson hit the stupid button thus;

Well I don’t know – we grew up in a quite affluent community where I would think the majority of children would have been fully vaccinated – I am just posing the Question! – it has been my experience that the avid pro vaxers tend to ” cherry pick ” their so called ” Facts ” – in my time as a Nurse I encountered many cases of vaccinated children contracting diseases that they were vaccinated for – whilst I agree that the ” herd immunity ” arguement has merit – when you see the many cases that I have – then I must at the least question the theory !

Melanie shot back telling him to question why not enough people were vaccinated instead of his line there. Sean Whitten pointed out that some can’t be vaccinated for good medical reasons and that’s why herd immunity is so important. And Wilson continued his stupidity;

for some one who has good Qualifacations you are very easily fooled ? – the facts are that at that time ( I am 62 yrs old ) Vaccination rates where I lived were extremely High – the reality is – that Vaccines do not work for all people ! – that is not ” Rocket science ” ! why do you rabid pro vaxers refuse to believe reality ? Vaccines are like any other drug / medicine – they are not 100% effective for 100% of the population !

The admin from Why are Anti Vaxer so threatened by WORDS (I’ll call them WAAV from now on) pointed out that nurses have no training in vaccination and the vaccine on offer back then is not the same as the one now. Melanie furthered the herd immunity argument, and Wilson again hit the stupid button first to WAAV;

BS whoever you are !! – you have little knowledge or experience with the real world perhaps YOU need to GROW UP ! – I have seen what I have seen in Real Life unlike you – a keyboard warrior !!- OH and by the way I am not an ” anti vaxer ” !! – and I notice that you have an impessive 2 likes – well done ?-0 Oh and because I question so called ” science ” you label me an ” anti vaxer ” ? – what a Goose you are ! – such an arrogant person – very sad indeed !!c

And then to Melanie;

well I am sorry Melenie – what happened to my sister was REAL – she is not ” immuno-compomised ” It is what it is ! whilst I respect your opinion – I will be guided by what I have seen working in Health Care for many years – by the way if I had children I would have them fully vaccinated – all I am saying is that there are REAL incidents of Vaccines not working and in fact having a detremental effect on some people – I have seen it with my own eyes – and I have looked after some of those children !! cheers

WAAV fired back criticising Wilson’s interpretation of what he claims to have seen as not proven scientific fact. She (I think it’s a female running that page) also questioned Wilson’s RN status. Melanie simply repeated her point about herd immunity and wanted to know how many times she had to tell him about it. But would Wilson listen?

I don’t “claim ” to be – I AM also a Registered Psychiatric Nurse – not that it’s really any of your business ! – you are nothing but a annoying little pedant !!

Without proof I would point out! And to Melanie;

well Melanie perhaps YOU are wrong ??? you seem to have extremly fixed Ideas about this ! – but that is fairly ” normal ” with people who are unable or refuse to think for themselves !!

WAAV made it clear that she didn’t believe his claims as he hadn’t provided proof. She also pointed to Melanie’s argument and how Wilson never addressed it. There was a discussion between Mel and WAAV before Wilson ran for it thus;

not going to waste my time witha Pedantic Idiot ! goodbye

At that point, Wilson blocked WAAV – and Melanie strode in pointing out that both of them had owned him and accused him of running away. Get a load of this whine in reply;

OH Melanie – Please ??? -you two are not that important nor smart !! – no one ” owns ” me never have never will you are nothing but a boring ” know it all ” that knows nothing !!! your gone as well now bye, bye

And he blocked Melanie as well!

Elsewhere on the Minister’s Facebook page, Wilson responded to an original comment from Emily about whooping cough and how it kills children referencing a dying infant and how horrible it is to see. She also mentioned herd immunity. Here’s Wilson with the same rhetoric;

Emil – really ??? – my sister was minutes from Death with Whooping Cough at the age of 8 yrs and she was FULLY VACCINATED ??? –

Boosters were mentioned as well as herd immunity again, by Amanda Winkworth and Vivienne Kempson again – but Wilson refused to listen – again;

Like I said we were both FULLY Vaccinated – – I am a Qualified General and Psychiatric Nurse with over 25 yrs Experience ! – I think that I may have some Knowledge about this ? – perhaps you should ” open your eyes ” a little and listen to other pionts of view that have been driven by REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE ? – cheers

It will take too long to go through the responses here as there were several, including Melanie and WAAV. Wilson’s next comment was in reply to WAAV pointing out that science is more reliable that “real world” experience;

arrogant Idiot – what experience have you had ????

WAAV pointed to her experience with anti vaxxers, while Melanie pointed out that it is possible to misinterpret life experience so such experience doesn’t matter. Wilson wasn’t taking that;

whatever Melanie -at least I haved had that experience – unlike you – no malice intended ! – it is what it is hey ? cheers

And to WAAV;

such an arrogant Idiot you are ! text book/ internet expert ! – have you ever even seen a really sick person ? I doubt it ! – nothing but a boring ” know it all ” about nothing !

That was when I chimed in on my political account;

No, Melanie is right. Your experience is worthless if you can’t interpret it right. It’s like actually seeing a train crash and believing it was a terrorist attack, even though an investigation reveals genuine brake failure.

Wilson totally ignored what I said! WAAV called Wilson out on name calling and repeated the query about Wilson being a registered nurse. Wilson saw red obviously;

how would you know ??? just for the record – I am a Registered General Nurse – a Registered Psychiatric Nurse – I have a B.A. ( rec ) – I am a Certified P. M. A. and I also haold a Trade Certificate – what may I ask is your Experience other than being a Pedant ?

WAAV pointed out that she wasn’t a nurse and she wasn’t an immunologist either, but then neither was Wilson. Along with other challenges, Wilson responded thus;

you have just proven that you really have no idea of how the health system works – just acomplete Idiot tat would argue tat black is white – and yes I am retired – and my sister was literaly ” minutes from death ” – I was there – you were not ! – and I am not an ” anti-vaxer ” !! you goose –

I was quick with the obvious response;

Yes you are, because you were querying the efficacy of the pertussis vaccine. That’s anti vax talk – like it or not.

David Wilson is an obvious anti vaxxer. He doesn’t accept herd immunity and uses a single bad experience from his sister when she was 8 as proof, without a valid back up. He wouldn’t have known what the vaccination rates were at the time (he guessed), and I do know that many areas many years ago had low rates – making a mockery of his guess that they were high. And what was high? Was it enough for herd immunity to stick? Obviously not in that case. There are many holes in his claims, and if he has retired as a nurse he is lucky because as was pointed out RN’s are under the microscope at the moment as they will be losing their jobs if they are caught preaching anti vaccine views.

His conduct smacks of a probable inciter of child neglect and he will be added to the AV Name Check on the next update. Whooping cough is a proven killer as we know, and he knows as well but the solution is the vaccine. And that’s it.


6 thoughts on “David Wilson is a liar

  1. David Wilson

    the owner of this site / page will be hearing from my Legal team shortly as they have slandered and misrepresented me !- to suggest that I am an ” inciter of child neglect ” is completely false and has no basis in fact ! – I have not lied about anything that I have posted – it is not ” obvious ” that I am an ” anti- vaxer ” – all I do is question the validity of your claims – the events that I refer to are real and happened as I stated ! – you may not like that but iit is what it is !!

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    1. TLPG Post author

      Note the following parts of the South Australian Defamation Act;

      S.23 It is a defence to the publication of defamatory matter if the defendant proves that the defamatory imputations carried by the matter of which the plaintiff complains are substantially true.

      What I said is what I believe to be true based on your comments.

      S.24 It is a defence to the publication of defamatory matter if the defendant proves that—
      (a) the matter carried, in addition to the defamatory imputations of which the plaintiff complains, one or more other imputations (“contextual imputations ) that are substantially true; and
      (b) the defamatory imputations do not further harm the reputation of the plaintiff because of the substantial truth of the contextual imputations.

      See what I just said.

      S.29 (1) It is a defence to the publication of defamatory matter if the defendant proves that—
      (a) the matter was an expression of opinion of the defendant rather than a statement of fact; and
      (b) the opinion related to a matter of public interest; and
      (c) the opinion is based on proper material.

      All adjectives I used in this article displayed opinion and not fact. Vaccines are a matter of public interest and the proper material base is YOUR words.

      S.29 (4) A defence established under this section is defeated if, and only if, the plaintiff proves that—
      (a) in the case of a defence under subsection (1)—the opinion was not honestly held by the defendant at the time the defamatory matter was published; or

      I will affirm before a court that I hold these opinions honestly so you can’t use this as a defence killer.

      S.29 (5) For the purposes of this section, an opinion is based on “proper material if it is based on material that—
      (a) is substantially true; or (the others don’t apply)

      Your only out here is to admit that you lied when you spoke the words I quoted. Heads you lose, tails you lose.

      S.29 (6) An opinion does not cease to be based on proper material only because some of the material on which it is based is not proper material if the opinion might reasonably be based on such of the material as is proper material.

      This is an extension of what I just said.

      S.31 It is a defence to the publication of defamatory matter if the defendant proves that the circumstances of publication were such that the plaintiff was unlikely to sustain any harm.

      This goes to your claim that calling you a liar is defamatory. It’s not. It’s a trivial interpretation by you that will not stick at all. If needed I could even find precedents to prove that as well.

      If you want this entry taken down – admit that it was lack of herd immunity that was behind your vaccinated sister nearly dying from whooping cough, and support the vaccine’s efficacy 100 percent. If you don’t, then you are undermining the vaccine’s efficacy and that is the core reason for this article – particularly as you are undermining the efforts in awareness from the likes of the McAffrey family and Catherine Hughes, both of whom who lost babies too young to be vaccinated to whooping cough due to the lack of herd immunity. You have harmed yourself. All I’ve done is show the world what you have done to yourself and express a valid opinion to go with it.

      So go ahead – take legal action. I will smash you in court for being vexatious and have the case thrown all the way from the Barossa Valley to Death Valley, California where such a case belongs.


    2. provaxspeaks

      I hope the owner of this site keeps us up to date with that David Wilson as while he / she has put it in big long words it can be simply put ..

      1. The truth is a defence to defamation, and

      2. There is a certain amount of public latitude for information that is deemed ‘in the publics interest’.

      Quite frankly, in order for you to win, you not only need to prove defamation, but also a financial loss and your behaviour online is not going to help any case you may try and bring.

      Although having said that, if I had a dollar for every anti vaxer that I saw screeching ‘defamation’ and then taking no action, I wouldn’t need to cash my big pharma shill cheques.




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